This Is How Much the 16 Biggest Companies in the US Make

How much did you make last year? We bet it wasn’t nearly as much as the companies on this list. In this article, we look at 16 companies that brought in the big bucks in 2022. Take a look and see if they made more or less than what you expected.

Walmart, Inc.

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Revenue: $572.8 billion

Walmart remains a giant in the retail sector, showing how traditional retail can adapt and thrive in the digital age. Everyone was worried about the retail sector when the digital age came around, but Walmart has managed to stay on top for all these years., Inc.

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Revenue: $470 billion

Amazon’s rapid growth continues to show the limitless potential of e-commerce and cloud computing. From a simple online bookstore to now being one of the largest companies in the world at the moment and in history, Amazon has experienced incredible success; according to Nasdaq, the stock has grown over 700% in the last decade alone.

Apple, Inc.

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Revenue: $365.8 billion

Apple’s innovative products and services keep it ahead of the game with other players in the mobile phone industry. Even after all these years, experts like InvestorPlace place it among the best stocks to buy in the coming years.

UnitedHealth Group

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Revenue: $287.6 billion

With so much money spent on insurance, UnitedHealth Group plays a key role in supporting jobs, investing in health innovation, and ensuring Americans can access the care they need. This makes the company not just a leader in its field but also a vital part of the country’s financial well-being.


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Revenue: $285.6 billion

ExxonMobil stands as a testament to the energy sector’s resilience. Even as the world leans more toward renewable energy, ExxonMobil’s success underlines how traditional energy companies remain fundamental. This company’s ability to adapt and continue thriving highlights the ongoing demand for oil and gas, proving that these resources still play a crucial role in our daily lives and the global economy.

Berkshire Hathaway

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Revenue: $276.1 billion

This conglomerate, led by Warren Buffett, has a varied portfolio that includes everything from insurance and utilities to consumer goods and tech companies. Its success is a lesson in the importance of diversification and smart investment choices, demonstrating how they can lead to substantial growth and stability in the business world.

Alphabet, Inc.

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Revenue: $257.6 billion

Alphabet leads in areas like online search, video sharing through YouTube, and cloud computing. Their success tells us that innovative tech and internet services are key drivers of the modern economy, changing how we live, work, and play.

McKesson Corporation

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Revenue: $238.2 billion

McKesson Corporation is a giant in healthcare. They make sure pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics get the medicines and products they need. This role is vital for healthcare because it ensures that patients can receive their treatments without delay. McKesson’s work behind the scenes is essential for a smooth-running healthcare system, and its revenue shows it.


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Revenue: $213.99 billion

AmerisourceBergen is another giant in the healthcare supply chain. Their business model is to help make sure that people everywhere can get the medical supplies they need quickly, which is especially important in emergencies and for ongoing healthcare.


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Revenue: $204.5 billion

This company deals with the challenge of changing oil prices and the need for energy around the world. Its earnings show how well it’s doing in a tough market that affects everyone’s daily life. We use energy every day, so we’re keeping Chevron in business, one light bulb at a time.

Costco Wholesale

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Revenue: $195.9 billion

Costco brings in billions, selling lots of items in big quantities at lower prices. This way of selling has always been popular because people like to save money by buying more at once. Costco’s success tells us that lots of people prefer to shop this way, making the company a big name in retail.

Meta Platforms, Inc.

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Revenue: $117.9 billion

Meta Platforms, Inc. makes money from ads and shows how big the internet’s role is in our lives, connecting people across the globe. The company has bought out most of its competitors so there’s no end in sight for its winning streak.


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Revenue: $168 billion

AT&T makes a lot of money by helping people talk to each other and use the internet everywhere in the U.S. It has built a big system of wires and signals so phones and computers can work well. The company has a solid long-term strategy for growth that involves expansion and new acquisitions.

Verizon Communications

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Revenue: $133.6 billion

Verizon Communications is another one that helps people connect. Like AT&T, Verizon has a big network that lets people call, text, and surf the internet. They keep making their technology better so that the internet is fast and reliable. People need these services to stay in touch and do business, which is why Verizon does well.

General Motors

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Revenue: $156.7 billion

General Motors has been around for a long time and knows how to make reliable vehicles that fit what people need, whether it’s for driving in the city or going on adventures. They also work on electric cars, which are becoming more popular.

Ford Motor Company

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Revenue: $136.3 billion

Ford Motor Company also makes cars and trucks that people like. They’re known for tough trucks and have a long history of making vehicles. Ford is also moving toward electric vehicles, showing they can change with the times. According to the company’s eclectic car strategy, they’re working on seven EVs. Their cars are everywhere, and many people trust them because they’ve been around for so long.

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