17 Things That Just Aren’t As Important As They Seem

Sometimes life can become overwhelming, and we look at things differently. This may mean seeing things as more important than they are, or it may mean feeling like we need to be perfect or happy all the time. Here are 17 things that just aren’t that important.

Social Media Validation

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Always feeling like we need “likes” on our photos and online approval can overshadow real-life experiences. For example, A Conscious Rethink writes, “How we feel about ourselves is so affected by social media, and we place far too much value on the image we project of ourselves.”

Our Appearances

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Having an excessive focus on how we look can lead to unrealistic expectations that we may not even be able to keep up with. Also, everyone is so worried about how they look that they don’t even have the time to scrutinize another person’s appearance. Self-confidence isn’t all about how we look, but also how we feel as a person.

Other People’s Opinions

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It’s important to know that it’s impossible to please everyone, and trying to do so can become exhaustive. Instead, you should try to prioritize the opinions of those who matter to you, as these people will genuinely care. Self-worth isn’t centered on validation from other people, and it’s something that should come from within.

First Impressions

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U Report by Unicef writes, “Like the cover of a book, first impressions are not always right.” First impressions can be misleading, and this can prevent meaningful connections. Instead, we should try to be open-minded, as it can lead to rewarding relationships.

Online Connections

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Not all internet friendships are going to be genuine and the same as real-world relationships. Even though the internet is a great place to be a part of a community, it can also cause superficial connections. For a deeper sense of emotional support, make sure you still nurture real-life relationships.

The Need to Always Be Right

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The need to always be right can lead to strained relationships and endless disputes. At the end of the day, it’s something that just isn’t worth it. Having a deeper sense of understanding can help us develop healthier relationships, and being open to different interpretations and views is important for growth.

Waiting for the Perfect Moment

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Waiting for the perfect moment may mean that you’re waiting forever. For example, Bolde writes, “Life is unpredictable, and the perfect moment might never come. It’s better to make the most of the present and adjust along the way.” Waiting for this moment can also cause us to procrastinate or miss opportunities.

Constantly Worrying About What Others Think

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Being concerned about how others think about us can be paralyzing and take us away from authentic living. Also, people are generally so caught up in their own lives that the last thing they’re thinking about is yours. Focus on living in line with your values and beliefs.

Achieving a Perfect Work-Life Balance

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This isn’t something that’s always achievable and can be seen as an unrealistic goal. A better thing to focus on is the quality of life that comes from meaningful engagement, not trying to find the perfect balance. Life can be unpredictable, so it’s important to be flexible and have the ability to adapt.

Having a Flawless Appearance

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It’s important to not have an obsession with obtaining a flawless appearance, because it’s an unattainable goal that can lead to unrealistic standards. The Guardian columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith writes, “Focus on the parts of yourself that will not diminish with time, [such as] humor and wisdom.”

Looking for Perfection

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Perfection is something that’s unattainable, and this can lead to disappointment. Instead, we should try to embrace imperfections, as this can lead to growth and creativity. We shouldn’t look for perfection in a person and should build genuine connections based on authenticity, not flawlessness.

Spending Time With Toxic People

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Toxic relationships can be incredibly harmful. They can affect your self-esteem and distract you from what truly matters. You should always try to surround yourself with positive people who only want the best for you. Prioritizing healthy relationships will contribute to your overall well-being.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

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It’s impossible to try and participate in everything. This is supported by Daniel Wong, who writes, “No one likes missing out. But the fact is that we all have to miss out on things from time to time.” If you’re constantly worrying about what you’re going to miss out on, it can stop you from enjoying the present.

Defining Success on Someone Else’s Terms

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The true feeling of success should come from you, not from somebody else. Success is something only you can define and should not be based on what society expects from you. Always follow your own path, even if others criticize it, as that’s where fulfillment truly lies.

Being Happy All the Time

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Always being happy is an unrealistic expectation. Life is a mix of emotions, and some of these aren’t always good. We should try to embrace a range of emotions, as this is what will add depth and meaning to our lives. We should try to pursue a meaningful life, not a happy one.

The Importance of IQ

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Life Hack writes, “Being a ‘genius,’ in IQ terms, means nothing if you don’t contribute anything important to society.” Intelligence is more than just a number, especially if you don’t contribute. It’s more important to have social and emotional intelligence, as this is what helps you build meaningful relationships.

The Significance of Wealth and Status

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The true value of life comes from experiences and love, not from wealth. Relationships and memories are much more important than material achievements. We should always prioritize people over anything else, as it will lead to a more fulfilling life. Possessions are not something that can love you or something you can experience a moment with.

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