19 Things People With Poor Manners Do

People with poor manners behave in ways that are considered rude by society. Which things do they always do? In this article, you’ll find 19 ways that people with poor manners usually act and why these things annoy us so much.

Talk Over Others

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People with bad manners always talk over others. They do this because they are impatient and uninterested in what other people have to say. They think that what they have to say is most important so they raise their voices to drown out the sound of others. 

Finish People’s Sentences

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Bad-mannered people tend to finish other people’s sentences. They cut people off before they can finish what they’re saying because they lack patience and find the conversation boring. Finishing other people’s sentences is also evidence of a struggle for control. They want to be in charge. 

Spread Germs

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According to the American Lung Association, “A cough can travel as fast as 50 mph and expel almost 3,000 droplets in just one go. Sneezes win though—they can travel up to 100 mph.” People with poor manners spread their germs by sneezing and coughing without covering their mouths.

Show Disinterest

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People who have poor manners aren’t afraid to show it when they are disinterested in a conversation. They might yawn, look around the room, or display via their body language that they’re unengaged by the topic. Behaving in this way is rude, but they don’t seem to really care.

Abuse Free Samples

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Everyone loves free samples so you might take one or two from a grocery store when a new product is being advertised. But bad-mannered people won’t just take a couple of samples; they will try to take as many as possible, not leaving any for anyone else. 

Be Rude to Service Workers

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People who lack good manners treat service workers poorly. They are rude to them, shout at them, and always look down upon those who work in customer service. They think that the world revolves around them and hate it when things don’t go their way. 


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The figures from Gitnux show that “Walmart loses approximately $3 billion every year due to theft and shoplifting incidents.” Stealing from a shop, even if you think they don’t need the money, is very bad manners. This shows that you have a lack of consideration for others.

Mess Up Grocery Stores

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Rude people seem to make a mess wherever they go and grocery stores are no exception. When these people knock things over, they don’t try to pick them up. They leave their shopping carts abandoned in the parking lot and open packages without purchasing the items. 

Cut in Line

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People who cut in line instead of waiting have bad manners. They do this because they think that their time is more valuable than other people’s and they view themselves as superior to others. Cutting in line frustrates everyone, but rude people don’t care enough to stop doing this. 

Park Badly

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It’s bad manners to take up more than one parking space, as it shows a lack of consideration for those around you. When you park badly, others have to adapt to you and must go out of their way to find another parking spot or squeeze around your car. 

Invade Privacy

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It’s often considered bad manners to ask private questions of others. But rude people ignore these social norms and ask all the questions they want to, even though they are not well received. They ask personal questions about finances, age, politics, and religion that most don’t like answering. 


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“Burping is seen (and heard) as rude and crude,” says Harvard Health. Yes, someone who openly burps at the dinner table will be frowned upon in most cultures around the world. This is considered to be a lack of manners. It would be especially unacceptable to burp at a restaurant. 

Invade People’s Space

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People with poor manners often struggle with their social awareness. They invade other people’s personal space by getting too close to them when standing in line or by getting too close to them when talking. Sometimes they do this to intimidate others or to make them uncomfortable. 

Talk Loudly

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It’s bad manners to talk loudly on the phone in a closed, public place. But rude people don’t care about this unwritten rule. They are most concerned about their conversations and don’t mind who can hear them. What they have to say is more important than anyone else.

Stand in the Way

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People with bad manners are often very socially aware, but they think they rule the world, so they don’t want to yield to anyone else. When they see someone walking down a narrow sidewalk towards them, they won’t move to one side. They’ll stand in the way.

Handle Fresh Food

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Poor-mannered people put themselves first and don’t concern themselves with others. When they shop at grocery stores or eat at a buffet restaurant, they touch the fresh food with their hands. When they touch something they don’t want, they put it back, not concerned about spreading germs.

Cut You Off

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Poor driving is also something that we can expect from those lacking good manners. They cut people off when they drive because they view themselves as important, and where they have to go is more important than anyone else’s destination. They are often known as reckless drivers.


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Mantra Care says that “bragging too much or bragging even if it is done in a positive way can make someone lose their self-esteem. It may also impact how they view their own accomplishments. They might not see them as good enough because of what other people are saying.” Always boasting about yourself is rude. 


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Slurping on cups while you finish a drink, slurping through a straw, slurping soup off of a spoon—they’re all bad manners. We should avoid acting this way in public. But people who have poor manners don’t care about table etiquette and always seem to slurp at mealtime.

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