18 Things You Should Never Leave Unattended in a Car

It can be tempting to leave things in cars, particularly when we have a short errand or don’t want the hassle of removing everything. But this seemingly harmless act can have serious consequences, particularly in areas with extreme weather conditions and high crime rates. Here we list 18 things you should never leave unattended in your car.


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Leaving children alone in a car is not only illegal, it’s extremely dangerous. The National Safety Council reports, “The number of child hot car deaths for 2023 was 29.” Even if the outside temperature feels mild, cars are like greenhouses, and the temperature inside can rise quickly—leading to heatstroke, dehydration, and even death.


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Like young children, pets cannot exit the car should temperatures become dangerously high, so you shouldn’t leave them unattended. Cracking the window, parking in partial shade, or leaving the air conditioning running isn’t enough—always take your pet with you. According to PETA, 162 pets died in hot cars in 2023 alone.

Personal Valuables

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Leaving purses, wallets, or bags visible in your car is an open invitation for any opportunistic thief that may be passing by. Even if you lock your vehicle, smash-and-grab robberies happen in seconds, regardless of an alarm, while more sophisticated thieves gain entry without triggering the security system. Keep your valuables out of sight, or take them with you.


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Never keep smartphones, cameras, tablets, or laptops in your car—even if they are hidden. Fox News Business claims thieves use concealed Bluetooth devices to ‘scan’ vehicles for electronic devices, which only need to be switched on and have Bluetooth enabled to be visible. So, always remove valuable electronics from your car.

Medications and Medical Supplies

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Leaving medications, especially life-saving ones, exposed to extreme heat or cold inside a car can make them less effective or even harmful. Insulin, for example, loses its potency at high temperatures, while other medications can break down or become unstable. Always store essential medicines at the recommended temperature and avoid leaving them in your car.

Anything Flammable

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It’s never advisable to leave lighters, aerosol cans, or compressed gas containers in a car, even on a mild day. Should the temperature rise, these items could explode, damaging your car or starting a fire. Fire Safety Matters reports that disposable lighters left on car dashboards in hot weather frequently cause car fires.

Hazardous Materials

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Unless you have a professionally fitted transport vehicle, don’t leave chemicals, pesticides, or strong cleaning products inside your car. These dangerous liquids can leak, releasing harmful fumes, or become increasingly unstable and toxic at high temperatures. Always store chemicals adequately and never leave them in an automobile for extended periods.

Perishable Food

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On a hot day, perishable grocery items like dairy, fruit, and meats will spoil quickly behind glass due to the high temperatures. Bacterial growth will make food unsafe to consume and create unpleasant smells and unwanted pests, like flies. Use a cooler if you need to transport perishable items, and always minimize the amount of time food is left unrefrigerated.

Important Documents

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Reader’s Digest warns that leaving essential documents like passports, ID cards, social security information, or bank statements in your car is a recipe for disaster. Besides being time-consuming and costly to replace, such documents can be used for identity theft or fraud. Keep such documents secure at home or on your person.

Gifts and Packages

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Although a thief can’t always tell what’s inside, gifts or packages left in plain sight can entice car thieves. Even if the package is not valuable, a thief may smash a window or force a door open to investigate. Ultimately, the cost of the damages may be far greater than the value of the package, whether it’s taken or not.

Spare Keys

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Anything unique and difficult to replace should never be left in a car—that goes for passports and spare keys. Losing spare house keys (especially if your address is in the car) can be unnerving. Plus, if a thief discovers a spare car key, stealing your vehicle will be exceedingly straightforward.

Weapons and Ammunition

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Leaving firearms or ammunition unattended in your car is illegal in most U.S. states and also incredibly dangerous. If your vehicle is stolen, these weapons can fall into the wrong hands, threatening public safety, and you could potentially be implicated in violent crimes. Always store weapons securely and responsibly, as per police regulations.

Tools and Equipment

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Unless the tools are necessary for changing a spare tire or jump-starting your vehicle, you shouldn’t keep them in your car. Valuable tools and equipment are easily stolen and sold for profit, so they frequently attract thieves. Secure your tools in a locked toolbox or take them with you when not in use.


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Bulging backpacks and suitcases are alluring to thieves because they have the potential to contain many valuables, like wallets, personal electronics, and travel documents. As with gifts, the luggage doesn’t need to contain anything valuable to prompt costly damages from forced entry, not to mention the inconvenience and potential for ruined vacations.

Prescription Sunglasses and Glasses

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Leaving prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses in your car can damage them due to exposure to extreme heat or cold. The lenses can warp, the frames can become brittle, and the delicate coatings can deteriorate. Invest in a sturdy case for your eyewear, and always take them with you when not in use.

Sentimental Items

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Don’t risk leaving irreplaceable heirlooms, family photographs, wedding dresses, or inherited jewelry in an unattended vehicle. Even if they aren’t the primary target for criminals, such items can be stolen along with your car or taken by ‘smash and grab’ thieves who will later discard them. No amount of insurance can replace such items, causing potential heartache.


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Make-up and sunscreen can be destroyed by UV light and extremely high or low temperatures, so never leave cosmetic items in your car, no matter how tempting they may be. The quality of expensive make-up, like lipsticks, can be permanently destroyed, while the effectiveness of foundations and creams with high SPF factors can be reduced.

Electric Batteries

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Bluefire Insurance warns that electric batteries, or electronics that contain one, shouldn’t be left in cars. Extreme cold can weaken a battery, while high temperatures can cause them to rupture or even explode, destroying the device they are intended to power. Always keep batteries in a cool, dry place inside your home or office.

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