18 Traditions Our Grandparents Loved That Suddenly Vanished

The time period in which our grandparents lived and the one we are in now are completely different. There are many traditions that were unique to their era that have disappeared from society. You’ll find 18 of these dead traditions in this article.

Giving Way on the Sidewalk

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When walking on the sidewalk, our grandparents would constantly be aware of who was walking towards them. If it was a woman, the man would give way to her by briefly stepping off the sidewalk, thus giving her more room to pass by. 

Wearing Dress Suits

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Wearing dress suits as casual and everyday clothing is something that men did until the 1960s. So our grandparents are used to people, especially men, looking smart all the time. But this dress suit-wearing tradition came to an abrupt end when hippies and the peacock revolution started.

Wearing Gloves

Gloves clothes
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In our grandparents’ days, women always wore hats and gloves. National Geographic says that “the seismic social and style changes that the late ’60s ushered in finally killed the idea that everyone had to glove up in polite society, relegating gloves mostly to winter utility or garden sheds.” 

Sidewalk Sides

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Our grandparents loved the tradition that kept women safe while they were walking on the sidewalk. This tradition meant that men would walk on the outside of the sidewalk and women on the inside. This was done when a man and a woman would walk side by side. 

Wearing Hats

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Back in the days of our grandparents, a man wouldn’t leave the house without a hat on his head. This was just a part of his clothing. But this tradition has completely disappeared. Hats started becoming less popular in the ‘60s and were almost unused by the ‘70s.

Smoking On Planes

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Many of our grandparents who took up smoking when they were younger liked it when you could smoke in public places, such as on airplanes. It was a tradition to get on a plane and enjoy a smoke. But the laws began to change in the ‘80s.

Wearing Skirts

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“Although women continued to enjoy wearing pants after the war, particularly for sports or leisure, style trends for women remained fixated largely on skirts or dresses until the 1960s and ’70s,” says Britannica. Yes, people like our grandparents miss the time when women always wore dresses and skirts. 

Holding Doors Open

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Our grandparents grew up in an era where everyone held the door open for others. It was especially important for a man to hold a door open for a woman. Nowadays, it’s rare to see a man hold a door open unless he wants to impress someone. 

Opening Car Doors

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Back in the days of our grandparents, women wouldn’t open their own car doors. They would wait for a man to get out of the car, walk around to the other side of the car, and open the door. This was a kind and very gentlemanly gesture.

Men at Work

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In times past, it was the man of the house who worked while the women stayed home and cared for the family. Some of our grandmothers have never worked because of this. They miss the days of this traditional and simple lifestyle.

Cooking From Scratch

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Back in the day, there was no such thing as fast food. Our grandparents had to get used to that as time went on. This is why so many of our grandparents would choose a home-cooked meal over fast food any day. They love cooking from scratch.

Family Evening Gatherings

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In the days of our grandparents, the thing to do in the evenings was spend time at home with the family. But society has changed. A family can be in the same house in the evening but be completely preoccupied with different entertainment activities. Families seem distant nowadays. 

Milk Vans

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The New York Times says, “Home milk delivery from local dairies and creameries was a mainstay for many families in the 1950s and ’60s. But as it became easier and cheaper to buy milk at the grocery store, and as processes were developed to extend milk’s shelf life, the milkman began to fade into the past.”

Family Book Night

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Back in the days of our grandparents, everyone had a family book night. This was the night when the family would gather around and read books together. The tradition of reading books as a family has completely disappeared and has been replaced by modern technology.

Walking Together

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In our grandparents’ days, transportation wasn’t as readily available as it is today. As a result, the best way for them to get from point A to point B, such as from home to school, was on foot. They would walk together with their brothers and sisters.

Giving Up Seats

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“All buses, Tubes, trains and trams have clearly marked priority seats for anyone who needs them. If one isn’t available, ask if someone will give up a seat,” says Transport for London. But in the past, priority was given to these people and women. A man would always stand if there weren’t enough seats for all the women.

Pulling Out Chairs

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Another nice tradition that has almost disappeared is pulling out chairs. Back in the day, a man would pull out a woman’s chair so she could sit down. Nowadays, making such a move seems over the top to many people. They would rather do it themselves. 

Walking Behind Her

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In the past, a man would always walk behind a woman when she was making her way up the stairs. He would do this so that he could protect and assist her if she began to wobble on the stairs. This tradition has completely disappeared since then.

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