Tucker Carlson Lashes Out at Nikki Haley, ‘A Republican Candidate Who’s Actually a Democrat’

In a recent scathing video post on X, Tucker Carlson and Vivek Ramaswamy attack Nikki Haley, calling her a “Trojan horse” and liberal posing as a Republican.

The Polls

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“If you’re a Democratic mega-donor, this is a very tough moment for you,” Tucker began, addressing his online audience. “Your candidate is going to lose. All the polls show that. Joe Biden will not be elected president if current trends continue.”

No other options for Democrats

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“So you need to make a change. But there’s a problem,” he continued, arguing that no other Democratic candidates have enough backing to take on Trump. “So what do you do?” he asked. “Well, if you’re smart, maybe you subvert the other party.”

Tucker calls Haley a secret Democrat

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“Maybe you back a Republican candidate who’s actually a Democrat, whose priorities are identical to yours. And of course, they found one,” said Tucker. “Her name is Nikki Haley. Nikki Haley is a liberal. She is all in on the four tenets of neoliberalism, which are, white guilt, a finance-based economy, mass immigration, and endless Neocon wars.”

Haley is the same as Biden

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The conservative personality went on to argue that when you “strip away all the outward characteristics,” Haley is “identical in her priorities to Joe Biden.”

Putin responsible for October 7th, says Haley

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To illustrate his point, Tucker then screened a tape in which Haley implied that Vladimir Putin was responsible for Israel’s October 7th attacks.

Tucker mocks Haley’s take

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As the tape finishes, Tucker laughs and sarcastically remarks, “See, Putin and Ukraine are actually connected to Hamas and Israel and we need to spend all of our attention and all of our money on those matters rather than on our own country, which is degrading faster than most people can even keep track of.”

Ramaswamy weighs in

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After pointing out that Haley’s commentary is remarkably similar to “something that Joe Biden might say, were he capable of speaking that lucidly,” Tucker is joined by Vivek Ramaswamy, who shared his similarly controversial take on the subject.

Nikki is the real puppet, says Vivek

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“I’ve been convinced for a long time, Tucker, that this was not going to be a standard Trump versus Biden race,” said Ramaswamy. “The real puppet they’re trotting out isn’t Gavin Newsom. It isn’t Michelle Obama […] It’s Nikki, actually.”

Anti-Trump Haley supporters

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The Republican candidate argued that the people “who are paying to keep Donald Trump off the ballot” are the same ones supporting Haley. “It’s just obvious and hiding in plain sight. Who are these people propping up? It’s not Biden and it’s not even Gavin Newsom. It’s Nikki Haley within the Republican Party itself,” he said.

False bipartisan

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According to Ramaswamy, Haley has been positioned as a “very convenient frontman,” allowing her non-Republican backers to absolve themselves “from any allegations of partisanship or Democratic partisanship against Donald Trump” by saying “we’re not partisans, we’re actually bipartisan.”

​Nikki is a ‘Trojan horse’

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“Nikki makes for a far better Trojan horse to actually accomplish that objective than anybody else,” the politician concluded in his closing remarks. “The bipartisan system wants to narrow this down to be a two-horse race between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley.”

Elon Musk reacts

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The video received significant online attention, garnering over 4.7 million views and 3.5k replies. One surprising commenter was Elon Musk, who simply and mysteriously responded, “Interesting.”


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