18 Things That Will Be Less Common When The Baby Boomer Generation Is Gone

A ‘baby boomer’ is a person born between 1946 and 1964, and they have had a significant influence on shaping our modern society. As the years go by, certain preferences and practices associated with this generation have changed or diminished altogether. In this article, we explore 18 aspects that are likely to become less common as the Baby Boomer generation grows older.

Printed Newspapers

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A common tradition for baby boomers has been that of reading newspapers. This has, however, been taken over by media platforms, and almost everything has gone digital. Younger generations are less persuaded to subscribe to printed newspapers, and this age-old tradition of newspapers is on a steady decline, soon to disappear.

Paper Checkbooks

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Even though checkbooks have been around for decades, nowadays you’ll seldom find them used in any establishment as a method of payment. They have lost their value in the digital age, and younger generations prefer other alternatives that are quicker and easier, such as credit or debit card transactions.

Television Broadcasting

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Broadcast television was the main source of entertainment for baby boomers back in the day. Although a few traditional households still have televisions that stream local shows, broadcast television is fading away. Viewing habits have made a move toward streaming services instead, and traditional formats are on the decline.

Print Encyclopedias

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Many of us grew up with encyclopedias as a source of knowledge and inspiration for kids back in the day. Nowadays, there are fewer encyclopedias available in bookstores, unless you find them at your local library. With the rise of internet access as a main source of information, not many children look to physical encyclopedias anymore.

Manual Transmission Cars

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Baby boomers have grown up with manual transmission cars, whereas younger generations are growing up with automatic transmission cars. Due to their convenience, automatic transmission cars are taking over, and stick shifts are going extinct; they are either no longer being manufactured or are less and less on the market.

Traditional Film Cameras

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The majority of the photographs we see on the internet or elsewhere are taken by digital cameras. Film photography still holds its charm in the modern age, and even educational establishments offer courses on how to take some of the best photographs. However, using a traditional film camera has been replaced by digital cameras.

Traditional Landline Phones

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This generation remembers how landline phones were once a common fixture in households, and nowadays you would only find them in vintage stores or a few people’s houses. Mobile devices have taken over, and relying on landlines for communication is a thing of the past.

Dial-Up Internet Connections

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Does anyone remember the buzzing sound of dial-up internet and waiting a few minutes before the phone connects to the internet? How nostalgic! To baby boomers, it was the coolest thing to have; however, now the younger generations are happier with their high-speed internet and broadband options. Advancements in high-speed connections have led to dial-up internet becoming extinct.

Fax Machines

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Different forms of business communications, which were once a crucial part of offices, have also changed over the years. Fax machines, which were once a vital form of communication, are now rarely found in most business establishments. Workforces are gradually shifting, and the use of fax machines is expected to decline.

Phone Books and Yellow Pages

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Phone books and directories have significantly diminished and hold very little relevance nowadays. Younger generations have no use for them as they use their smartphones and mobile options to save their contacts and business information.

Videotapes and VCRs

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Other groundbreaking innovations during the baby boomer generation were videotapes and VCRs, not to mention the existence of Blockbuster to rent movies. Tape players have now become a thing of the past. These kinds of technologies are expected to become artifacts.

Vinyl Records

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Vinyl records, record players, and CDs are nowadays only available in some niche markets. Although many of the younger generations find it trending to invest in vintage goods, unfortunately, these items have witnessed a harsh decline. Music streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes are now contributing to the modern age, and older formats are slowly disappearing.

Writing Letters

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The tradition of writing letters by hand is fading away in this era. Baby boomers may belong to one of the generations that are predominantly engaged in letter writing for distance communication.

Rotary Phones

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Another nostalgic item that was a necessity in many baby boomer households was the rotary phone. Nowadays, it’s considered more of a historical artifact than a means of communication. If you ask the younger generation about them, they have no clue as to what they were. As baby boomers get older, rotary phones are becoming a thing of the past.

Coal as a Natural Source

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During the time of the baby boomers, coal was the main source of energy. With significant societal changes, the focus has now shifted toward other sources of energy, and the use of this natural resource has started to diminish.

Drive-In Movie Theatres

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Many of the older generations remember the excitement of going to a drive-in movie theatre to watch a classic movie. These have now been gradually replaced by other streaming services and multiplex cinemas. With the persistent decline in drive-in movie theatres, we’ll seldom see them in the coming years.

GPS and Digital Mapping Services

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The widespread availability of GPS and digital mapping services has rendered paper maps obsolete in today’s world. While baby boomers may still be familiar with them, the younger generations rarely rely on maps due to technological advancements.

Freedom to Smoke Anywhere

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With the advent of the 1990s and early 2000s, the governments of the majority of countries made it illegal to smoke in certain places, especially enclosed public places. Places that once accepted smoking have now increased their awareness of the health risks of second-hand smoking, and legal restrictions have been enforced. This is one trend that may not change anytime soon.

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