17 Things to Always Buy at Garage Sales to Save Money

If you’re looking to cut down on your expenses, you’re in the right place. Shopping at garage sales isn’t just a weekend hobby; it’s a smart way to save money (and find some unique treasures along the way). With that said, here are 17 items you should always look out for at garage sales!

Vintage or Costume Jewelry

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Skip the fancy jewelers and head on over to a local garage sale if you want to add to your jewelry collection. Often underpriced and overlooked, vintage jewelry can be a real hidden gem at garage sales! Look out for unique pieces like brooches or large statement necklaces.

Musical Instruments

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Garage sales can also be a goldmine for affordable musical instruments, like guitars and keyboards. Always check for functionality or possible restoration needs before you buy, but so long as you get one that works properly, you’ll be saving lots of money, especially on well-known brands!

Exercise Equipment

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Fitness trends are always changing, so it’s not uncommon to find used equipment still in good condition at garage sales. Items like weights, bikes, and treadmills can be bought at huge discounts. However, as advised by Gumtree, “Your first port of call before you buy something second-hand is always to check the price new, so you don’t accidentally overpay.”

Vintage Toys and Memorabilia

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Have you got a keen eye for rare items? Are you looking to buy someone a present they won’t be able to get elsewhere? At garage sales, look for toys from brands like LEGO and action figures that are no longer in production. You might be able to get a great deal on items that would cost a fortune elsewhere.


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Garage sales can be a real treasure trove for book lovers. From classic literature to children’s books to educational textbooks, books are very common at garage sales and sold for much cheaper than they are brand-new in stores. This is great for stocking your personal library or even reselling online!

Sporting Goods and Outdoor Equipment

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Planning on starting a new sport or hobby, like skiing or tennis? Buying sporting goods or other outdoor equipment used can save you a significant amount of money on otherwise expensive gear. You might just get lucky at a garage sale and spot a gem; just make sure to check the condition and usability before purchasing.


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“A home repair tool kit can save you a lot of time, money, and stress if you’re willing to tackle a few tasks yourself,” as per Wired. If you find your at-home toolkit is lacking, head to a garage sale! High-quality tools last a long time and are frequently sold for less than their true value at these sales.

Cast Iron Cookware

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Durable and often expensive when new, cast iron cookware can last generations if cared for but is considered too pricey by many. So, if you ever spot some at a garage sale, snatch it up quickly! It tends to be sold cheaply if it appears rusty or worn, but it can be easily restored.

Designer Clothes and Accessories

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Another great thing to buy at garage sales if you’re looking to save money is designer clothing and accessories. High-end brands can often be picked up at these sales for just a fraction of the retail price. Just be sure to look for items in good condition, with little wear and no damage.


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Solid wood furniture can often be restored and customized, so if you find any at a garage sale that doesn’t look in the best shape but is selling for a cheap price, then you should consider getting it. You’ll be getting a way better deal than purchasing brand new, especially considering you can haggle!

Gardening Tools

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The Telegraph says, “Eco-friendly and good for your purse, buying second-hand pots and planters is a gardener’s guilty pleasure.” Luckily, basic gardening tools and equipment are often sold at garage sales as people upgrade or move. Items like rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows can be found at low prices.

Kitchen Appliances

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After a new kitchen appliance? Don’t pay full price at the store! Small appliances like blenders and coffee makers are commonly sold at garage sales, as are mixers and other items. You’ll be able to get a great deal on certain products; just check that they’re in working condition and have the complete parts.


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Occasionally, valuable artwork can be found at a garage sale if you know what to look for. However, even less valuable pieces can add character to your home décor and can be a lot cheaper than you’d find online or in-store. 

Baby Gear

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Babies come with lots of expenses and there’s a ton of equipment and items needed to raise them. Items like strollers and highchairs can be especially expensive when bought new. So, pay a visit to some local garage sales for savings! Just ensure whatever you buy meets current safety standards and is in clean, working order.

Collectibles and Memorabilia

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Look out for specific niches like sports memorabilia or vintage advertising products at garage sales. Not only will you be able to buy these cheaper than elsewhere, but you can even resell them for a profit. This way, you’re not just saving money but also making money! Of course, being in good condition is key to preserving their value.


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As shared by CNET, “If you’re looking to save some money and don’t need the latest and greatest, it’s worth considering buying used camera gear.” This is ideal for photography enthusiasts looking to expand their equipment on a budget. Be sure to check for operability and completeness of parts.


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A brand-new typewriter can be very expensive, so if you plan to buy one, you should hunt around at garage sales for a good deal. Check for working keys and intact ribbons before making a purchase. Models from renowned brands like Underwood or Royal can be especially valuable if you plan to resell them.

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