17 Things You Shouldn’t Keep on Top of Your Fridge

The top of your fridge might seem like a convenient extra ‘out of the way’ space to store things, but the warm temperatures, high level, and poor visibility can make it an unsafe place for storing certain items. Here are 17 things you should never keep on your fridge top, no matter how tempting it may be.


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Food & Wine states, “Keeping bread on the fridge will cause paper-bagged bread to dry out and plastic-bagged bread to mold faster. This comes from all the heat your fridge is putting out.”

These warm temperatures can make bread stale or moldy, so store it in a dry breadbox or pantry (out of direct sunlight) instead.

Fruits and Vegetables

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The warmth your refrigerator produces makes it an unsuitable spot for storing fresh produce anywhere other than inside it! Simply Recipes says fruits and vegetables will spoil faster in warmer temperatures, quickly losing their crispness and flavor. Store fruits and salad vegetables in the crisper drawer, and place root vegetables in a cool, dark cupboard.

Coffee and Tea

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Both ground coffee and loose-leaf tea should be stored in airtight containers in a cool, dark place that doesn’t experience extreme temperature fluctuations, like a pantry. This is because they easily absorb strong odors and lose their flavor when exposed to heat and light, altering their delicate flavor profiles.


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According to Homes & Gardens, a similar effect occurs with spices, which lose their aroma and potency when stored in exposure to air, light, and heat. While this does happen naturally over time, no matter where you keep them, placing them on top of your fridge will significantly accelerate the process and leave them dull and flavorless in no time.


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Heat and light can also degrade certain medications, making them dangerously ineffective or harmful. Because a refrigerator top is both warm and bright, it’s a very poor place to store them. Always keep medicines according to the manufacturer’s instructions—typically in a cool, dry place away from warmth and sunlight.

Cosmetics and Skincare Products

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Similar to medications, make-up and skincare products (like sunscreen) can be destroyed or lose their quality when kept in a warm, bright space like a fridge top. Store cosmetics and lotions in a cool, dark cupboard or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation to avoid losing their texture, consistency, and effectiveness.


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Martha Stewart warns, “Electronic appliances and devices, such as toasters, microwaves, or radios, shouldn’t be kept on top of the fridge because the vibrations from the fridge’s compressor can damage their delicate components over time.” The heat radiating from the fridge can also negatively impact their longevity and function over time.

Flammable Liquids

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In warm conditions, flammable liquids evaporate faster, making them more volatile and posing a significant fire hazard. Never store anything flammable near a heat source—even a low-key one like a refrigerator! Instead, place them in designated safety containers, away from warmth and out of reach of children and pets.

Cleaning Products

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The biggest problem with storing any chemicals on top of the fridge is their hazardous proximity to food—even a small leak could contaminate your fridge and pose a serious poisoning risk. In addition, heat can cause certain cleaning products to break down or become less effective. Instead, store them in their original containers in a locked cupboard at ground level.


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While you may think some plants would appreciate the warmth on top of a refrigerator, the fluctuating temperatures and lack of direct sunlight are an unnatural environment for most houseplants. They can become stressed, stunted, or even die in these conditions—choose a more appropriate, natural position depending on the species’ requirements.

Artwork and Photographs

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Over time, the heat and light a fridge generates can damage delicate artwork and photographs, causing them to fade, warp, crack, or become discolored. Your precious paintings and family portraits will fare far better in cooler, well-ventilated areas out of indirect light.


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The fridge top may seem like a convenient place to leave leftover food to cool down before placing it inside, but it’s not safe to do so. The warm temperatures there provide the ideal environment for bacteria to grow, including those that can make food unsafe. Cool leftovers in a cool place and place them in the fridge no longer than two hours after cooking.


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Keeping valuables like jewelry or cash on top of the fridge is not a great idea, either. They are easily accessible to thieves, should your home ever be burgled, and can be easily damaged by the heat or risk of falling. Invest in a secure lockbox or safe instead—it will pay off in the long run!


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Anything stored high up on a shiny surface (like a fridge top) is at risk of falling, especially since fridges vibrate and are constantly jarred by the door opening. Storing knives up there poses a significant safety hazard, as they could fall and injure anyone close to the fridge, including children and pets. Always keep your knives safely stored in knife blocks or high drawers.

Important Documents

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As with photographs, the inconsistent conditions on top of your refrigerator can damage important documents, causing them to become brittle, fade, or even develop mold spots. Store such vital paperwork in secure folders or filing cabinets in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Hot Dishes

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Placing hot dishes straight from the oven directly on top of the fridge might seem like a smart way to keep them away from children, but the hot metal, glass, or ceramic can damage your appliance’s surface and even warp or crack it. The sudden temperature change can also stress the fridge’s internal components, reducing its lifespan and functionality.


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Wine cellars are cool, dark, and underground for a reason—wine lasts longest and tastes best when stored in such a place. The warm, bright space on top of your fridge isn’t appropriate and may alter the wine’s flavor and shelf life. Plus, any leaks could drip into your fridge’s internal structure, causing damage and a sticky mess!

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