How Tim Grittani’s Net Worth Grew in Only Three Years

In 2017, everyone wants an entrepreneur lifestyle lots of money. This generation does not want to sit in the cubicle with that plastic fern surfing Facebook. We as a generation say hell no to the 9-to-5. Gone is the boring work routine that your grandfather had sitting in a small cubicle. The golden question is, however, how do you do that? Some people are creators. Other professionals have taken to the tech industry. If you are good at it, you could trade penny stocks like Tim Grittani has.


Before you start throwing a temper tantrum, Tim Grittani’s net worth did not come from “pumping and dumping.” Yes, after the 2013 box office hit, The Wolf of Wall Street, many people associate penny stocks with wild parties, money laundering, and Quaaludes. In Grittani’s case, though, he has done it the correct way and has become a millionaire doing it.

At 24, Grittani has claimed to have almost $2.5 million after three years of investing in penny stocks. For those of you that are lost at this point, a penny stock is roughly defined by any stock that is worth less than a dollar. Usually, these stocks are attributed to smaller companies that are just getting started in the industry. Many beginner investors can spend hours trying to find the next Fortune 500 company. Most of them fail in the end. For Grittani though, he struck gold with only $1,500 in his pocket.

Humble beginnings are as American as apple pie.

Like most millionaires, Grittani began life as a regular middle-class kid that wanted the self-employed life. To do that he felt as though attending Marquette University would be his ticket to the entrepreneur lifestyle. Grittani developed a gambling habit while in school earning him $9,000 at one point. Grittani eventually lost his winnings due to poor bets. He was even in debt for about $1,300. Around this time, he came across the teachings of Timothy Sykes.

Grittani and Sykes

Sykes had been teaching trading courses on his website and from that point Grittani was hooked. Grittani, along with another one of Sykes prodigies, used the tools to begin successfully trading full-time. By using the Millionaire Challenge trading system, the pair has become successful overnight, it seems. Grittani made history on the website when he made $215,000 in one day. After a few investments and failures, Tim Grittani’s net worth grew by almost 52 times in only three years.

No place to go but up.

Following his initial success, Grittani has been invited on countless television programs and has been featured on various digital platforms. Grittani has expanded his territory to more common stocks, but he is still implementing the same tactics that earned him his money. Grittani does not always win when trading, though; usually his numbers fall around 70 to 75 percent. Grittani has also started giving away some of his trade secrets through his website.


Most of us would kill to have Tim Grittani’s net worth, but most of us are not going to have it. Why? Because many of us are too scared to do what he did. This is the defining line between an employee and an entrepreneur. Fear will deter many from risking it all; for others, it will push them toward the path of more money.

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