17 Things Only People From the South Can Do

People born and raised in the southern U.S. are different from other Americans. They can have completely different personality traits, hobbies, and ways of doing things compared to others. Here are 17 things only people from the South can do.

Southern Hospitality

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As mentioned by Southern Living, “Hospitality isn’t a choice. It’s more of an institution in [a] household, where we abide by Southern rituals.” Southern hospitality means making sure everyone feels welcome, whether you’re a friend, neighbor, or even stranger. Another key part is always being polite, regardless of the situation.

Understanding the Language of “Coke”

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In many parts of America and even across the world, if you ask for a Coke, most people understand this to be a Coca-Cola. However, in the south of America, this is different, and asking for a Coke can mean any kind of soft drink. 

Cooking Up a Southern Storm

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Southerners are known for being massive foodies, and it’s part of their culture. They have recipes that have been passed down through their families for generations. Whether it’s their succulent fried chicken or a homemade pecan pie, southerners truly know how to cook and put on a spread for everyone.

The Fine Art of Bargain Hunting at Yard Sales

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Southerners are often the best when it comes to yard sales. They possess the skills needed to excel at getting an item for the right price. They’re often good hagglers and will find the item they want, have a figure in their heads of what they want to pay, and will always get it at this price. 

Navigating Southern Slang with Ease

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Southerners have their own slang words, which they use on a daily basis. This makes communication easier when communicating with each other, but non-southerners may struggle to understand what they mean. ‘Y’all’ and ‘bless your heart’ are some common phrases that southerners use.

Celebrating Football

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One sport southerners love is football, and they sure know how to celebrate it correctly. Going to the football game on the weekend is the main part of their week, as it gives everyone a chance to socialize over a shared hobby. 

Fishing Southern-Style

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Southerners love their fishing and have different methods compared to others, such as using crawfish. As mentioned by Norrik Fishing, “When fishing in small rivers or creeks, crawfish are one of the best baits you can use.” It’s also a peaceful hobby where they can spend hours by the water. 

Perfecting the Southern Drawl

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Not only do southerners have their own slang, but they also have a southern drawl. They speak a lot slower compared to other Americans and will empathize with syllables in certain words to give them a southern twang. It can be hard to understand to begin with if you’re not a fellow southerner.

Making and Enjoying Southern Beverages

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In the South, they have their own traditional drinks and specific ways of making and enjoying them. Famous for their sweet tea, southerners know exactly how to brew the perfect cup for the right amount of sweetness. They also make a great mint julep to enjoy on a warm summer day on the front porch.

Handling Southern Critters

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Southerners are very outdoorsy people and are hardened to all the insects and animals they come across. They have homemade remedies to deal with the number of mosquitoes they encounter. They also tend to handle snakes in their backyard, as sometimes it can be a common occurrence.

Gardening in the Southern Heat

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The hot, humid conditions can make gardening a difficult task, but southerners are used to it and have mastered the skills to have a thriving garden. They decorate their garden with specific plants that prefer hotter climates and know exactly when to harvest fruit and vegetables, so they’re at their peak.

Preserving Southern Traditions

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As reported by USA Welcome, “Southern United States cuisine is perhaps the most recognizable across the nation and is based on the culture and tradition of many ethnicities and nationalities.” Southerners stick to their traditions of having community gatherings for holidays and special occasions where they share different recipes.

Understanding Southern Humor

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Southerners have their own unique humor, which is often only understood by fellow southerners. They tend to include dry wit and irony in many everyday conversations. Southerners are also very good storytellers and can keep many people engaged. 

Navigating Southern Etiquette

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Southerners are very respectful people and will always be polite. They’ve been raised this way and will use ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’ to politely address you. They pride themselves on being hospitable and are known to invite anyone to social gatherings as a way to make you feel welcomed.

Celebrating Southern Music and Dance

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According to PBS, “It is impossible to think of American music in this century without such Southern-derived forms as ragtime, jazz, blues, country, gospel, rhythm and blues, Cajun, zydeco, and rock’n’roll.” Southerners will confidently dance to their favorite music like nobody’s watching. They know how to truly enjoy the moment.

Adapting to Southern Weather

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Southerners are used to the hot weather because they’ve grown up with it. It’s often very hot and humid in the summer months, making it difficult to do the basics for many tourists. But southerners embrace it and enjoy the outdoor activities that come with sunny weather.

Crafting and DIY in the South

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When something breaks in the South, it often doesn’t need replacing and isn’t broken for long. This is because southerners will fix anything instead of having to replace it. They have the acquired skills to put things back together with any resources available, saving money on purchasing new items.

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