18 Things People Think Are Sinful But the Bible Doesn’t Mention

Over time, the words of the Bible have been twisted and retold over and over again, or certain passages have been misunderstood, causing several misconceptions to develop about sinfulness. In this article, we’ll uncover 18 things people believe are sinful that actually aren’t.

Celebrating Birthdays

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Some people believe that celebrating your birthday is a sin, but there is no biblical prohibition against celebrating birthdays. In fact, two birthday celebrations are mentioned in the Bible without condemnation, “The Egyptian Pharaoh during Joseph’s time (Exodus 40:20) and King Herod during Jesus’s time (Matthew 14:6; Mark 6:21),” according to Compelling Truth.

Playing Cards or Board Games

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If you’ve given up playing cards or board games for fear of sinning, you can go grab them once more! There is no direct mention or implication about playing cards or board games in the Bible, and the sinfulness often associated with it is with gambling, not the games themselves. Recreation is actually seen as part of a balanced life.

Eating Pork and Shellfish

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The Old Testament dietary laws on not eating pork and shellfish were specific to Israelites. New Testament teachings, however, indicate a shift away from these restrictions. For example, Peter’s vision in Acts 10 is a symbolic acceptance of Gentiles and new dietary freedom.

Women Speaking in Church

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The misconception that women can’t speak in church comes from a misinterpretation of specific New Testament passages, 1 Corinthians 14:34–35 by Paul. As shared by Christianity, however, “Paul is not saying that women should be silent in church, but rather, he is saying that women should be silent when it comes to speaking in tongues in the church.”


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Luckily for those who love to dance, dancing itself is not condemned in the Bible—though context and intent are key. The Bible contains references to dancing, sometimes in a positive light, so you can dance, but you must differentiate between cultural dances and lascivious behavior.

Drinking Alcohol

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As a whole, drinking alcohol is not forbidden in Christianity. The Bible mentions wine and other alcoholic drinks several times, often neutrally or positively. Plus, Jesus’s first miracle was turning water into wine! The emphasis is on avoiding drunkenness, not alcohol itself.

Wearing Makeup or Jewelry

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Though there is a focus on modesty and inner beauty in the Bible, there’s not a ban on adornments. As shared by Bible Study Tools, “While the wicked queen Jezebel wore jewelry, so did good women of faith such as Rebekah and Esther.” Just know that the heart’s intention is more important than your external appearance.

Tattoos and Body Piercings

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While the Old Testament does mention body markings, these are not direct commands for today’s believers. The cultural and historical context of these practices in biblical times differs significantly from today. Christians are encouraged to weigh their freedom in Christ against personal convictions and societal norms.

Attending Movies or Theaters

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Some people believe that they should not go to the movies or theater, but there are no specific biblical references to these modern forms of entertainment. Rather, it’s about finding a balance between engaging with modern culture and upholding Christian values, so consider what you are going to watch before making the decision.

Playing or Listening to Secular Music

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Music, no matter the genre, is not categorized as sinful in the Bible. What matters more is the content of the lyrics and the impact this has on the individual. Christians are called to exercise their liberty, but choose music that aligns with their values and does not negatively influence their faith.

Practicing Yoga

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There are people who believe that because yoga originated in Eastern religions, it is a sin to practice, but this is not necessarily the case. As long as you differentiate the physical exercise aspect of yoga from its spiritual beliefs, you can enjoy the activity.

Believing in Astrology or Reading Horoscopes

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The Bible does discourage divination, but astrology is not directly mentioned. The important distinction lies between using astrology solely as entertainment and allowing it to guide your life decisions. Overall, Christians are reminded to place their trust in God’s sovereignty rather than seeking knowledge or predictions from the stars.

Cremation After Death

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While there are several biblical references to burial, there is also no direct prohibition against cremation. According to Cremation Resource, “As God is known to be all-powerful, it should not be impossible for Him to resurrect someone even after cremation.” At the end of the day, it is a personal and family decision, so long as you respect the body as God’s creation.

Living Together Before Marriage

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While living together before marriage has been viewed as a sin, the Bible does not mention specific living arrangements. In biblical times, cohabitation had different cultural connotations. Modern Christians should consider the implications of cohabitation on temptation, personal witness, and the testimony of their relationship in the context of their faith and community values.

Consuming Caffeine

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Desiring God says, “The Scriptures do not mention caffeine, but they do give us all we need to observe, learn, and wisely decide how we, as Christians, can faithfully use (or abstain from) caffeine for the glory of Christ.” Christians should, however, be cautious of addiction or dependence on any substance, including caffeine.

Getting Divorced for Reasons Other Than Adultery

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While the Bible’s primary grounds for divorce include adultery, New Testament teachings also touch upon other aspects of marital dissolution. Contemporary considerations like abuse, neglect, and irreconcilable differences are not explicitly mentioned but require thoughtful reflection within the Christian community.

Going to Psychologists or Psychiatrists

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Mental health is not directly addressed in the Bible, so naturally, going to a psychologist or psychiatrist isn’t mentioned. It does highlight the importance of prayer and counseling, but it also recognizes the value of professional medical treatment. Christians are encouraged to overcome stigmas associated with seeking psychological help.

Using Modern Technology and Social Media

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The Bible naturally does not mention modern technology or social media, as they did not exist at the time. As long as people follow the principles of using their time wisely, avoiding idolatry, and maintaining wholesome communication, there is no problem with using social media.

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