Donald Trump Says He Hopes Economy Crashes This Year: ‘I Don’t Want to Be Herbert Hoover’

Donald Trump has said that he’s hoping for a financial crash this year — either to help him get re-elected or so that it happens before xhe becomes president again and could be considered to blame.

A candid admission

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In an interview with Lou Dobbs on the host’s “Lindell TV” show, Trump stated, “When there’s a crash, I hope it’s going to be during this next 12 months, because I don’t want to be Herbert Hoover.”

Trump’s fear

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Trump’s not entirely wrong. Hoover became president in 1929 — the same year that the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began. Despite working hard to fix it, many US citizens still blamed him and to this day consider him linked to a failure to lessen the Great Depression.

The blame game

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Trump went on to blame Biden for the economy while giving himself credit. He said, “We have an economy that is so fragile. And the only reason it’s running now is it’s running off the fumes of what we did — what the Trump administration did. It’s just running off the fumes.”

Pointing fingers

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The former president then criticized how the government is spending money, “What they’ve done is incredible. What they’re doing with all of this money. The trillions and trillions of dollars of waste.” He continued, “When you see the kind of money that they’re throwing around…”

Vision for the future

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When asked by Dobbs what he’d do to “restore primacy” for the “forgotten men and women in this country” who are “fighting for their economic and their real survival,” Trump brought up the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Pipeline fallout

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The project, intended to transport oil from Alberta to Nebraska, was supported by Trump as president — but Biden revoked the permit in 2021 not long after he came into office. “He came in and ended it,” Trump stated.

Economic strategy

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Trump further told the interviewer, “That’s one of just so many different things. So, what we will be doing is we will be drilling, we will be reducing energy, that will bring down inflation, that will bring down interest rates.”

Praying for downfall

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Trump has been predicting financial disaster under Biden for some time now, but the economy has proved resilient as it battles inflation and recovers from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

White House responds

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Andrew Bates, a spokesperson for the White House, while noting that the economy is improving, stated, “A commander-in-chief’s duty is to always put the American people first; never to hope that hard-working families suffer economic pain for their own political benefit.”

Firing back

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Julie Chavez Rodriguez, campaign manager for Biden, also commented on Trump, “Donald Trump should just say he doesn’t give a damn about people, because that’s exactly what he’s telling the American people when he says he hopes the economy crashes.”

Biden’s critique

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Trump’s comments on hoping for a financial crash come not long after Biden criticized him at a campaign speech in Pennsylvania. The current president said, “Donald Trump’s campaign is about him, not America, not you. Donald Trump’s campaign is obsessed with the past, not the future.”


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