17 Things You’re Better Off Buying Secondhand

Buying secondhand is an excellent way to cut down on waste, save money, and access high-end brands. Some items are sold in almost new condition when people clear out, but vintage purchases appeal to buyers looking for one-of-a-kind things. Here are 17 items you’re better off buying secondhand.

Clothing and Accessories

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Secondhand clothing, whether on eBay, Etsy, or vintage stores, is cheaper than new clothing. Buying clothes and accessories secondhand is more sustainable than buying them new and allows access to high-end brands at a fraction of the ritual price.


Man reading book
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Secondhand books are a cheaper alternative for book addicts who can’t afford to buy multiple new books a month. Used bookstores and online stores are treasure troves for out-of-print editions, signed copies, and other collectibles. World of Books writes that secondhand books are considerably cheaper, better for the environment, and already broken in.


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Tech gadgets depreciate quickly, so buying used products makes financial sense and reduces e-waste. Certain refurbished gadgets come with warranties, offering buyers peace of mind as well as savings.

Sports Equipment

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Buying secondhand is ideal for sports equipment that is used seasonally or for a short period of time and allows access to quality products at a lower price. Play It Again Sports is one of several online stores focused on secondhand sports gear.

Musical Instruments

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Instruments are notorious for being expensive. Secondhand purchases can make learning more accessible for individuals and families on tight budgets, and some instruments, like violins and guitars, offer a richer sound as they age.

Children’s Toys

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Children outgrow toys and often lose interest in them, so parents can save money by buying toys secondhand, with bulk products at a fraction of the cost of new products. Ecolife writes, “Buying used is better for your wallet and the environment, but avoid toys with lead, PVC, BPA, and phthalates.”

Garden Tools

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High-quality garden tools are designed to last, making secondhand purchases a cost-effective way of keeping your garden tidy. Hand trowels, secateurs, and shears are a fraction of the price used compared to new ones, and for tools that are only used in specific situations during a season, secondhand purchases make even more sense.


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Cars are depreciating assets, losing their value rapidly, so a secondhand vehicle can offer buyers better value for money. Many nationwide dealerships offer certified pre-owned cars with warranties that have been thoroughly inspected, and insurance rates are typically lower for used vehicles, offering buyers additional savings.


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Watchfinder notes that there is simply more choice in pre-owned watches and that the depreciation of some manufacturers can be used to the secondhand buyer’s advantage. Rare and limited edition models unavailable in retail stores can be found at online retailers like eBay.

Camping Gear

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Camping gear is often used seasonally, so secondhand items are frequently in good condition and offer buyers huge savings. Premium brands out of your range are more easily affordable when purchased secondhand and reduce campers’ environmental impact.

Art and Décor

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One-of-a-kind artwork can be found in galleries and charity shops nationwide, making collecting accessible to a broader audience, not just wealthy people. Vintage and antique items can bring a powerful sense of history to a home and transform its image.

Photography Equipment

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Buying secondhand photography equipment, including cameras and lenses, is a way for amateur and professional photographers to save money. High-end cameras retain functionality over time, so buying secondhand is an affordable entry point for many. Which? notes that “buying secondhand also supports small businesses and individual sellers.”

Baby Gear

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Baby items are only needed for a short period, even for families with multiple children, so secondhand purchases are practical and economical. Buying from parents in the local community can give first-time parents the opportunity for additional support and advice on raising their children. Buyers should check that the baby gear meets the latest safety standards.


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Secondhand furniture is often significantly cheaper than new items, especially for high-quality wood and designer pieces. Millwill Furnishers praises the unique quality that buying secondhand furniture can bring and its low depreciation value.

Fitness Equipment

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Many people sell their almost-new fitness equipment after giving up on their New Year’s resolutions, offering buyers high-quality items at reduced prices. This makes building a home gym much less costly and available to people on lower incomes.

Event Decorations

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Most event decorations are used once and then stored away in a basement or attic, making them perfect candidates for secondhand buying. Secondhand decorations are a cost-effective way of getting Christmas tree decorations, Easter decorations, and St. Patrick’s Day gear.

Kitchen Appliances

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Kitchen appliances like kettles, air fryers, and toasters from high-quality brands come with a high price tag, so buyers can enjoy significant savings when buying secondhand. People tend to sell their appliances when upgrading, providing access to almost new items at a significantly lower cost.

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