18 Things We Do That Hairdressers Don’t Like

You may consider yourself the perfect customer, but unbeknownst to you, your hairdresser could be getting frustrated with you. From disregarding professional advice to hiding your hair history, discover 18 things you may be doing that hairdressers aren’t too fond of.

Choosing Unrealistic Styles

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It’s important to understand your hair type before selecting a style and avoid requests for styles that aren’t suitable for your hair texture or length. If you don’t do this, your hairdresser may feel under pressure to recreate a style that just isn’t going to look the same on you and won’t meet your unrealistic expectations.

Being Vague About Desires

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There’s nothing a hairdresser loves more than someone who clearly communicates their desired style, cut, or color. Bringing photos or giving detailed descriptions of the desired end result is one surefire way to make your stylist happy. A vague description can confuse your hairdresser and can leave both parties upset.

Poor Personal Hygiene

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It’s always best to have clean hair and a showered body before an appointment, avoiding strong body odors or overpowering perfumes. These basic hygiene measures make for a more pleasant experience for the hairdresser. Plus, as shared by Halo Salons, clean hair “helps ensure that your stylist can properly assess your hair and determine the best course of action.”

Constant Phone Usage

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Certain phone calls or text messages are unavoidable, but try to limit your phone usage as much as possible during your hair appointments. It’s important to stay present and attentive, especially during consultations, so that the stylist can properly understand what you want and there’s no confusion. Using your phone while the hairdresser is cutting can also make it harder for them, as you may be moving around, and loud talking can distract them.

Not Being Punctual

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Naturally, like most professionals, hairdressers don’t like people who are constantly late. You should always do your best to arrive on time for your appointment and notify the salon if you’re running late. Tardiness affects the stylist’s schedule for the rest of the day and can really frustrate them.

Moving Too Much

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As mentioned earlier, moving around too much while your stylist is working can be frustrating for them. Try to keep your head still during the haircut and avoid any sudden movements that can affect the precision of the cut. Being conscious of your body language and posture is the best way to please your hairdresser.

Requesting Last-Minute Changes

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It’s always best to stick to the planned services booked in advance. If you arrive and make unexpected requests that extend the appointment time, your hairdresser may end up leaving other clients waiting. They may also be upset that you aren’t respecting the time constraints of scheduled appointments.

Disregarding Professional Advice

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “All states require barbers, hair stylists, and cosmetologists to be licensed. To qualify for a license, candidates typically must graduate from a state-approved barber or cosmetology program and pass an exam.” So, with their expert knowledge, it’s best to listen to and consider the stylist’s suggestions, trusting their expertise and experience.

Having Unrealistic Color Expectations

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It can be very frustrating for a hairdresser when someone with jet-black hair shows up and wants to go platinum blonde in one session without frying their hair. As a client, it’s important that you acknowledge the limits of hair coloring, especially drastic changes. Understand the process and time required for certain color transformations, and be patient with the stages of coloring.

Failing to Disclose Hair History

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There’s no need to lie about having virgin hair; you’re only making the job of your hairdresser harder. Be honest about previous hair treatments and colors, sharing as much information as possible about recent haircuts, colors, or chemical processes. This helps the stylist understand your hair’s condition for better results.

Avoiding Hair Care Maintenance

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After certain treatments or coloring, it’s necessary to do some maintenance at home to keep up the results. Not following the stylist’s advice for hair care at home can make it more difficult for them at your next appointment. So, do your best to use products recommended for maintenance.

Ignoring Salon Etiquette

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As said by Vogue, a trip to the salon “can be fraught with potential faux pas and toe-curling awkwardness” without the proper etiquette. To avoid this, it’s important to respect the salon’s environment and other clients. Being polite and courteous to staff and fellow clients and adhering to the salon’s policies and guidelines will make your stylist happy.

Neglecting to Provide Feedback

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You may think your hairdresser doesn’t want feedback, but this isn’t the case! It’s best to communicate during the appointment if something isn’t as desired, providing constructive feedback politely. Discuss any issues directly with the stylist instead of coming back days or weeks later to complain.

Expecting Immediate Results

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Unrealistic expectations can lead to awkward conversations and can frustrate your hairdresser, especially when you’re asking for a radical change. Be patient with time-consuming styles or treatments and understand that some hair goals require multiple sessions, valuing the time and effort of complex hair processes.

Lack of Preparation

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On the other hand, arriving with zero idea of what you want is also not going to make you your hairdresser’s most popular client. It’s best to do some research in advance or have reference images ready to discuss your hair’s needs and your lifestyle.

Showing Up Too Early

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While you may be trying to be extra polite, showing up early isn’t always the best idea. Of course, it’s better than being late, but standing around too long before your appointment can put pressure on your stylist to rush through their current client. As shared by Southern Living, to avoid wasting your time, “You can always call beforehand to see if the stylist will be available before your appointment.”

Bringing Too Many Companions

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If you show up with several people to the hair salon, you’re likely going to frustrate those working there. Extra companions take up space, make noise, and can distract you and the hairdresser. So, limit the number of people you bring to the salon and ensure anyone you do bring respects the salon’s atmosphere.

Saying “Let’s Take a Bit Off and See How It Goes”

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It may not seem like a big deal to you, but telling your hairdresser to cut two inches off of your hair to see how it looks before taking off further length is essentially asking them to give you two separate haircuts. This is time-consuming and requires extra effort, which can frustrate your stylist. It’s best to have a solid idea of the length you want before you attend your appointment.

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