17 Things You Do That Make Introverts Feel Uncomfortable

The life of an introvert is rather complex and there are many situations that they go through that make them feel very uncomfortable. What things do you do that make introverts feel awkward? You’ll find 17 examples in this article. 

Ask Them How They Feel

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Introverts aren’t great with questions in general, but when you ask them emotional questions, you make life very difficult for them. They don’t like questions that don’t have a logical yes or no answer, and talking about their feelings is too personal for them to handle.

Force Them Into Large Groups

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WebMD says that introverts “enjoy spending time with just one or two people, rather than large groups or crowds.” So forcing an introvert into the middle of a large group will make them feel very out of place. Invite your friend to small gatherings. 

Sit Too Close

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Introverts don’t tend to be tactile people and they like their own space. An introvert might not like it even when a close friend sits too close to them. To prevent them from feeling awkward, make sure you give an introvert their space when you sit down. 

Direct Attention to Them

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Introverts like to support conversations rather than be the center of them. So when you ask them a lot of questions and direct their attention to them in group conversations, they begin to worry. They stress about answering the questions well and don’t enjoy the conversation. 

Ignore Them

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Introverts tend to be insecure people and they feel like their personalities make them insignificant in society. So ignoring an introvert or avoiding them because you don’t know what to say to them will make them feel unwanted. Try to include them in conversations in small groups.

Ask For a Joke

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Introverts hate to be the center of attention, so asking them to do something that will draw attention to themselves, such as telling a joke, is an introvert’s worst nightmare. Try not to put introverts on the spot in front of a lot of people at gatherings.

Forget They Need Rest

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“Introverts have to expend energy in social situations, unlike extroverts, who gain energy from such interactions,” says Verywell Mind. When you invite an introvert out, make sure you give them time to rest and recharge their batteries before you invite them to the next social gathering.

Force Them to Dance

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An introvert might feel uncomfortable dancing in front of other people but they may dance as long as there are enough people on the dancefloor. Never force an introvert to dance or insist that they stay on the dancefloor. If they feel comfortable enough, they’ll join you. 

Ask Too Many Questions

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Introverts don’t like it when a lot of people are looking at them and listening to what they say. So, try not to make them the center of attention by asking them too many personal questions. They’ll pitch into the conversation when they feel comfortable enough. 

Criticize Alone Time

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According to Merriam-Webster, an introvert is “a typically reserved or quiet person who tends to be introspective and enjoys spending time alone.” So when you criticize an introvert for spending time alone, they’ll feel uncomfortable. Introverts like to spend time alone. They don’t need company to be happy.

Talk Over Them

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When you talk over an introvert, you make them feel bad. Why? Because it’s taken a whole load of effort for the introvert to speak up in the first place, when they’re spoken over, it makes them feel like people aren’t interested in what they say.

Finish Their Sentences

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You should never finish an introvert’s sentences. Introverts find it hard enough to find the courage to speak in front of a group of people, so when you finish their sentences, it makes them feel like they’re so boring that they’re being rushed to finish talking. 

Don’t Invite Them

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An introvert might really like spending time with other people, even though this makes them feel a little awkward. Just because an introvert doesn’t invite you to do things doesn’t mean they don’t want to go out. You should always make an effort to invite an introvert. 

Start Conflict

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Healthline says, “Some evidence suggests introverted people tend to have a greater sensitivity to negative evaluation and criticism.” Introverts tend to avoid conflict and do their best to separate themselves from potentially volatile situations. An introverted person might feel uncomfortable around a person who is known for starting drama.

Sit Too Far Away

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Introverts don’t like it when you sit too close to them, but you shouldn’t go to the other extreme and sit too far away from them. If you do, the person might feel like you don’t really want to be with them, and this will make them sad. 

Demand Public Speaking

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Some people love public speaking, such as giving toasts at a wedding or making a speech at a party. But introverts normally hate this kind of thing. Don’t put an introvert on the spot by demanding that they talk in front of a crowd of people.

Change Their Outfit or Style

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Introverts tend to like on-trend clothing that everyone’s wearing. So when you tell an introvert to wear something flamboyant or outlandish, they won’t want to do it. Introverts wear clothes that make them blend in. Don’t criticize their style and try to get them to wear something extroverted.

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