18 Things Old People Complain About the Most

Old people have a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to complaining about things. There are some things that an older person is almost guaranteed to stress about when they see them. You’ll find 18 of these in this article. 

Loud Music

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If there’s loud music playing, you can be sure that an old person is complaining about it somewhere. But there’s a reason for this. Older people are more sensitive to loud noises and find it harder to regulate and adapt to changes in volume than younger people do. 

Bright Lights

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According to the Pacific Eye Institute, “During the very early stages of cataract development, many patients notice their eyes become increasingly sensitive to light, particularly harsh, bright light.” Older people often complain about the bright lights when driving at night because cataracts have made their eyes more sensitive. 

Fast Driving

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Old people always dislike fast driving. They don’t like it when other people pick up speed on the road alongside them or when they’re being driven by someone who’s driving fast. They hate it when they stand on the side of the road and motorists zoom past them.

Last-Minute Plans

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There’s nothing that old people hate more than last-minute plans. Old people like to plan things with a lot of anticipation and have a lot of time to think about how they will do things. Last-minute plans throw them off course and make them feel uneasy and unprepared.


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Old people start preparing mentally for occasions the minute you tell them about them. So when people cancel their plans, even with a lot of notice, they feel disappointed because a great deal of thought and planning has already gone into it. They love it when people keep their word.


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Older people often complain a lot about the government. They complain because they feel like their voices aren’t being heard, and this makes them feel upset. They often feel like society has pushed them to the side and that their political opinions don’t matter to the general public.

Supermarket Changes

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Old people are creatures of habit. They like it when things stay the same in grocery stores. Old people hate it when grocery stores have a redesign or change the layout of their goods. They liked it better the old way and will voice their opinions about this. 

Small Text

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The Mayo Clinic says, “Presbyopia is the gradual loss of your eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects. It’s a natural, often annoying part of aging. Presbyopia usually becomes noticeable in your early to mid-40s and continues to worsen until around age 65.” Old people hate reading small text.


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Older people like slow Sunday drives. The kind of “we’ll get there when we get there” speed. They hate it when others overtake them on the road because they think that overtaking is very dangerous and can’t understand why others are in such a rush in the first place. 


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Old people like to have things to do in the day but they don’t like to be too busy. And they’re right to think this way, as, after all, they’ve been working hard and rushing their whole lives. Old people will complain if they have too much to do.


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Many old people complain about the youth of today. They think that youths are being spoiled and that they would have never lasted in the world they grew up in. They’re also concerned about how our planet will survive in the hands of today’s youth, who are the future. 

Quiet Voices

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Figures from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders show that “about 5% of adults ages 45–54 have disabling hearing loss. The rate increases to 10% for adults ages 55–64. 22% of those ages 65–74 and 55% of those who are 75 and older have disabling hearing loss.” Old people struggle when people speak too quietly. 


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Many fashion styles today are far too showy and extravagant for older people. They complain about fashion styles, such as outlandish clothes and shoes that are popular. These seem to be impractical and uncomfortable. They would prefer to wear something sensible and comfortable rather than fashionable. 


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Older people like traditional hairstyling trends and colors. When styles are too extreme, older people feel very put off and don’t like it. Older people tend to look down on people who adopt extreme hairstyles and would prefer they do their hair in a neutral style that blends in.

City Life

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Many old people live in big cities because that was the place they always lived with their families. But living in the city doesn’t appeal to older people that much. The cities are too noisy and have too many people in them. This makes older people feel uncomfortable. 

Health Insurance

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“A 21-year-old pays slightly under $400 monthly on average for an ACA plan, while a 60-year-old pays $1,079 on average,” says Forbes. Yes, another thing that older people complain about is the price of their health insurance premiums. They’re spending at least $1,000 a month on medical insurance. 

The News

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Many old people complain about the things they read about in the news. They’re concerned about the world’s current situation and want things to get better. Although watching the news makes them feel anxious, they don’t want to stop because they want to stay informed. 

Travel Insurance

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Travel insurance prices skyrocket when we get past 50. So it’s no wonder that old people, who have retired and finally have the time to go on vacation, complain because they have to spend an arm and a leg on travel insurance. This just doesn’t seem fair.

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