Trump Lawyer Accidentally Admits on Air that He May Be ‘Guilty of Insurrection’

In a recent interview defending his ballot eligibility, an attorney representing the former president appeared to make an accidental admission that Trump had engaged in insurrection.

A slip of the tongue

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During an appearance on Real America’s Voice, a right-wing streaming network, Christina Bobb, a former Trump administration official and One News America anchor, appeared to suggest the Republican frontrunner should be allowed on the 2024 GOP primary ballot even if he incited an insurrection.

Let the people decide

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“The president is elected by the entire nation, and it should be the entire nation who determines who they want for president, whether they are guilty of insurrection or not,” Bobb said, adding, “It’s up to the people.”

Trump booted off ballots

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Former President Trump has been removed from the Colorado and Maine Republican primary ballots for violating Section 3 of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment, the so-called insurrectionist clause.

Insurrectionists shall not hold office

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The clause explicitly forbids those who have been found to have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against the U.S. or given “aid and comfort to the enemies thereof” to hold any federal office, whether “civilian or military.”

Civil War clause

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The 14th Amendment was ratified with an insurrection clause specifically written to prevent former Confederacy members from holding federal office following the Civil War. Trump’s 2024 run marks the first time the clause has been applied to a presidential candidate.

Supreme Court steps in

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Trump’s legal team has appealed Colorado’s and Maine’s rulings, and the U.S. Supreme Court has announced that it will take up the former president’s appeal against Colorado. The case will be heard this February, and its ruling will apply nationwide.

Crystal clear

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While Bobb seems to be arguing that voters should be the final deciders of a presidential candidate’s fate and that even an insurrectionist should be allowed to run the U.S., the Constitution’s provisions regarding the matter are clear.

Watergate prosecutor gives his two cents

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In a recent op-ed piece for the Independent, former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman wrote that the insurrectionist clause isn’t a matter decided by voters, likening it to a candidate’s eligibility for a prohibited third presidential term.

Rules, not suggestions

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“Prerequisites to hold the office of the presidency are not technicalities,” Akerman wrote. “They are strict mandates created by voters’ duly elected representatives through a constitutional process, that must be followed before the voters make their choice.”

One of several

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Bobb’s blunder is far from the first time one of Trump’s attorneys has undermined one of his lawsuits. Bobb attested in a sworn statement to the DOJ in 2022 that Trump’s lawyers had conducted a “diligent search” of his Mar-a-Lago property and found only a few government files that needed returning.

Falsehood exposed

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That turned out to be false, and Bobb came under intense DOJ scrutiny and ultimately testified before the grand jury in Trump’s mishandling of classified documents investigation.

Trump claimed ignorance

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Then, in August 2022, two other Trump lawyers undermined another of his cases. Trump’s defense in the case concerning his attempts to overthrow the 2020 election claimed he genuinely believed he had won.

But his attorney told the truth

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But outside the courthouse, his attorney, Alina Habba, confidently declared, “I think that everybody was made aware that he lost the election.”


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