19 Things You Can Always Find at Gas Stations

When you’re on the road, driving for hours, it’s a relief when you come across a gas station. Gas stations offer a variety of treats and surprising things you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll find a list of 19 things you can always be sure to find at a gas station.

Air Fresheners

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Gas stations are home to a wide selection of air fresheners. The convenience stores at gas stations normally have a variety of different types of air fresheners for sale, such as hanging air fresheners, automated sprays, vent clips, fragrance diffusers, solid air freshener blocks, and many more.

In-Car Phone Chargers

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At a typical gas station, you’ll find a great number of in-car phone chargers. You’ll find charging cables for the most popular cell phone brands that you can connect to the cigarette lighter socket in your car. Large gas station stores have chargers in assorted colors and lengths.


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According to The Vision Council, “223.5 million Americans (85.5%) wear nonprescription sunglasses.” Gas stations are great places to pick up nonprescription sunglasses that are inexpensive and stylish. These sunglasses will save you from squinting all the way to your destination when you forget yours at home. 

Cell Phone Holders

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Another thing you’ll find a lot of at a gas station is a cell phone holder. A good gas station will have a number of different styles of cell phone holders so that you can choose one that will best suit your needs and your car’s design.

Bottle Holders

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Only the best gas stations have a selection of bottle holders that are ready for you to attach to the inside of your car. They allow you to carry bottles and cups in the car, so they’re at arm’s length. They help you drive without spilling your beverage.

Windshield De-icer

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There’s nothing worse than having to stand outside scraping the ice off of your car’s windshield on a cold day. That’s why good gas stations sell windshield de-icers during the cold months of the year. Just spray it onto your windshield and wait for the ice to melt. 

Floor Liners

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Another good find at gas stations are universal floor liners. These liners help to keep the inside of your car clean. Large gas stations have more of a selection of floor liners. You’ll even find colored ones so you can personalize your car’s interior and really decorate it. 

Car Polishers

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Car polishers are also awesome buys at gas stations. If you want a polisher that will really buff up your car, make sure you get it from a gas station. Gas stations have a large selection of polishing cloths and wax sprays to make your car shine. 

Car Sunshades

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In 2022, The Vacationer said that “nearly 80% of American adults say they will take some sort of road trip this summer.” That’s a lot of travelers. Taking a road trip in the summer means you’ll need car sunshades. You’ll find these at a gas station. 

Steering Wheel Covers

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Do you need a steering wheel cover to protect your hands on a very hot or very cold day? Then you’ll find a great selection of covers at a good gas station. Gas stations normally have covers in a number of different colors to personalize your car. 

Driving Gloves

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Driving while the steering wheel is very hot or very cold is uncomfortable. That’s why some people like to use driving gloves. But where are you guaranteed to find these gloves? At large gas station convenience stores. There, you’ll find gloves in a range of sizes and colors.

Jumper Cables

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Has your car just broken down? The figures from Carbase UK show that 25 cars break down every day in the UK alone. If you get stuck, you might need jumper cables to get your car up and running again. You’ll find good jumper cables at gas stations.

Towing Cables

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If you can’t get your car started again with jumper cables, you might need towing cables. With the help of these cables and another vehicle, you’ll be able to pull your car to a safe place or garage. You’ll find good towing cables at your local gas station. 


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Gas stations normally have a selection of on-the-go toiletries that you might have forgotten to take with you. One of these is a toothbrush. You should be able to find regular-size and travel-size toothbrushes at your local gas station. Large convenience stores may also have toothbrush covers for sale. 


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The National Coffee Association says that “7 in 10 Americans drink coffee every week.” We need coffee when going for long drives, such as road trips. This is why most gas stations sell freshly brewed coffee or have coffee machines. They also sell iced coffee in the refrigerator section.


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Another item we often forget to pack when traveling is toothpaste. This is why convenience stores like gas stations usually have a modest selection of toothpaste for your toiletry bag. These are usually available in regular-size tubes and in travel-size tubes for those who are getting ready to travel abroad. 

Local Souvenirs

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Gas stations are usually home to local souvenirs and keep-sakes that are typical to the area you are driving through. You’ll find fridge magnets, key chains, and ornaments that you can take home. The type of souvenirs on display will change as you drive from state to state.


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If you’re in need of an emergency item such as a flashlight, gas stations are good places to look. Most gas stations sell flashlights in a variety of sizes with varying brightness levels. They also sell batteries, so you can power them up right away. 


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Another thing you’ll find plenty of at a gas station is shampoo. Both regular-size bottles and travel-size bottles are normally found at gas stations. The shampoo selection might not be everything you can get at a supermarket, but it will save you when stuck in an awkward situation. 

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