17 Things Intelligent People Won’t Do That Others Will

Beyond how well you did in school or what score you’d achieve on an IQ test, intelligence can be seen in a huge range of day-to-day habits and behaviors. Health, security, and long-term success are just some of the goals intelligent people have in mind when they’re avoiding these 17 common activities.

Ignore Their Mental Health

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According to the Mental Health Foundation, having positive mental health “helps us to calm and comfort ourselves when we’re upset, to cope with the losses, changes, fears, and uncertainties in life, to make and keep good relationships with other people, and to learn.” Strategies such as meditation, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep all help to maintain this.

Neglect Lifelong Learning

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Taking opportunities to learn throughout your life helps develop your adaptability and problem-solving skills. This can be done through reading, attending educational workshops, and pursuing additional qualifications or certifications. It can also be driven by valuing your natural curiosity, allowing it to let you discover new things about the world and yourself.

Mismanage Time

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Time management is a critical skill for being able to juggle personal and professional responsibilities. Forbes says having good time management can help you reduce procrastination, lower stress levels, ensure you meet deadlines, and strengthen your reputation. Tools such as prioritization, scheduling, and time blocking can all help maximize your productivity.

Engage in Toxic Relationships

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Being aware of toxic traits in friends, family members, and partners can help you know when to step away in order to preserve your mental health. Intelligent people are great at seeking relationships that are mutually respectful, supportive, and enriching, rather than ones that drain their energy.

Ignore Their Intuition

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Intuition plays an important role in our decision-making, and it’s critical to trust your instincts when it comes to making choices without knowing the facts. When there are facts available, you can weigh them out alongside your gut feelings and find a balance between the two approaches.

Fail to Reflect on Mistakes

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Reflecting on your past mistakes can help you learn and improve, meaning you won’t repeat the mistakes. MasterClass says, “Viewing mistakes as a positive experience can reduce your fear of failure and bolster your confidence.” Being reflective can also help you become more resilient and adaptable.

Succumb to Peer Pressure

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Staying true to your own personal values and beliefs allows you to make autonomous decisions and resist pressure from those around you. Intelligent people are usually confident in their own judgments, even when they go against the majority opinion. Often, this independence is admired by others and can lead to successes, such as leadership roles at work.

Miss Opportunities for Self-Care

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Taking time to look after your mind and body by incorporating practices such as exercise, balanced nutrition, and stress-relieving hobbies into your everyday life is important for your physical and mental health. By regularly doing this, you can prevent burning out and maintain a high level of productivity and creativity throughout your day.

Overlook the Importance of Listening

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Active listening is essential for learning from others, gaining a deeper understanding of different perspectives, and also responding in an effective and empathetic manner. By being patient in conversations and taking on board the opinions of others, intelligent people can enhance their relationships at home, at work, and in social situations.

Dismiss the Value of Teamwork

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It’s important to understand the benefits that diverse perspectives and skills working in a team can bring. Intelligent people often take on leadership roles within teams, helping to facilitate collaborations and encouraging everyone to share their skills and knowledge within the group.

Ignore Physical Health

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There is a strong link between physical health and mental well-being, and intelligent people take steps in their day-to-day routine to look after both. This involves regularly exercising, eating a healthy, balanced diet, and getting enough sleep each night. Keeping yourself healthy helps you sustain productivity throughout the day.

Resist Change

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Intelligent people are generally more adaptable and know that change is often necessary for growth and improvement. According to BetterUp, “When you intentionally embrace change — both small nudges and seismic shifts — you gain more personal development and a deeper sense of fulfillment.”

Lack Financial Responsibility

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Managing your finances responsibly will help reduce stress and improve your resilience to changing situations. Prioritizing saving and avoiding impulse spending can help you build financial security, and investing in long-term opportunities will set you up for your future.

Neglect Networking

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Networking may be intimidating, but intelligent people recognize that it is essential to connect with others in your field to learn and grow. Networking opens up opportunities for exchanging ideas, finding opportunities, and gaining insights from other people’s perspectives. Effectively and regularly networking can help advance your career.

Hold Grudges

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Holding onto a grudge can have a huge emotional toll on you, and as a result, intelligent people generally see the value in resolving conflict and moving forward. If you’re struggling to let go, Psych Central suggests meditating, journaling about your feelings, writing a letter to the person (but don’t send it), and trying to change your perspective on the issue.

Avoid Asking for Help

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While you might find it embarrassing, asking for help can allow you to solve problems in a more efficient manner. As a result, intelligent people view asking for help as a strength, not a weakness, helping to foster a more cooperative working environment for everyone involved.

Waste Time on Meaningless Activities

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Whether you’re at work or at home, it can be easy to let time slip away, leaving you feeling unproductive or stressed. Intelligent people, on the other hand, try to prioritize their time effectively, focusing on activities that add value to their personal and professional lives. This helps you achieve more in less time.

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