Trump Responds to $7.8 Million Foreign Payment Claims: ‘I Was Doing Services for Them’

Former President Donald Trump has responded to a recent report by Democratic lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee that highlighted foreign payments received by his businesses during his presidency.

Dismissing the scandal

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The report, published on January 4, revealed that Trump’s businesses had received a minimum of $7.8 million in foreign payments. Trump downplayed the significance of the amount at a recent Fox News town hall, stating, “That’s a small amount of money. You know, it sounds like a lot of money. That’s small.”

Trump’s clarification

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He explained that the payments were related to accommodations at his clubs and hotels, asserting, “I was doing services for them. People were staying in these massive hotels, these beautiful hotels. I don’t get $8 million for doing nothing.”

International cash flow

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The Democratic report detailed payments from at least 20 countries to Trump’s businesses during his time in office. Entities ranging from Saudi Arabia to the People’s Republic of China, Malaysia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Albania, and Kosovo were noted.

Unconstitutional behavior

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The report argued that these transactions violated the Constitution as the former president did not seek or receive Congress’s approval to keep the foreign payments as required by the Constitution.

Hand it over

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In response to the news, Representative Jamie Raskin called on Donald Trump to return the almost $8 million he received from foreign governments to his hotels in Washington, Las Vegas, and New York.

Mounting pressure

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Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, conveyed his demand through a letter to Trump, stating, “I write today to demand that you immediately return to the American people the $7,886,072 that we know you have accepted from foreign governments.”

Gaps in findings

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Raskin pointed out that the report’s findings were most likely incomplete, stating that it only covered half of Trump’s presidency and transactions from merely four out of his 500-plus businesses.

Show us the books

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In the letter, Raskin asserted, “I also demand that you give Congress a full accounting of the money, benefits, and other emoluments ‘of any kind whatever’ you pocketed from foreign governments or their agents during your term as President and that you return the total sum of these foreign emoluments.”

Calling out Trump

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During a recent rally in Iowa, a protester also confronted the former president about accepting millions of dollars from foreign businesses during his presidency. The female protester shouted from the crowd, “You’ve taken millions!”

Rally drama unfolds

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The boos from the audience drowned out the woman, prompting a defiant response from the former president, who taunted, “Go home to Mommy! Your mommy’s worried.” Later, Trump criticized the protester, dismissing her as “young and immature.”

Powering ahead

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Despite facing legal challenges, including four separate prosecutions and 91 criminal counts, Trump remains a frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in the upcoming election.


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