17 Things You Think Are Serious Now But Won’t Matter in 10 Years

Many things that we worry about or seem to be life-or-death issues now will no longer matter ten years from now. You’ll find 17 examples of these things in this article.

Social Media Followers

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Statistics from Sprout Social show that “the average person uses 6.7 different social networks per month.” We all have a different number of followers on each platform. Losing a few followers here and there may make you feel concerned. But this will not matter 10 years from now.

Not Getting into College

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Did you get rejected from a college that you wanted to study at? Some colleges, such as Harvard, are notoriously hard to get into. “The Harvard [2027] early action acceptance rate was 7.56. There were 9,553 early applicants and 722 were admitted,” says College Transitions. But when you begin working, the college you studied at ceases to be important.

Embarrassing Moments

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According to Psychology Today, “embarrassment (not unlike shame) frequently occurs when you worry too much about what others think of you.” Yes, more often than not, we feel embarrassed because we overthink things. Later down the line, though, we will forget why we worried so much about so-called embarrassing things.

Minor Mistakes

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We all make mistakes; it’s just a part of life. But the mistake that you just made might feel like the end of the world. If you have good people in your life who are ready to forgive, you might have already forgotten everything that happened by next weekend.

Work Competition

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Some workplace competition is healthy. Business.com says that “when appropriate groups compete against each other, people will be motivated because they have a more realistic chance of winning.” But some workplace competition is ruthless and unhealthy. But when the work dynamic changes, you will forget all about that.

Pop Culture Scandals

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Social media and the rapid spread of celebrity information can make pop culture scandals seem more important than they actually are. Although some topics are rather controversial, the likelihood is that we will not remember the arguments and the hubbub they caused years from now.

Technology Glitches

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Figures from Social Shepherd show that “2.085 billion users, on average, visit Facebook every day.” Social media platforms that have a lot of active users are constantly being scrutinized. When a page goes down or a platform glitches, it can seem like the whole internet goes crazy. But minor glitches will not matter ten years from now.

Not Getting the Job

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You thought you had nailed the interview and were excited to start working for the company. But unfortunately, you didn’t get the job. Although you might struggle to find a similar job right now, you will find one that makes you happy sooner or later.

Sibling Squabbles

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Minor sibling squabbles take place every day in families with young children. When you are young, these fights seem like the be-all and end-all and you don’t know how you could ever forgive or trust your sibling again. But when you get older, you will be able to laugh when remembering these times.

Not Being Invited

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Did a friend hold a party and forget to invite you? This might seem like the ultimate friendship breaker for you right now. But in a few weeks or months, you might forget about what they did and restore your friendship. Years from now, you won’t even recall what happened.

Minor Financial Setbacks

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So perhaps you didn’t manage your money as well as you should have last month. You had too many outgoing payments. This might set you back for a little while, but don’t let this get you down. In the future, you likely won’t remember the months when you struggled to make ends meet.

Fashion Trends

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Buying an item of clothing that is on trend might seem like the most essential thing on your to-do list right now. But years from now, when you look back on the trends that have passed, you will forget how important this item of clothing was to you and all the hype that went with it.

Failing an Exam

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Failing an exam is not a nice feeling. It can make you worry about your future and whether you have just jeopardized your chances of being successful. The truth is, however, that exams can be repeated and credits can be gained from other subjects. So the exam you failed today will not be important in the future.

Social Media Disputes

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Because of how easy it is to get hold of thousands of people at once via social media, a topic can quickly become viral and turn into an online dispute. Although these disputes may seem like hot topics right now, we are unlikely to remember them years from now.

Latest Smartphones

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Owning the latest smartphone seems like the most important thing in many people’s lives. They camp outside stores just to be the first people to buy them. But the latest smartphone is only important until the next one comes out. And no one will care about any of the smartphones we have now in ten years.


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Protests and road closures in major cities that disrupt people trying to get to work and school might make the news for several days. But not long after the protests are over, everyone seems to forget about the issue that was being protested. Ten years from now, these issues will be distant memories.

Sports Outcomes

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The outcomes of sports might seem very important while the game is in season, but people tend to forget how riled up they felt not long after the game ends. Ten years from now, any hard feelings that were experienced as the result of a sports game will be forgotten.

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