18 Things Gen Z Say We Need to Stop Buying

Gen Z believes there are many things you should stop buying because they have a negative impact on society or the environment. The younger generation believes in being sustainable and not wasting your money on fads. Here are 18 things Gen Z says you should stop buying.

Fast Fashion

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Gen Z would prefer society to shop sustainably. For example, Loved by Curls says, “They’re all about sustainability and ethical sourcing, showing us that fashion can be both stylish and conscious.” Gen Z will always opt for a brand that’s transparent about its environmental footprint.

Single-Use Plastics

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Gen Z is pushing for all people to stop using single-use plastic due to its negative effects on the environment. Instead, they say you should opt for reusable water bottles or bags to carry groceries. Gen Z knows how important it is to contribute to helping the environment.

Gender-Specific Fashion

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This generation will challenge traditional gender norms in fashion, as it’s a way to make everyone feel included. They both support and practice gender-neutral dressing, as this approach to styling also focuses more on personal style and is less about adhering to social norms.

Non-Recyclable Products

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Forbes writes, “Gen Z consumers state that sustainability is more important to them than brand name when making purchase decisions.” Gen Z has a strong focus on sustainability and only buys products that can be recycled. They view recycling as a moral obligation, not just because it helps the environment.

Products Without SPF Protection

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Gen Z understands how important it is to have healthy skin, which means choosing products with SPF in them. They’ll always prioritize long-term health over immediate aesthetics. They have become a generation that’s well-informed when it comes to skincare, and they choose to act on this through the products they use.

Old Technology and Services

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Gen Z prefers to always use the latest technologies, whether that’s a new digital device or platform. They can quickly adapt to anything that’s new, such as social media platforms, apps, or new gadgets. Not only this, but they’ll go out of their way to ensure older generations can also stay up to date.

Over-Hyped Wellness Products

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Gen Z is skeptical of wellness fads, especially those that don’t have any backing from science. They prefer holistic health approaches and will always opt for ones that have proven benefits. This particular generation is drawn to transparency in the health and wellness industry and will stay far away from any fads that don’t make sense.

Traditional TV Subscriptions

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Gen Z prefers streaming services to traditional TV subscriptions, such as cable. For example, The Current writes, “Gen Z viewers say they spend an average of 1 hour and 51 minutes streaming versus 38 minutes watching live television daily.” They prefer on-demand content as it’s much more flexible.

Manual Record-Keeping Tools

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As the digital generation, Gen Z will never buy manual record-keeping tools such as diaries, instead preferring digital options. They’ll always opt for apps that can store information digitally and are easily accessible. This generation is moving quickly away from anything that isn’t digital.

Non-Eco-Friendly Packaging

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Packaging Gateway writes, “Data showed that when considering the green traits of a plastic mailing bag used for eCommerce orders, 68% of Gen Zs valued the importance of being about to recycle the packaging.” Gen Z is so passionate about this that they’re even willing to change their shopping preferences based on packaging.

Products Harmful to Mental Health

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Gen Z are huge advocates for mental health, and this means they won’t buy any products that may be detrimental to it, whether that’s anything such as a movie or book. They will always seek out brands that have a positive view on mental health and always try to promote it.

Excessively Packaged Grocery Items

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Gen Z will always avoid bulk buying, as they view it as wasteful. They have zero-waste shopping practices and will always try to opt for eco-friendly brands, especially ones that don’t excessively pack their products. This is mainly in grocery stores, where it’s quite common to see unnecessary packaging.

Unethical Beauty Products

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Gen Z likes their beauty products to be ethical. For example, MedEsthetics writes, “Mintel’s consumer report found that more than 33% of Gen-Z adults and 13% of Gen-Z teens do not use brands that act unethically.” They will always prioritize cruelty-free products and purchase from brands that are transparent about this.

Disposable Electronic Devices

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This generation will always prefer durable and repairable electronics to disposable gadgets, such as poor-quality headphones. They’re concerned about the amount of waste that the world is producing, especially plastic waste. Instead, they prefer to purchase items they know will last, even if they cost more.

Overly Processed Foods

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Gen Z prefers natural and whole foods compared to anything that’s overly processed. This is because they know natural foods are paramount for good health. If they can, they will always lean toward organic foods, as these will also be a more sustainable option.

Microwave Meals

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Microwave meals are not only unhealthy, but they also negatively impact the environment due to plastic waste. Gen Z will always try to cook their meals from scratch, as they’re much more nutritional and a more sustainable option. Fresh ingredients will also add a more authentic taste to anything they cook.

Low-Quality Tech Accessories

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As Gen Z is the digital generation, it means they want the highest quality digital devices. As technology is all they have ever known, they want products they can rely on. For example, CXM writes, “For Gen Z, the digital landscape is not a novelty; it is an integral part of their daily lives.”

Impulse Buy Novelty Items

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Gen Z will try to avoid buying impulse novelty items, as it leads to unnecessary waste and consumption. Instead, they prefer to buy items that have had some thought put into them, especially if it’s a gift. Gen Z values practicality and feels they have a responsibility to look after the environment.

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