17 Traits of Someone Who Was Raised by God-Loving Parents

Devout religious folk come in many different forms, so it’s impossible to generalize about the way they raise their kids. However, parents who use their religious identity for good often instill in their children many common positive traits. Here are 17 of our favorites.

Compassion and Empathy

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God-loving parents often set a strong example for their kids when it comes to showing empathy and kindness toward others. As such, many people raised in this way will display a willingness to help out those in need or offer a listening ear in difficult times.

Integrity and Honesty

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As noted on OpenBible, one of the Bible’s proverbs states that “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight.” So it’s no surprise that followers of God often raise their kids to act with integrity and honesty in all aspects of life.

Respect for All People

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According to Happier Human, the Bible states that everyone should be treated with honor and respect, regardless of their status or how they treat you. Therefore, many Christians instill their children with this message, encouraging them to treat everyone around them with politeness and courtesy.

Gratitude and Contentment

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Many Christian communities and teachings encourage their followers to regularly practice gratitude, either through prayer or other means. Following this example, Christian parents will often encourage their kids to do the same.

Discipline and Self-Control

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While children of God-loving parents are often filled with kindness, understanding, and love for others, that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to knuckle down and focus when they need to. These individuals will often display a strong sense of commitment and self-discipline in pursuits that are important to them.

Humility and Modesty

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When kids are brought up by God-loving parents, they are typically encouraged to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses without becoming overly boastful or self-criticizing. This helps them maintain a healthy level of humility and modesty.

Faith and Spirituality

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Naturally, those raised by religious parents are more likely to have a strong sense of spirituality and personal faith. This is often reflected in their religious activities and the communities they choose to surround themselves with.

Generosity and Willingness to Share

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If you meet someone with a strong willingness to share and exceptional generosity, there’s a good chance they were raised by God-loving parents. As noted by World Vision, the Bible states that generous individuals are looked upon favorably by God and rewarded for their goodness, which encourages faithful followers to help out and give to those in need.

Patience and Perseverance

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God-loving people typically learn a lot about patience, perseverance, and resilience as they grow up. Christian followers often see Jesus as a role model who displayed incredible levels of resilience and fortitude in standing by what He believed in.

Love for Learning and Wisdom

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Those raised by God-loving parents are commonly encouraged to value learning and knowledge from quite early on in their lives. This often leads them to become well-accustomed to everything both their faith and the world have to teach them.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

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If there’s one thing Jesus taught us, it’s the almighty power of forgiveness. As pointed out by the Archdiocese of Saint Paul & Minneapolis, Jesus frequently spoke about forgiveness and sent a powerful message to His followers about forgiving everyone—even those who sin against you.

Responsibility and Stewardship

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God-loving parents usually learn the importance of taking responsibility for their actions, causing many religious followers to be strong activists for sustainability and protecting the environment.

Justice and Advocacy

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Speaking of advocacy, many people raised in God-loving communities also learn the value of standing up for disadvantaged groups and other noble causes. They are often guided by a divine sense of moral duty, which makes them strong role models for those around them.

Hospitality and Inclusivity

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People raised by religious parents typically understand the importance of creating a hospitable and inclusive environment for all, no matter what their background or beliefs. As such, these individuals will commonly make great advocates for inclusivity and equality.

Servant Leadership

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According to the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, servant leadership essentially means leading by putting the needs of others before your own. People raised by God-loving parents are often gifted in this area, following the examples of other religious figures who have successfully done the same.

Resilience and Faith in Adversity

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In tough times, those raised by religious parents are likely to find solace in their faith, helping them remain resilient and lean on their communities for support. Instead of seeing challenging times as purely negative occurrences, they often see them as opportunities for growth.

Mindfulness and Reflection

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Individuals raised by God-loving parents are commonly encouraged to engage in activities involving mindfulness and reflection, including prayer and church congregations. This helps them find a sense of inner peace and tranquility, which aids them in their day-to-day lives.

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