Think 60’s Old? These 17 Facts Will Change Your Mind

When it comes to aging, there’s no need to fear the big 6-0! In fact, it’s a cause for celebration! In this post I highlight the 17 things that make being 60 absolutely amazing — from newfound wisdom to retirement adventures. Let’s embrace our 60s together!

The Gift of Wisdom

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Bask in the glow of wisdom you’ve cultivated over the years! It’s like having a superpower that lets you view the world through a lens of understanding and acceptance. No one can beat sage advice from a 60-something.

The Magic of Grandchildren

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If you have grandchildren, they are definitely one of the best things about being in your 60s. Don’t just take our word for it, US News reports “Spending quality time with grandchildren while they’re children improves mental health.”

There’s no joy quite like spoiling your grandkids and then handing them back when the sugar rush hits!


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Say goodbye to whirlwind travel! Now, you can savor the journey, not just the destination. Enjoy long strolls in Parisian streets or leisurely coffees in Italian piazzas. The world is your relaxed oyster.

Lifetime Friendships

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Six decades of bonding means friendships deeper than the Mariana Trench. Sharing a laugh over shared history is a joy that only long-standing friendships can offer.

According to research compiled by Everyday Health “As you get older, good friendships can dispel loneliness, improve your health, boost your sense of well-being, and even add to your years.”

Senior Discounts

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Who doesn’t love a good bargain? From movies to meals, age has its perks. So go ahead, flash that senior citizen card with pride, and rake in those delightful discounts. Life at 60 is truly economical.

Time for Yourself

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Gone are the days of being everything to everyone. Now, you have time for yourself. Finally, you can finish that book, explore yoga, or simply enjoy a quiet afternoon. It’s the era of well-deserved ‘me-time.’

Giving Back to the Community

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With free time and a wealth of experience, you’re perfectly poised to make a difference in your community. Be it mentoring, volunteering, or leading a community project, the avenues for contributing are endless and fulfilling.

Deeper Appreciation for Health

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Sixty brings a profound understanding of the saying, “Health is wealth.” You become a maestro at listening to your body, appreciating every step, every beat, every breath. It’s a symphony of wellness that gets better with age!

Old Family Recipes

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You’re now the coveted guardian of treasured family recipes. It’s time to stun family gatherings with ‘secret’ ingredients and legacy dishes. Cooking at 60 is like hosting a culinary time machine at your dining table.

Wear What You Want

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You’ve earned the right to dress for comfort, not fashion. Bye-bye, tight jeans; hello, comfy slacks! And who cares about mismatched socks?

You’ve Got Stories to Tell

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Six decades of life experiences make you the family’s raconteur par excellence. As the custodian of family legends and personal adventures, you have a treasure trove of tales that can enthrall generations.

You Have Time to Appreciate Nature

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As the rush of life slows, you find yourself taking time to smell the roses—literally! Nature’s beauty becomes a source of daily joy, be it a breathtaking sunset or the simple grace of a falling leaf.

Be Comfortable in Your Skin

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At 60, you know who you are, and that’s something to celebrate. There’s no more striving to fit in because you fit perfectly in your skin. Confidence at 60 is style redefined.

Relishing Simple Joys

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Life’s simple pleasures—a good cup of coffee, a delightful book, a nostalgic tune—bring profound joy. You appreciate these gems, savoring them with a relaxed mind and a content heart.

Celebrating Long-Term Love

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Many years of togetherness mean love that’s weathered storms and celebrated sunrises. It’s a bond that’s strong, deep, and full of shared secrets. Love at 60 is a vintage wine—rich and flavorful.

Gardening Goals

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With time and patience as your allies, gardening becomes a joy. Be it roses or radishes, the 60s are a perfect time to bring out your green thumb. Nothing beats the thrill of a homegrown tomato!

Pets for Life

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Whether it’s a purring kitty or a loyal dog, pets bring a unique joy. Their companionship and unconditional love can add a heartwarming dimension to life in the 60s.

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