15 Things The Biden Administration Achieved in 2023

President Biden has proclaimed 2023 a prosperous year for Americans. He recently tweeted, “The unemployment rate in America has remained below 4% for 22 months in a row,” and the President has previously taken credit for growing the economy for the middle class. As such, here are 15 things Biden says his administration accomplished in 2023:

Economic Relief Efforts

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Throughout 2023, President Biden has emphasized his administration’s commitment to the economic well-being of American families. He said on X (previously Twitter), “2023 was a year spent working to get hardworking families more breathing room, growing our economy from the middle out and bottom up, and fighting for every American’s freedoms.”

Healthcare Cost Reduction

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In addressing healthcare costs, President Biden noted the legislative advancements that have been made. “Our Administration worked to lower costs by granting Medicare the ability to negotiate lower drug prices, capping Insulin at $35 for seniors, and helping millions save on insurance,” he stated.

Consumer Protection and Affordability

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President Biden highlighted efforts to make living more affordable for Americans, mentioning, “We also took on hidden junk fees and made internet more affordable for 22 million households.” According to Consumer Reports, about half of households in the US pay between $60 and $90 per month for their internet service.

Climate Action and Job Creation

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Reflecting on environmental initiatives, Biden tweeted about the progress made in 2023, “It was a historic year of climate action. We helped create hundreds of thousands of clean energy jobs, protected countless acres of land and water, took action to advance environmental justice, launched the American Climate Corps, and finalized a rule to cut methane pollution.”

Infrastructure and Job Investment

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President Biden has been proud of the infrastructure advancements, stating, “We announced 33,000 infrastructure projects and invested in roads, bridges, rail, ports, internet, and clean water – creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in communities left out for too long.” According to the White House website, investments in U.S. manufacturing construction grew a lot, more than expected and thus resulted in more jobs.

Healthcare Access

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In terms of healthcare, Biden focused on the right to essential services, saying “We took action to protect access to emergency medical care, abortion, and contraception; strengthened privacy protections for patients and doctors; and defended in court women’s ability to access medication abortion.” Other areas of success included health insurance coverage, saving 15 million Americans $800 in 2023.

Gun Violence Prevention

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On public safety, Biden said, “We took concrete steps to make America a safer place – creating the first-ever White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention and signing bold executive actions to keep guns out of dangerous hands and dangerous weapons off our streets.”

Student Debt Relief

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Addressing education and debt, the President pointed out the administration’s progress, noting the cancellation of $132 billion in debt for over 3.6 million Americans, the introduction of the most affordable repayment plan to date, and expanded access to Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Opioid Crisis Response

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President Biden has highlighted advancements in health legislation, noting the passage of a law that simplifies the prescription process for opioid addiction treatments. Additionally, he mentioned the milestone of making Naloxone, a life-saving medication, available over the counter.

Veterans’ Issues Addressed

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On supporting those who served, Biden’s administration has taken a multifaceted approach: “We took action to address important issues facing veterans, including toxic-exposure and mental health. We expanded health services for women veterans, strengthened veteran home care programs, and supported military-connected families through Jill’s Joining Forces Initiative.”

Inflation Reduction

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According to the White House website, the Inflation Reduction Act is transforming lives across the country “by lowering costs, creating good-paying jobs, revitalizing American manufacturing, and empowering workers.” The website further states that in 2023, the entire Biden-Harris Administration “worked every day to quickly and effectively implement these laws and invest in communities that have too often been left behind.”

Equal Justice Initiatives

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On criminal justice, Biden has committed to reform: “America was founded on the principle of equal justice under law — our criminal justice system can and should reflect this core value that makes our communities safer and stronger.”

Strengthened NATO and Global Partnerships

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Throughout 2023, the administration focused on fortifying international security alliances. Biden has expressed this commitment, stating, “We strengthened NATO, maintaining unity in the face of threats and are working to welcome Sweden to our Alliance alongside Finland.”

Diplomatic Endeavors and Alliances

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Biden underscored the importance of international diplomacy and strengthening bonds with global partners. He noted, “This year, my team and I visited 12 countries over the course of eight trips.” The President has been an advocate for democracy globally, emphasizing its significance in his statement: “From Kyiv to Tel Aviv, we stood up for democracies around the world.”

Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship

Celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, Biden shared, “Since we entered office, Americans have filed a record 15 million applications to start new businesses.” He further noted that this record has led to “the fastest growth in Black business ownership in over 30 years.” However, American Black business owners still face daily challenges with 79% saying they’ve experienced racism from a customer according to Intuit QuickBooks.

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