17 Things That Are Harder for Men Than For Women

We often hear about protecting women, but in recent years, there has been a growing interest in men’s well-being. In this article, we look at 17 ways men are having a more difficult time compared to women.

Dealing With Body Image Issues

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The struggle with body image is a silent battle for many men, as most believe this is a problem only for women. However, men face their own set of stereotypes regarding body shape and size, leading to self-esteem issues. The Conversation reports that close to 40% of men are affected by body image issues, far more than we would expect.

Engaging in Healthy Lifestyle Choices

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There’s a stigma around men seeking help for health issues, seen as a sign of weakness or femininity. This is why men are less likely to be proactive about their health and go for regular check-ups. Furthermore, societal norms encourage unhealthy behaviors, such as excessive drinking, as a form of masculinity.

Building Platonic Relationships

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For men, the journey to forming meaningful platonic relationships isn’t as simple as women’s. There’s a stigma against men seeking deep, platonic emotional connections with others. Additionally, men may worry that their intentions in forming friendships, especially with women, are misinterpreted.

Facing Legal Bias in Family Court

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Men often face an uphill battle in custody disputes, with a societal bias towards mothers. Some people believe that financial judgments against men are mostly unfair. However, it should be known that women are often granted custody because men don’t fight for it. In fact, 73% of men who fight get custody, according to The Macksey Journal.

Experiencing Loneliness

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According to Talkspace, men are statistically more likely to experience loneliness, especially as they age. Many men find it difficult to admit feeling lonely due to fears of appearing weak. There needs to be more work towards building social support networks aimed at men facing loneliness.

Expressing Emotions

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Men are frequently taught from a young age that showing emotions is a sign of weakness, making it challenging for them to open up. They are often faced with pressure to appear strong and stoic, which discourages them from showing vulnerability. For this reason, many of them avoid discussing emotional struggles due to a fear of stigma surrounding mental health.

Seeking Mental Health Help

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The expectation for men to “man up” can make it significantly harder for them to seek the help they need. They rarely admit they need mental health support, fearing it makes them appear weak. To make things worse, there are limited mental health resources tailored specifically for men’s issues.

Fulfilling Societal Expectations

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Navigating societal expectations is a daunting task for many men as they strive to fulfill multiple roles. Men are often expected to be the primary breadwinner, placing financial pressure on them. With the economy getting worse, many of them are feeling unfulfilled as their finances aren’t doing as well.

Navigating Fatherhood

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Stepping into the role of a father comes with its own unique set of challenges. Men often face challenges in taking paternity leave or may not have access to it at all. There’s a stereotype that men are less capable caregivers, impacting their parenting experience.

Overcoming Fear of Failure

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Men often feel intense pressure to succeed in their careers and financial endeavors. Many of them are taught from childhood that they have to find success in their careers so they can provide for their families. This can cause some men to feel inadequate when they don’t succeed as much as they hoped to.

Dealing with Hair Loss

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For many men, hair loss is not just a physical issue but a significant emotional challenge. Losing hair can significantly affect a man’s self-confidence. It is also often joked about, adding to the stigma. This explains why 87% of hair transplants are done on men, according to the Wimpole Clinic.

Facing Ageism

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Ageism brings big challenges for men, especially as they get older. In work, older men can be treated unfairly because of their age. They might feel bad about how they look, which affects how they see themselves and their value. Also, their roles at home and in society change, which can be hard.

Understanding Feminism

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Understanding feminism can be hard for many men. They might get the wrong idea about what it really means. Even those who get it might feel like they don’t fit in with the feminist movement. It’s also tough for them to talk about gender equality in a helpful way without being criticized.

Handling Rejection

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Handling rejection, whether in personal relationships or professional endeavors, is hard for anyone, including men. However, men are often expected to handle it stoically and show no reaction at all. The emotional toll of rejection is significant but is usually not acknowledged.

Confronting Toxic Masculinity

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Confronting and understanding toxic masculinity is a crucial step for men in promoting healthier societal norms. Some don’t really understand that it’s about looking at their own actions and how these actions might support bad stereotypes. They see it as a threat to manhood instead.

Accessing Fashion and Self-Expression

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Men often have fewer fashion choices compared to women. There’s a fear of judgment for men who step outside traditional fashion norms. The fashion industry ignores men’s need to show their unique personalities and feel good about themselves.

Achieving Personal Fulfillment

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Achieving personal fulfillment involves navigating a complex landscape of societal expectations and personal aspirations for many men. This is a universal problem for both sexes, but men only have one definition of success, unlike women, who can be seen as fulfilled in many ways.

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