18 Things Happy People Never Do in Relationships

When someone is happy in their relationship, there are certain things they will never do. They avoid acting in specific ways to keep their love alive. In this article, you’ll find 18 things happy people never do in relationships. 

Expect Too Much

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People who are happy in their relationship are this way because they never expect too much from their partner. They know their partner’s limitations and recognize that they will get things wrong from time to time. They are reasonable with their partner and have a healthy view of the relationship. 

Cheat on One Another

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According to the National Institutes of Health, “Infidelity may not only have a destructive impact on the relationship, which may lead to separation or divorce, but may negatively affect the partners’ overall emotional wellbeing, leading to enhanced depressive symptoms and lowered self-esteem.” Happy couples are never unfaithful.

Make Comparisons

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Happy relationships are based on having a realistic view of your partner and never comparing them with others. This is why a person who is in a good relationship will never judge their partner by comparing them or expecting them to do things the way someone else does.

Jump to Conclusions

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Jumping to conclusions can often make us think negatively about someone or a situation. A person who is content with their relationship will avoid doing this. They are fair and try to get all the facts about something before arriving at a conclusion about it. 

Talk About Divorce

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People who are very committed to their relationships never threaten one another with divorce or separation. Marriage.com talks frankly about divorce, stating that “the end of a marriage usually unleashes an emotional hell storm. The couple goes through fear, anxiety, stress, grief, and many other feelings.”

Pointing the Blame

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Someone who is happy in their relationship won’t point the blame at their partner all the time. They will be mature enough to accept that they are both partly at fault and will work on improving things in the future rather than dwelling on past mistakes.

Be Overly Jealous

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A little jealousy is good for a relationship but being overly jealous is not healthy. A person who is happy in their relationship and trusts their partner will give them the space they need and won’t need to check in on them 24/7. They respect each other. 

Flirt with Others

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“There is a risk that flirting can become something bigger and more destructive, leading some to stray and commit emotional or physical infidelity. It can destroy your relationship,” says Choosing Therapy. People who are in good relationships never flirt with others, as they know how dangerous this is.

Share Confidential Matters

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A relationship grows stronger the more the couple feels like they can trust one another. That’s why it’s so important that confidential matters aren’t shared with others, not even family members or friends. They should feel like they can tell each other anything without becoming afraid. 

Hold Grudges

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Healthy relationships are based on forgiveness and forgetting past mistakes. Happy people who are in good relationships don’t hold grudges. When one person makes a mistake, they work hard to forgive one another, leave the past in the past, and do their best to move forward in the relationship.

Spend Extended Periods Apart

Leave Her
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The more time you spend with someone, the closer you become. This is why people in committed, happy relationships try not to be away from their partners for extended periods of time. They value quality time together and do their best to stay near one another. 

Judge One Another

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Judging someone is never a good thing to do, and this doesn’t lead to happy relationships. This is why successful couples try not to judge each other. When something goes wrong, they try to hear one another out, accepting that there are two sides to every story. 

Raise Their Voices

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Raising voices and shouting have no place in healthy relationships. That’s why happy couples try to communicate their feelings calmly, even when they don’t agree with one another. Talking in a calm tone of voice can help to diffuse the most heated conversations, making way for forgiveness. 

Control One Another

A Bad Attitude and Personality
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People who are in happy relationships don’t try to micromanage or control one another. Both parties have the freedom to do as they please, but their mutual respect helps them to always consider one another’s feelings before doing anything. They give each other the space they need.

Tell Lies

Having an Opinion on Literally Everything
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BetterHelp says that “dishonesty in a relationship can result in a lack of emotional intimacy, feelings of isolation, negative impacts on mental and physical health, and breakups.” People who are truly happy with their partners don’t lie to one another. Their relationships are centered around truthful, candid speech. 

Talk Badly

Their Bad Relationship
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Good relationships are built on positive talk. So a couple should strive to never talk badly about their partner, even when they’re having a disagreement. It’s so much better for the couple to try and work their issue out privately rather than angrily talking down about one another.

Bottle Things Up

Check You Are Arguing Over Something REAL
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People in happy relationships aren’t afraid to express to one another how they really feel. They don’t bottle up their emotions; rather, they’re vulnerable with one another and wear their hearts on their sleeves. They trust one another enough to always express their innermost thoughts and feelings.


Don_t Be Overly Critical
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A good relationship is one that shares responsibility. Partners don’t over-delegate or overwhelm one another with tasks. Rather, they help one another out. They have a fair share in keeping the house clean, working secularly, and fulfilling family responsibilities. They respect each other’s limitations and pull their weight.

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