18 Trends From the 70s Only Baby Boomers Will Remember

Ah, the 1970s: a decade where fashion was far-out, music was groovy, and the carpets were so shaggy, you could lose your pet rock in them. Let’s roller skate down memory lane and look at 18 hilarious trends that only true baby boomers will remember.

Jell-O Salads

Jell-O Salad
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Who could forget the Jell-O salad, the showstopper at every 70s dinner party? Picture this: a concoction of fruit, veggies, and sometimes inexplicably tuna, all encased in a wobbling tower of gelatin. It was like a science experiment you could eat, but maybe shouldn’t.

Pet Rocks

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The 70s were a time when people decided that actual pets were too mainstream. Enter the Pet Rock, the low-maintenance companion that never needed walking or feeding. Just a rock with googly eyes, but it was enough to rock our world.

Wearing Bell-Bottoms

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The 70s wouldn’t be complete without disco! Bell-bottoms, shiny polyester shirts, and platform shoes ruled the dance floor. If you didn’t spend at least one Saturday night doing the Hustle, were you even living?

Lava Lamps

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Lava lamps were the epitome of 70s cool. A hypnotic dance of colorful goo floating in a sleek tube – it was like watching psychedelic jellyfish at a very slow rave. Perfect for pondering life’s deep mysteries, like why we ever thought shag carpets were a good idea.

Mood Rings

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Before emojis, we had mood rings to express our feelings. These magical accessories changed color with your body temperature, supposedly revealing your inner emotions. Spoiler: they were usually just stuck on ‘anxious’ or ‘too cold.’


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The waterbed was a bizarre cross between a mattress and a personal indoor pool. Nothing said ‘I’m hip and with it’ like sleeping on a giant, wobbly water balloon. Plus, who needs coffee when getting out of bed is an extreme sport?

Shag Carpets

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Walking on shag carpet was like strolling through a furry forest. These carpets were everywhere, in colors not found in nature. Cleaning them was a nightmare, but the feeling of plush fibers between your toes was priceless.

Fondue Parties

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Fondue parties were the social media of the 70s. Gather around a pot of molten cheese or chocolate, and dip in anything you dared. It was communal, a bit messy, and an excellent excuse to play with your food.

8-Track Tapes

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Remember 8-track tapes? Those chunky ancestors of the cassette tape? They were the Spotify of the 70s, except they often switched tracks mid-song. Nothing says ‘jam session’ like a sudden, jarring silence.

Platform Shoes

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Platform shoes were not just footwear; they were stilts disguised as fashion. Walking in them was a skill, an art form, a risk. Tripping over never looked so stylish. Every step was a towering achievement, and let’s be honest, a sprained ankle waiting to happen.

Avocado Green Appliances

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Every kitchen in the 70s had at least one appliance in avocado green. It was the color of choice, making your fridge or blender look like a giant vegetable. Because who doesn’t want their kitchen to scream ‘salad’?

The Mullet

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The haircut that defied logic, yet defined a decade. Mullets were short at the front for sensibility, long at the back for a wild side. It was the hairstyle equivalent of a surprise party. And it’s the only haircut that could say, “I pay my taxes, but I also know all the words to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.'”

Bean Bag Chairs

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Bean bag chairs were the ultimate chill-out spot. Flopping into one was like falling into a soft pit of beans. They shaped to your body, making getting up again a challenge you didn’t want to accept.

Smiley Faces

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In the 70s, smiley faces weren’t just emojis, they were a lifestyle. These cheerful yellow faces popped up on everything – shirts, bags, even bumper stickers. It was like the world was saying, ‘Don’t worry, be happy, and possibly a bit trippy.’

CB Radios

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Before cell phones, there were CB radios. Truckers used them, but so did everyday folks. It was social media for the road, complete with your own cool handle. Over and out, Rubber Duck!

Macramé Everything

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Macramé was not just a craft; it was an obsession. Plant holders, wall hangings, even clothing – if it could be knotted, it was macraméd. It’s like we all collectively decided that rope was the new yarn.

Leisure Suits

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The leisure suit, a marvel of polyester, was the uniform of the cool and casual. Often worn in eye-searing colors, it was both fashion statement and a test of your sweat glands’ endurance.

Roller Skating Rinks

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Last but not least, roller skating rinks. They were social hubs where you could glide around under disco balls, showing off your moves. Falling on your rear never felt more right, especially if it was to the tune of Bee Gees.

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