18 Things Intelligent People Never Do (But Others Do Every Day)

Intelligent people are known for being curious people who never want to stop learning. Because of this, they’ll never do things that others might have as a regular habit. Here are 18 things intelligent people never do (but others do every day).

Hold on to Old Solutions

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If something isn’t working for an intelligent person, they’ll let it go. For example, Psychology Spot writes, “They recognize their shortcomings, limitations or gaps because they know that this is the first step to overcoming them.” Intelligent people will welcome change if they need to, and this isn’t something everyone can do. 

Act Impulsively

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Those who are more intelligent will take time to consider their decisions and measure how they’ll impact their lives. They think before they speak and can manage their emotions to avoid rash decisions. It’s harder for people who aren’t so intelligent to do this, and they’ll commonly let their emotions take over. 

Dismiss Curiosity

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As naturally curious people, intelligent people will always be seeking out knowledge so that they can learn. It’s this curiosity that can drive creativity and help intelligent people think deeply. While intelligent people may see life as a constant lesson, others can become lazy in this aspect. 

Stop Questioning

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Asking questions means an intelligent person can gain a firm grasp on their understanding of a topic. These inquiries can cause a person to think differently and help them come up with new solutions for any problems. Meaningful questions can change the way a person thinks, but sometimes people can be too ignorant for this. 

Ignore Core Values

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Intelligent people will never go against their values. They have strong principles that cause them to act with integrity. It’s these ethics that help them make decisions. Any mistakes they make will become a learning curve and not a personal failure. Many others may go against their personal values or not have any at all. 

Resist New Ideas

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Curious Mind Magazine writes, “Intelligent people always look up to new opportunities and ideas. They keep their minds open.” It’s this open-mindedness that allows them to explore different views and be open to new ideas. Intelligent people aren’t afraid to change opinions, while others are more resistant to it.

Socialize Over Personal Time

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If it’s been a hectic week, intelligent people would much prefer to recharge on their own rather than heading out and socializing. This is because they value the quality of the conversation over the quantity. Others may not understand that personal time is a chance to reflect and focus on personal growth. 

Underestimate Humor 

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Intelligent people know just how important humor can be. It helps a person to release tension and feel more relaxed, especially in social situations. Intelligent people often appreciate more complex humor, but others may find it difficult to understand, preferring slapstick comedy. 

Stop Self-Reflecting

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Setting time aside to reflect on their day or week is a common thing for intelligent people to do. They may do this through journaling or even during everyday tasks such as taking a shower. Self-reflection allows a person to identify their strengths and look for areas they need to improve on. 

React with Prejudice

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Intelligent people are able to look beyond stereotypes and base any of their decisions on facts rather than biases. Intelligence is linked with the ability to accept diversity. Others may be more narrow-minded when it comes to prejudices and find it harder to look past their biases. 

Ignore Risks

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Intelligent people know it’s important to take risks, as long as they’re calculated. For example, startup advisor and Plan B Success podcast host Rajeev Mudumba writes via LinkedIn, “Risky behavior isn’t inherently bad; it just depends on how you approach it and what kind of outcomes your actions produce over time.” Others may take reckless risks and then regret it when things don’t work out.  

Don’t Get Enough Rest 

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Rest is important for the human body, and intelligent people are fully aware of this. Adequate amounts of rest mean a person can be more productive, being able to use their mind and body to their full capacity. Other people may want to do everything at once and then wear themselves out. 

Believe in Luck

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Hard work plays a larger part in a person’s success than luck does. Intelligent people know just how important dedication, planning, and preparation are to a person doing well. They’ll jump at any opportunities that come up to help them progress, while others may sit around waiting for luck to change their course of life. 

Take Shortcuts

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If a shortcut goes against an intelligent person’s ethics or compromises their values, then they won’t think. Other people may not think twice about doing this, as they’ll want to do anything to make their lives easier. Intelligent people will always stay true to themselves, no matter how much they want something. 

Neglect Creativity

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Fresh Consulting writes, “Creativity is the highest form of intelligence because it goes beyond knowledge recall and extends into knowledge creation.” Intelligent people see creativity as an important part of intelligence as it allows people to think outside the box. It can also help with problem-solving.  

Stop Reading

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Intelligent people love reading. This is because of how curious they are as people, as reading is full of knowledge and learning. They’ll most likely read a variety of genres, including both fiction and non-fiction. Others may prefer to watch television in their spare time. 

Fail to Adapt

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Intelligent people find it easy to adjust when circumstances change. Even if they’ve had their heart set on something and plans fall through, they’ll take the situation lightly and adapt. Others may struggle to do this, as they become set in their ways. 

Waste Time

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You won’t find intelligent people procrastinating because they hate how much time it wastes. They’ll ensure they stay efficient with any task and will then make the most of every moment so they can balance their work and relaxation. Other people are more likely to procrastinate because they become easily distracted.

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