18 Things Other Countries Think Americans Are Taking for Granted

Some people think that Americans don’t appreciate how good they’ve got it living in the U.S. In this article, you’ll find 18 things that some think Americans take for granted. 

School Transportation

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School transportation in the U.S. helps children around the country get to their local educational centers every day. Many children in poorer countries have to walk long distances to get to school each day. Some think that American children don’t value this privilege when they hear about them skipping school. 


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The educational system in the U.S. is of a high standard. However, people in other countries sometimes think that children in the United States don’t value the privilege they have of receiving an American education. They show this by not taking school seriously and dropping out early. 


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“The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) supports state and local government in the design, construction, and maintenance of the highway system,” says USA.gov. The roads in the U.S. are good, and people in other countries often think that U.S. citizens show they don’t appreciate them by littering and driving too fast. 

Advanced Healthcare

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The healthcare systems in the U.S. are some of the most advanced in the world. Some people outside the U.S. think that its citizens show a lack of appreciation for the healthcare system by always complaining about trivial things, such as having to wait in line. 

Public Transportation

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The public transportation system in the U.S. is far from perfect, but it’s a lot more reliable than the transportation in other poorer countries. People who live in these poorer countries think that Americans show a lack of appreciation for their transportation system by always complaining about it. 

Clean Water

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Statistics from NPR show that “1 in 4 people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water.” But in the U.S., having clean water in a home is a standard requirement for living. Many people think that U.S. citizens don’t appreciate having clean water and waste it.

State Pension

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The American state pension is not enough to support you completely, but it will give you a lot more than other state pensions across the globe. Many Americans have this pension and other assets to rely on when they retire, while many people in poorer countries have very little.


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Some teenagers are granted scholarships that cover the cost of their college educations. It’s an amazing privilege to receive a good education free of charge. However, many students show they don’t value these scholarships by failing to take their studies seriously or even rejecting the scholarship. 

Over 60s Travel 

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People over 60 can benefit from discounted and sometimes free travel on public transportation systems in the U.S. However, some people believe that U.S. citizens take this system for granted and complain about waiting in line or a slow service instead of appreciating the service itself. 


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Americans know their rights. So when something goes wrong, they know they can call a lawyer to get legal protection. People in less developed lands where citizens have fewer rights or whose rights are not respected feel like Americans take their legal status for granted. 

Government Housing

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The government provides discounted housing for people with low income in the U.S. But some people show they don’t appreciate them and don’t look after the houses they’re given. In poorer countries, it would be impossible to receive a house of that standard from the government. 


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According to the American Library Association, “There are an estimated 123,627 libraries of all kinds in the United States today.” Libraries are a great way of encouraging education and also keeping the public entertained. But many poor countries don’t have such easy access to books.


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Each American state has laws on littering which help keep the country clean. Many people show a lack of respect for these laws by continuing to litter anyway. In other countries with fewer laws on littering, litter is common on the streets and the streets smell. 

Dog Fouling

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Failing to clean up after your dog is a prosecutable offense in many parts of the U.S., and this helps to keep the country clean. Some people in other countries think that Americans take this for granted by trying to get away with it when they can. 

Police Response

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The figures from Gitnux show that “the average police response time in the U.S. is 10 minutes.” That’s really fast. Police response time in other poorer countries is a lot slower. U.S. citizens sometimes show that they take this for granted by calling the police when it’s not necessary.  


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There are many charitable organizations in the U.S. that try to help people who are in less favorable circumstances. Other countries often think that Americans take these charities for granted by not helping out and donating money when they have the means to do so. 

Minimum Wage

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Many states in the U.S. have minimum wage laws that protect the citizens of the country. But many people show that they take these for granted by complaining about the amount they receive. They do this although many people in other countries don’t receive a regular wage.

Paid Vacation

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Many U.S. workers receive a certain amount of paid vacation days each year. But some people in other countries think that U.S. citizens show a lack of regard for these days by complaining about not getting enough of them. In other countries, however, paid vacation doesn’t exist.

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