18 Things Northerners Do That Annoy Southerners

People from the north of America can be very different from those in the south, in many aspects. These differences can often lead to awkward interactions and sometimes conflict with each other. Here are 18 things northerners do that annoy southerners.

Skipping “Ma’am” and “Sir”

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According to The Delite, “In the South, it’s just good manners to say ‘ma’am’ and ‘sir’ when you’re addressing people. But people in the North just don’t say it.” Southerners often become annoyed when they interact with those from the North because they don’t use these words. 

The Northern Rush

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Northerners tend to do everything at a greater speed than southerners. They walk quickly and eat at a fast pace. Southerners have a different view of life, believing that it should be enjoyed at a slower pace, and when you rush everything, you miss out on important interactions.

Lack of Endearment

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Southerners are affectionate people and often display this in their vocabulary. They use terms such as ‘honey’ or ‘sweetie’ to show affection. Northerners don’t view this as necessary, and some even find it condescending, while southerners struggle to understand why northerners wouldn’t use these terminologies.

The Fast Talk

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There have been communication issues between northerners and southerners in the past. The south of the country speaks in a slower, drawn-out manner, while the north speaks at a much faster pace. This makes it hard for southerners to understand, often leaving them annoyed.

College Football Fandom

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Southerners struggle to understand why football isn’t adored in the North to the level it is in the South. Southerners treat football as an opportunity to socialize over a shared passion. They often get together hours before a game, enjoying food and a proper build-up to the game.

Terminology Differences

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As mentioned by English Live, “the regional differences in language are the most apparent between the northern and southern sections of the US.” The differences in language can create confusion between southerners and northerners when communicating together, with southerners often left frustrated with the interaction.

Hospitality Expectations

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Southerners take great pride in being hospitable people. They will happily host events at their homes and cook a meal for them. Northerners often don’t share this value, and it can often leave a southerner feeling unwelcome or undervalued. Northerners don’t do it to be rude; they just haven’t grown up with that value.

Dress Codes

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Southerners take great pride in their appearance, and they believe you should always represent yourself well. Northerners, on the other hand, can take a more casual approach when it comes to attire, which can annoy people from the South. Northerners may feel judged for the way they’ve dressed for church or dinner.

Use of Outdoor Spaces

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It can confuse southerners how the north of the country doesn’t make the most of their available outside space. You’ll often go past a southerner’s house and see them enjoying a drink on the porch or socializing in the garden with friends and neighbors. The lack of this in the North makes southerners believe northerners are unsociable.

Sweet Tea

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Southern Breeze reports that sweet tea has been characterized as a southern delicacy and has been popular ever since the 19th century. It’s hard to find in parts of the country other than the South, which can be annoying for southerners when they travel north.


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Spending time in the North as a southerner can be difficult in the winter. They’re not as used to the harsher weather conditions and the amount of snow the North receives. This can make it tricky for southerners to adapt, which can be annoying for them but amusing to a northerner.

Approaches to Driving

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The northern way of life is much faster. They seem to be in more of a hurry when it comes to southerners. This is also apparent in their driving methods. Northerners take a much more aggressive approach to driving, and this can be stressful for southerners while on northern roads.

Views on Personal Space

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Northerners can be seen to be more protective of their personal space. They don’t tend to encroach on others’ space, as they believe that would be disrespectful. Southerners, however, have a different view and see it as showing warmth and friendliness. This can lead to awkward interactions between the two when they meet.

Food Preferences

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A large part of the southern culture is their food. A signature dish of the South is their southern fried chicken, but when southerners go north, they find the northern fried chicken bland. Southerners find a lot of northern food to be lacking flavor and spices compared to what they’re used to.

Politeness in Conversation

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Northerners prefer to be more direct and get to the point. Southerners can find this rude and prefer to show extended politeness in their conversations, which can annoy northerners as they feel the conversation is being dragged out. This often leads to both parties being irritated with how the communication has gone.

Reaction to Heat and Humidity

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The South is a lot more hot and humid than the North. The World Population Review reports that “Florida and Louisiana have hot, humid climates due to their warm weather and proximity to the Atlantic.” This often sees northerners complain when they’re in the South, which annoys southerners.

Mismatch in Social Gathering Expectations

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Northerners don’t share the same ideas as southerners when it comes to socializing. Northerners often prefer shorter gatherings, which differ from the lengthy, hospitable gatherings southerners have. This can often lead to misunderstandings, as it can make southerners feel unwelcome and come across as rude.

Lack of Interest in Local Traditions

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Northerners don’t share the same interests in traditions as southerners do. Traditions aren’t as big a part of a northerner’s lifestyle as they are in the South. When northerners are in southern states and show a lack of interest in their social norms, it’s viewed by southerners as impolite.

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