18 Things You Should Always Pay With a Credit Card

In today’s digital age, credit cards are not just a convenience but a smart financial tool. With unique perks ranging from insurance to reward points, they offer more than just a payment method. Here are 18 scenarios where paying with a credit card is not only wise but also beneficial.

Online Purchases

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According to Experian, it’s generally safer to use your credit card when shopping online. They say, “If things go wrong—e.g. you become a victim of fraud, or there’s a dispute over your purchase—you’ll have extra protection if you used a credit card.”

Travel Expenses

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Using your credit card when it comes to booking flights, vacations, and other travel expenses can get you access to exclusive travel perks and upgrades, as well as insurance benefits such as trip cancellation and lost luggage insurance.

Large Appliances

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Buying large appliances with a credit card is a great option for interest-free financing when you’re spending a large amount of money. On top of this, Investopedia says that by making these purchases on your credit card, “you can rake in the points, but many credit cards also provide some kind of insurance on these items when purchased using a card.”


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A lot of credit card providers will give you additional warranty coverage on electronic purchases, and you might benefit from a price protection policy in case the price drops at a later date. It’s also a great idea to use a credit card when buying high-value items to ensure you make the most of the rewards and cashback on offer.

Dining Out

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Paying for restaurant and takeout food with a credit card gives you peace of mind if you need to dispute any unsatisfactory service you receive or an error with your order. It may also give you access to dining-specific reward points and allow you to track your spending effectively to stay on top of your budget.


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Some credit card providers offer customers access to increased rewards for fuel purchases, so if you travel a lot, it could be worth checking this out. Paying with a credit card also gives you better security, reducing your risk of skimming at the pumps.

Concert and Event Tickets

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Paying for event tickets with a credit card provides added protection against counterfeit tickets, and CNBC says, “If you discover that you have been the victim of a scam, the credit card company can help recoup your money.” On top of this, using rewards credit cards for these purchases can get you points or cashback, as well as priority access or presale.

Home Repairs and Renovations

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By paying for home repairs and renovations with a credit card, you’ll ensure you have evidence of the payments for any future warranty needs or claims on your insurance. It also puts you in a better position should you need to dispute the level of service you received. Finally, using a credit card on larger projects allows you to finance the cost and spread payments.

Medical Expenses

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Medical expenses are unavoidable, but you can make the most of them by earning rewards and cashback. You can also look out for cards that offer you 0% APR to spread out the cost of any procedures or treatment without paying any interest.

Gym Memberships

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Paying for a gym membership on a credit card gives you the freedom to easily cancel or dispute the services you receive if you need to. It also demonstrates your ability to pay monthly fees for your financial record, and you may be able to earn rewards on your health and wellness spending with some providers.

Pet Expenses

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Easily track and manage your pet-related spending by placing all your purchases on the same credit card. You may earn points or other rewards from your credit card provider, and you’ll also get better protection for services such as grooming or veterinary treatment.

Seasonal and Holiday Shopping

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According to USA Today, paying for your holiday gifts with a credit card can give you added protection. “Many credit cards come with extended warranties and purchase protection on items bought with the card. Some even have price protection in case the price on the item drops within a certain time period.”

High-End Fashion and Jewelry

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When buying high-value items, such as expensive pieces of jewelry or clothing, paying with a credit card is a great way to protect your purchases against loss or theft. You may also find that your credit card provider offers you an extended warranty or exclusive access to discounts and shopping events.

Software and Digital Services

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When shopping online, using a credit card is the most secure way to pay, and you may find you earn rewards and cashback on software subscriptions and digital purchases. It also gives you peace of mind in the event you need to dispute unsatisfactory goods or services.

Art and Collectibles

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If you are purchasing a highly valuable piece of art or other collectible, paying with a credit card gives you added insurance and security. You’ll also have evidence of the purchase in the event you need to prove its authenticity or provenance.

Wedding Expenses

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When you’re planning a wedding, the costs can build up. Make the most of the expenditures by paying with a credit card to earn rewards, points, and cashback. It will also mean you are able to budget and plan more effectively, and you’ll be able to dispute any unsatisfactory goods or services you pay for.

Baby and Children’s Gear

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If you are a new family, there can be a lot of high-ticket items to buy. By paying with a credit card, you’ll make the most of your spending with rewards and cashback, as well as purchase protection for the most expensive items. You can also use a credit card to help spread the cost.

Emergency Preparedness Supplies

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Getting your family and home prepared for the event of an emergency can be a daunting and expensive task. Paying for supplies, gear, and kits with a credit card can allow you to finance the cost as well as get added protection for expensive items.

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