17 Things People Buy at Walmart That Just Aren’t Worth It

Everyone loves Walmart for the good deals and wide selection of products, but is everything worth it? Of course not. In this article, we look at 17 things you may not want to get from America’s number-one store.

Extended Warranties

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Extended warranties at Walmart seem like a good investment, but they often don’t offer the protection you’d expect. The coverage usually overlaps with the manufacturer’s warranty, so they are pointless. Additionally, they are incredibly complicated to claim.

Pre-Cut Fruits and Vegetables

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The extra cost and reduced freshness rarely make pre-cut fruits and vegetables a good deal. They are much more expensive than whole produce, despite the shorter shelf life. Most importantly, they lose nutritional value quickly. According to Very Well Fit, vitamins are lost after chopping because of the exposure to oxygen.

High-End Electronics

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For high-end electronics, Walmart might not always offer the best prices or the selection you’re looking for. First of all, there are usually comparable or better deals available elsewhere. Additionally, getting straight from the brand store is always better.

Cheap Kitchen Gadgets

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Cheap kitchen gadgets usually have poor quality and limited utility, often making them a regrettable purchase. Their low quality leads to frequent replacements, which end up costing more than just getting a higher-end version.

Generic Vitamins and Supplements

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Generic vitamins and supplements at Walmart may not always provide the quality or results you’re seeking. They have questionable quality and efficacy and lack transparency about sources. There are many better brands available for a similar price with higher quality.


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When you buy furniture from Walmart, it may look nice and save you money at first. But this furniture often uses materials that don’t last long and aren’t built very well. Putting it together can be hard and take a lot of time. After a while, you might find that it breaks easily or doesn’t hold up as well as you hoped.

Clothing for Special Occasions

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For special occasions, Walmart’s clothing options might not provide the quality or style you’re aiming for. The clothes there are often made from cheap materials and might not fit right, making you look and feel less than your best. Also, there might not be a lot of sizes or styles that suit you. You can usually find better quality and more flattering outfits at stores that specialize in clothes for special occasions.


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Buying shoes at Walmart is not a very good idea because they’re usually not made very well. Also, Walmart doesn’t have a big selection of high-quality shoe brands. You’re likely to find better shoes, both in terms of how they feel and how long they last, at a store that specializes in shoes. These stores often have sales, too, so you can still find a good deal. Cobblers interviewed by The Guardian gave three pieces of advice for picking a good shoe; no plastic, stitched soles, and no flimsy zippers.

Cheap Tools

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Cheap tools are often made from poor materials and can break easily. They might not work well for what you need them to do, which can be frustrating. If you buy better tools from the start, even though they cost more, they’ll last longer and work better. Then you won’t have to spend money to replace them as often, saving you money over time.

Pet Food

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Walmart’s pet food selection does not always offer the best for your furry friend’s health and well-being. Some of the pet food brands they sell might not give your pet the nutrition they need to stay healthy. Even though it’s convenient, you can often find better quality food and more choices at a pet store. It’s important to choose good food for your pets because it helps them live longer, happier lives. Even if it costs a bit more, buying better food is worth it for your pet’s health.

Pre-Packaged Baked Goods

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According to EWG, many baked goods contain potassium bromate to prevent them from going bad. This compound has been shown to cause the growth of cancer cells. Making your own baked goods is so easy. Find a few recipes online, and you’ll never look back.

Cleaning Supplies

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People love Walmart for their cheap prices on bulk cleaning supplies. However, bulk sizes can be impractical for small households. Consider using generic brands, as they are just as effective for a small home.


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You can buy a few jewelry pieces from Walmart, but important pieces should always be bought from reputable sources. You get better value and selection from specialized jewelers who know their craft and have access to the best raw materials.

Name-Brand Snacks

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Name-brand snacks at Walmart have higher markups on individual packages. Bulk or generic options provide better value. There are also frequent sales on these items at grocery stores that save you some money.

Greeting Cards

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While convenient, greeting cards from Walmart may not offer the best value or the personalized touch you’re looking for. Go to a specialized card store, or better yet, make one yourself. Try a design app like Canva to create a card that will mean more to your person.

Seasonal Décor

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When you’re looking to spruce up your home for the holidays or a change of season, you might first think of Walmart for convenience. But be cautious—while the decorations might catch your eye with their affordability, they often fall short in quality and durability. If you’re after items that last beyond a single season, exploring other retailers could be rewarding.

Exercise Equipment

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As for exercise equipment, embarking on a fitness journey or upgrading your home gym setup leads many to consider Walmart for budget-friendly options. However, the range of quality equipment at Walmart can be limited, and the value might not match the price, even if it seems low. Specialized sports and fitness stores often offer better deals, higher quality items, and comprehensive warranties.

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