17 Things That Prove Your Partner Is Worth the Commitment

Do you sometimes wonder whether you are in a healthy, long-lasting relationship or not? Then, in this article, you’ll find 17 ways to prove that your partner is worth the commitment.

They Plan

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Does your partner include you in their future plans? When they talk about the things they would like to do one, five, or 10 years from now, do they indicate that they want to be by your side? Then this person is planning a future with you.

They Listen

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Statistics from the MOspace Institutional Repository show that “many of us spend 70 to 80 percent of our time in some form of communication. Of that time, we spend about 9 percent writing, 16 percent reading, 30 percent speaking, and 45 percent listening.” A person who really loves you will always listen to you.

They Are Honest

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A person who is worth the commitment is honest with you. They’ll happily talk to you about who they’re going out with and where they’re going, and they will not hide any information from you. Because they’re always honest with you, you feel like you can always trust them.

They Are Faithful

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Your partner is worth the commitment if they’re devoted to their relationship with you. If they ignore advances from others, even when you’re not with them, and don’t flirt with others, they’re committed to you. They’re faithful to you by never even talking in a suggestive way with others.

They Text

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The figures from SellCell show that 8.4 trillion text messages are sent each year. That’s a lot of messages! If someone is really interested in you, they’ll spend a lot of time texting you, and they’ll often take the initiative to do so.

They Really Converse

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A person who is in it for the long haul will be completely engrossed when conversing with you. They’ll listen intently to the things you say and will engage in the conversation by asking questions and trying to find out your opinions. This person isn’t self-absorbed.

They Think of You

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A person who’s very committed to you will be thinking of you even when you’re not together. They’ll show you’re on their minds by sending you messages throughout the day or even calling when they can. They’ll buy you things they think you’ll like when they’re out and about.

They Are Grateful

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A person who really respects you will always show you their gratitude. This person doesn’t take you or the things you do for granted. They would never expect you to do things for them without any grace. They always thank you and try their best to repay the favor.

They Are Frank

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“Honesty is important because it allows the other person to understand your needs and gives them an opportunity to respond to them,” says VeryWell Mind. Yes, being honest and frank doesn’t mean being rude. It means being able to communicate your true feelings without feeling like you have to hold back.

They Praise You

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Does the person you’re with often give you credit for things that you have accomplished together? Then this person is really committed to you and is more concerned about making you look good than they are about their own reputation. They’re always singing your praises.

They Stand Up For You

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Is someone treating you unfairly or talking about you behind your back? Then a committed partner will defend your reputation. They’ll do this even when the people who are talking badly about you are your in-laws. They always speak about your good qualities when talking to others.

They Compliment

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Life Lovers Magazine explains that giving compliments is important in a relationship. “Giving importance and praising someone’s value will strengthen your relationship.” Both partners should make a habit of sincerely complimenting one another. Someone who always showers you with compliments is worth the commitment.

They Love the Real You

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A person who doesn’t try to change you loves you for who you are. This person knows the real you. They love you when you’re looking your best and when you’re not. They’re happy with you and encourage you to let your hair down whenever you want to.

They Forgive

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People who are truly committed to their partners are ready to forgive them when things go wrong. They understand that they make mistakes and don’t expect the relationship to be flawless. They truly listen and try to leave the past in the past.

They Are Reliable

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A person who is worth the commitment is reliable. They never let you down. When they can’t fulfill what they’ve promised you, they take the time to honestly explain to you why. You know you can count on this person to be there when you need them the most.

They Are Open

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When someone is open with you and honestly expresses their feelings to you, you know they trust you. If they share with you their innermost thoughts and don’t hold back, it’s because they really confide in you. This kind of person is very committed to their relationship with you.

They Are Reasonable

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A person who truly loves you will be reasonable with you. They won’t expect you to do more than is physically possible, and they’ll understand that you’ll get things wrong from time to time. They don’t expect perfection from you and are ready to pull their weight in the relationship.

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