19 Things We Need to Teach Our Daughters Before They Grow Up

When we look back on our childhood, we may start to think about things we wish we’d known as girls. It’s caused us to learn many lessons the hard way. Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be the same for our daughters. Here are 19 things we need to teach them before they grow up. 

The Difference Between Social Media and Reality

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With social media now having a huge impact on our everyday lives, it’s important our daughters understand the difference. For example, Choma writes, “It’s important to know that when you’re looking at people’s lives online, you’re looking at an edited version. You don’t see what they’re actually going through.” 

Respect Personal Boundaries

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From a young age, you should teach your daughter that people should respect her when she says “no.” Your daughter should be encouraged to exercise her autonomy and understand when it’s appropriate to say “no.” If your daughter has control over her personal boundaries, she’s more likely to have healthy relationships. 

Embrace Your Authentic Self 

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It’s so important that your daughter always stays true to herself, even if societal pressures start getting in the way of that. You should explain to her the importance of finding genuine friends who appreciate her quirks. You can try telling her that after high school, people appreciate your true self far more. 

Lead with Confidence 

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Teaching your daughter that she can be a leader is important, as it ensures she has the confidence to follow through with it. Leadership can be daunting, but you can try getting her to sign up for sports and clubs in school that’ll help with her confidence. 

Face Challenges with Determination

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Indeed writes, “Determination is a skill necessary for accomplishing various goals and objectives in your personal and professional life. It allows you to persevere and continue working toward achieving important milestones.” This skill will help her to believe in herself and celebrate any achievements. 

Achieve Financial Independence

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If you’re able to teach your daughter basic financial skills, then this will help her become more financially independent in the future. It gives her the necessary skills to save, budget, and make financial plans. It can also benefit her in future relationships and in her career. 

Learn to Accept Compliments

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Your daughter should be able to receive compliments without making her feel awkward or needing to deflect from them. Accepting compliments can be a positive experience for her, as it helps your daughter recognize her own worth and that others see her in a positive light. 

Choose Friends Wisely

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It’s so important for your daughter to surround herself with positive people who will help her grow and be supportive. You may also want to teach her how to identify a toxic friendship and what to do if she feels the need to end it. She should know that true friends will always lift each other up. 

Respect Yourself

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Teaching your daughter to respect herself can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for her. You can do this by teaching her to love her body, her opinions, and her unique traits. There are so many people in the world who might try to tear her down, so it’s important she’s able to ignore this. 

Be Silly and Have Fun

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Creative Healing Philly tells us, “Having fun and truly experiencing pleasure and joy in life is just as important as being productive.” Embracing silliness will allow your daughter to experience joy and appreciate the small moments in life. Teach her the importance of humor and lightheartedness. 

Love Yourself

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Your daughter should know the importance of loving herself. Even if she struggles with relationships and finding love, it’s more important than anything else that she loves herself. If your daughter can focus on her strengths and achievements, then it will help her to love herself. 

Be Brave

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Your daughter should know the difference between being brave and being fearless. Being brave doesn’t mean that you should be fearless. Instead, it means having courage and facing fears. Try to encourage her to take risks and step out of her comfort zone, as this is when she’ll grow the most. 

Avoid Overthinking 

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Overthinking can be a killer on the mind, and your daughter should know that things she can’t control shouldn’t affect her. It means trying not to analyze every single situation and letting go of unimportant stresses and worries. Try asking her if it’s something she’d be worried about in five years. If not, then she shouldn’t worry. 

Stand Up for Others

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Always encourage her to stand up against bullying or discrimination while also remaining safe in doing so. Your daughter should know the importance of supporting others and offering help when she thinks someone needs it. Being kind and compassionate is a strength, not a weakness. 

Accept Different Opinions

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Even if your daughter doesn’t agree with another person’s opinions, sometimes it’s best to just accept them. For example, Grad X writes, “In such cases, it becomes important to be calm and try to understand what the other party wants to convey.” Understanding other people’s views can even help create better relationships.  

Develop Practical Skills

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There are some skills in life that are essential to have, such as cooking, cleaning, and budgeting. If you teach your daughter these from an early age, then you’re fully preparing her for adult life. Emphasize the importance of self-sufficiency for her and being able to manage daily tasks. 

Manage Time Effectively 

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Time management plays an important part in adult life, so teaching your daughter this from an early age will be beneficial. You can start by ensuring she knows the importance of arriving to school on time and giving her tips on how to manage all of her commitments. 

Learn Basic Self-Defense

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Edu4Sure tells us, “Statistics show that one in three women will be the victim of some type of violent attack in her lifetime.” This alarming statistic shows just how important it is that a woman is able to defend herself. Sending your daughter to self-defense classes at a young age will help her master the skill effectively. 

Be Environmentally Friendly

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If you teach your daughter to be environmentally friendly from a young age, then it means she’ll always respect the planet. You can encourage her to reduce, reuse, and recycle, which will help to create a more sustainable planet. Discuss ways she can be environmentally friendly in everyday life and set a good example.

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