Trump Loses by 7 Points to Biden in New Hampshire Survey

In a recent New Hampshire survey, voters were asked who they would vote for if the election were held tomorrow, and the results showed that President Biden topped former President Trump by nearly seven points.

The results

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The survey, conducted jointly by USA Today, The Boston Globe, and Suffolk University, revealed that among voters in the state, Biden commands 41.5% of the vote, while Trump follows closely with 34.1%.

Strong Democratic support

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Despite not appearing on the state’s primary ballot due to the Democratic National Committee’s non-recognition of the primary this year, Biden continues to secure a majority of support from Democratic voters in the state.

Firm favorite

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Nearly 64% of New Hampshire Democrats expressed their intention to vote for Biden as a write-in candidate, surpassing alternatives such as U.S. Representative Dean Phillips or Marianne Williamson.

One step ahead

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Biden’s popularity among Democratic voters is evident in their enthusiasm, with an average rating of 6.13 on a scale of 1 to 10. In contrast, Republican voters exhibit slightly less enthusiasm for Trump, with an average rating of 5.93.

Leading the way

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While Trump maintains the lead among GOP candidates, the survey suggests a narrowing gap as former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley gains support previously held by other contenders.

Emerging candidates

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According to the survey, Trump’s Republican support stands at 45.8%, down from a previous poll in October, while Haley follows with 26.5% support and fellow rivals Chris Christie and Ron DeSantis with 12.4% and 7.5%, respectively.

Public satisfaction


Overall, respondents expressed their contentment with Biden’s stance on abortion rights, his efforts to lower healthcare costs through the Inflation Reduction Act, and his climate change initiatives.

Mixed sentiments

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The survey also noted respondents’ dissatisfaction in areas such as his handling of the economy, the lack of control of the southern border, and his repeated attempts to cancel student loan debt.

Swing state dynamics

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In a separate poll, this time by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, a hypothetical general election is being tracked across Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Georgia—all swing states. The poll found that Trump is leading in each of the states.

Close contest

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Despite Trump’s edge, the poll shows that Biden is closing the gap in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Arizona, and the closest margin is in Pennsylvania, where Trump is leading by just one point.

It’s a tie

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A third poll by Gallup showed that both the current president and former president are tied when it comes to favorability. Trump’s rating is 42%, and Biden’s is 41%, though they’re both seen as less favorable than they were in 2020.

Ups and downs

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Biden’s favorable rating was 8 points higher in October 2020 at 49%, and Trump scored 45%, meaning his rating has decreased by 3 points since. This is still an improvement over his scores in 2021 and 2022, however, when he was dealing with immense criticism regarding the way he handled the election loss.


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