18 Things You Won’t Find Anywhere Else But America

America has its own unique culture, which means there are many things you’ll find here and not in other countries. While it’s still very similar to other countries in the West, America will always have its own quirks. Here are 18 things you won’t find anywhere else but in America. 

Super-Sized Grocery Stores

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There are super-sized grocery stores all over America. For example, Yahoo! Finance writes, “From coast to coast, these retail giants offer various products, from fresh produce to household essentials, making them the go-to destinations for millions of shoppers.” Many even offer bulk buying options and are open 24/7. 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

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There are over 2,600 Hollywood brass stars on the Walk of Fame. It’s a way that Hollywood honors achievers in the entertainment industry. The Walk of Fame is an iconic tourist attraction in Los Angeles and draws in huge numbers of people each day. 

Drive-In Movie Theaters

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Watching a movie outside and in your car creates a nostalgic experience. It’s something that isn’t as popular now, but it did see a resurgence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sometimes, they may even show movies back to back, which means you can really make a night of it. 

National Parks with Natural Wonders

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The U.S. has some beautiful natural wonders, such as being home to the world’s tallest trees in Redwood National Park. There are also out-of-this-world landscapes such as the Grand Canyon, which is also a natural wonder of the world. There’s so much beautiful and protected land in America. 

Mount Rushmore

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There are sculptures on a cliff of four presidents in the United States, which is something that can’t be found in any other country. The presidents include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. It attracts millions of visitors each year and is seen as a symbol of American history and heritage. 

Iconic Fast Food Chains

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TimeOut writes, “Out of all the countries in the world, America has fast food on lock. We’re home to the OGs like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell.” The U.S. also has unique items on its menus that aren’t available anywhere else in the world. America is also home to the drive-thru culture.  

Collegiate Sports Frenzy

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Sports play a huge part in the American college experience. Football and basketball are seen as major events and they have intense local and national followings. Many people, and not only college students, will head to college sports events as a fun outing. There are even specific sports scholarships for colleges in America. 

The Las Vegas Strip 

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The Las Vegas strip is famous and for good reason. It was lined from top to bottom with casinos and entertainment options. It’s iconic for its neon lights and energetic atmosphere that attracts crowds from across the world. It’s also a major destination for conventions and celebrations. 

Large-scale Thanksgiving Parades 

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The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is seen as an iconic part of America. It features giant balloons and floats that travel through New York and is commonly watched on television by families across the country. The parade often features celebrity performances and Broadway acts. 

Extreme Weather Chasing

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America is known for its extreme weather and gets its fair share of hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms each year. While most people will seek cover during these dangerous times, others like to chase the storm in a thrill-seeking experience. While it’s dangerous, it can also contribute to meteorological research.  

The Concept of Black Friday

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Black Friday is now something that’s taken off in other countries, but it originated in the U.S. and is still something completely different from anywhere else in the world. Only in America will people camp out in front of stores on Thanksgiving night, ready for the sales the next day. 

Route 66

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The National Park Service says, “An artery of transportation, an agent of social transformation, and a remnant of America’s past, [Route 66] stretches 2,400 miles across two-thirds of the continent.” It’s a historic highway that’s known as the Main Street of America.

Sports Tailgate Parties

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Before the start of any sporting games in America, people will have gatherings in stadium parking lots. It’s a way for fans to enjoy food, games, and music and get in an excitable mood ready for the game. It’s seen as a key part of sports culture in the United States. 

Jazz Music

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America was the birthplace of jazz music, which originated in New Orleans. The creation of jazz music has meant that the U.S. is home to rich musical traditions and has massively influenced music worldwide. The country also has annual jazz festivals and events.


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Megachurches are home to extremely large congregations and are commonly found in America. They’re often televised services with celebrity pastors. These megachurches don’t just feature services; they’re also home to bookstores, cafés, and much more. You can make a whole day of going to a megachurch. 

The Unique Amish Communities 

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Amish communities live with minimal technology and are known for their crafts and simple way of life. These communities are commonly found in America, compared to anywhere else in the world. In some areas, the communities are even seen as tourist attractions so others can catch a glimpse of their lifestyles. 

Fenway Park

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Britannica writes, “Fenway Park [is a] baseball park in Boston that is home to the Red Sox, the city’s American League (AL) team. Opened in 1912, it is the oldest stadium in Major League Baseball and one of its most famous.” It’s also famous for the Green Monster, which is a high left-field wall that’s iconic in baseball. 

Yellow School Buses

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Nothing is more American than a yellow school bus. It’s a universal symbol of American education and is used as a daily form of transportation for millions of American schoolchildren. The iconic yellow buses are recognized worldwide and have become a symbol of pop culture.

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