Top 10 Countries To Retire in Style on the Cheap

Retirement is a long way away for some and knocking on the door for others. 

And if you are one of those who are heading into your sunset years, how’s your retirement savings looking? And arre you comfortable with where you are currently living or are you looking to move to paradise?

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Well, we’ve slapped together a few beautiful locations to look into for a magical retirement that does not break the bank. Check them out below.


The Philippines is enchanting and beautiful. 

Plus, good news, if you elect to move to the Philippines, you won’t necessarily need to learn a new language. And, the cost of living is astonishingly low and the people tend to be warm and welcoming. 

Great food, pristine beaches, and tranquil islands promise a chance for exploration and adventure alongside sun-soaked relaxation so you can make your retirement as energized or as chilled as you like. 

A very attractive retirement opportunity, especially for those on a budget.


Great standards of living and all the modern amenities you are used to, at a fraction of the cost, alongside breathtaking scenery without compromising the ability to get a bit of cosmopolitan culture too. Chile might just have it all. 

What’s the catch? Well, it’s cheap-ish, but not that cheap, and certainly pricier than other spots on the list, so think about Chile if you are looking to reduce costs but have a bit more to spend or have the opportunity to free up some extra finances.


Dreamy white beaches are likely to be the main enticement to beautiful Malaysia, but there are practical draws too—it has great health care, feels safe and English is widely spoken so you won’t have to worry about language barriers. 

If you want the buzz and benefits of the city you will have to pay for it, but rural areas offer a chance for cheaper living. 

If you want breathtaking beaches with safety and security, and you can live with the monsoon seasons, this could be a great choice!


If you are looking for super laid back Caribbean vibes but at a more affordable rate then Belize might be the retirement spot for you. 

Gorgeous white sandy beaches and stunning nature reserves are available in this increasingly popular country. This is another English speaking area, which will save you the hassle of language classes. It’s also close to the US so it might be a good option for those wanting to stay close to home.

There is a bit of a drawback on the safety and security front—crime is an issue in rural areas so you will probably want to spend a bit more to stick to the more popular tourist areas, which are still very affordable. 

Healthcare is not great in Belize. Hospitals and clinics can be far away from certain areas and medications can be in short supply. This may be a consideration for those with ongoing or particular medical needs.


Sun, sea, sand, historic architecture, and fabulous seafood are on offer in Portugal. 

Neighbouring Spain may be a consideration, but the cost of living is considerably less in Portugal, so if you’ve been thinking about Spain it might be worth your while to do a little research into Portugal as another great and more cost-effective alternative

You’ll get more for your money in smaller towns. Be sure to factor in the cost of private healthcare too – the public healthcare system might not be reliable.


Discover hidden rural gems off the beaten track and away from the typical tourist spots to achieve an affordable slice of French life in your retirement. If you’re a food or wine lover, this could be the spot for you! 

With modest country gites, delightful farmhouses, and grand chateaux on offer there is something to suit all tastes, including some breathtaking options if you are willing to take on a bit of renovation! 

Being able to converse with the locals will be a real bonus and will help you to integrate into the community, so consider brushing up if France is looking like a viable option.


Another great option for staying close to home if you live in the US! 

Mexico continues to be a top retirement destination, with low travel costs and the chance to pop home to see the grandkids without giving up many of your home comforts (or your medical insurance). Mexico could be an easy option for your retirement retreat. 

The Yucatan peninsula is a popular retirement destination, with white sandy beaches, wildlife hotspots, and the amazing Chichen Itza on your doorstep.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers affordable living in a beautifully biodiverse setting without lifestyle compromises. Sun, sea, sand, safety, security – Costa Rica simply has everything you might be looking for in a retirement location, along with brilliant opportunities for travel and adventure.


Looking for a tropical paradise for your retirement years? Consider Thailand. 

With affordable modern cities and beautiful sun-soaked islands, there is something for everyone.

Health care is private but high quality and affordable.

If island living is your ideal retirement dream, but you don’t want to give up your modern amenities, Thailand could be for you.

Popular retirement spots to check out include Chiang Mai and Koh Samui.


Slovenia has a growing reputation as a hidden gem in Eastern Europe. 

Charmingly historic little villages set amidst breathtaking scenery make this a top retirement spot to consider, perhaps if you’re looking for something a little different, a little more historic, a four-season climate, or an active, healthy lifestyle. 

All residents must pay towards a reasonable state health care plan, although many retirees opt to pay for a private health care package too. 

The beautiful lakeside town of Bled is a popular destination to check out, with the Alps, thermal pools, and Triglav National Park within reach. 

If mountains, forests, lakes, seasons, and spas are your thing then Slovenia could be your perfect retirement destination.