18 Things in Your Kitchen That Are Not Worth Keeping

If you’re finding that your kitchen space has become particularly cluttered, then it could be time to start saying goodbye to some items. There are many gadgets in your kitchen that aren’t needed, especially when you have multi-use items. Here are 18 things in your kitchen that are not worth keeping.

Crock Pot

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Crock pots are very rarely used. This is supported by Becoming Minimalist, which writes, “It’s big, it’s bulky, and you probably only use it once a year.” Large pots can often serve the same purpose as crock pots. If you decide to throw yours out and then want to use one, you can always borrow one from someone.

Knife Block

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Knife blocks can be bulky and take up valuable kitchen space. It can also be dangerous to keep your knives out on the countertop, especially if you have young children. To free up space, try keeping them in a drawer and adding a magnetic strip for safety purposes.

Excessive Pots and Pans

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Try to simplify your pots and pans. Ideally, you only need three pots and three pans, and anything more is considered excessive. Reducing your number of pans will help to keep kitchen drawers or cabinets more organized and encourage you to make decisions on what’s actually needed.

Surplus of Plates, Glasses, and Bowls

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Similar to pots and pans, if you own more than eight of each, it’s considered excessive. If you have large gatherings, then opt for disposable options. Not only will this save you washing up time, but it also minimizes the risk of breakages.

Extra Coffee/Tea Mugs

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It can be so easy to start a collection of mugs without realizing it, but again, you only need eight. Throwing out any mugs you don’t need or ones that have seen better days will allow you to declutter your cupboard space. It’s something you should definitely do if there aren’t many tea or coffee drinkers in your household.

Bread Maker

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If you don’t regularly make your own bread, then you don’t need a bread maker. For example, Monitor writes, “It would be a waste of money if you buy something you only use once in a while. Make sure it is necessary before you invest in a bread maker.” There are also many bread recipes that don’t require a bread maker.

Toaster Oven

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Toaster ovens are unnecessary if you own a traditional oven. They can take up valuable counter space, especially if they aren’t used that much. If you don’t regularly eat toast, then you can grill bread in the oven for the same effect or purchase a compact toaster that doesn’t take up as much room.


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These pans may be fun, but they’re rarely used. You can create the same stir-fry effects by using a standard large frying pan. This helps to free up kitchen space and keeps your pots and pans more streamlined. If you don’t use a wok that often, then there’s no point in keeping one.


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Juicers are large, bulky, and hard to clean. Sometimes the effort that’s put into cleaning one isn’t worth the cup of juice you get at the end. In the majority of households, they’re an appliance that’s rarely used, which means they don’t justify the space they take up.

Espresso Machine

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Espresso machines aren’t practical for average use and need high-quality equipment for the best results. If you find yourself sticking to instant or filter coffee, then it may be time to say goodbye to your espresso machine. Why not treat yourself to coffee shops every now and then instead?

Grilled Cheese Maker

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Grilled cheese makers may be fun to use, but they also have their cons. For example, Zelect writes, “While they are easy to use, quick to cook, and versatile, they also come with health concerns, limited size, and can be expensive.” Not only are there these cons, but you can also create the same results with a pan.

Rice Maker

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This appliance is only useful if you’re creating large batches of rice. Usually, you can make rice in a single pot, which is incredibly easy to do. Throwing out your rice maker will free up your kitchen space and reduce the number of single-use appliances.

Doughnut Pan

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If there’s one item in the kitchen that’s rarely going to be used, it’s a doughnut pan. You can free up kitchen space by getting rid of yours and purchasing doughnuts at the grocery store, especially considering how inexpensive they are. It will leave you with more kitchen storage for things you actually need.

Quesadilla Maker

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Skillets can create similar effects to what a quesadilla maker can. It isn’t a necessary kitchen appliance, and getting rid of it will reduce the number of single-use appliances in your kitchen. By throwing out your quesadilla maker, you can also leave room for more creative cooking methods.

Egg Scrambler

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Something you certainly don’t need is an egg scrambler. It’s easy enough to scramble eggs with a fork or any other utensil, such as a whisk. Removing an egg scrambler from your kitchen will free up room in your drawers so they aren’t cluttered, which means you can find all of your necessary items much quicker.

Fine China

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The Minimalist Mom writes, “Dining rooms and formal dinners at home are a thing of the past.” This means that for many households, there’s no longer a need for fine china. You should weigh your emotional attachment to any items against how practical they really are.

Dish Towels

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Dish towels can be home to large amounts of bacteria, which means they need to be frequently washed. For hygiene reasons, you may want to think about throwing out any old dish towels and replacing them with single-use paper towels. They’ll have the same effect but will be far more hygienic.


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A microwave isn’t essential for all cooking tasks and if you have a fully functioning oven, then you don’t need one. You can still reheat food in your oven or on your stovetop, and it will ensure that it’s thoroughly cooked before you serve it. Throwing out your microwave will also help to free up a ton of countertop space.

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