19 Unacceptable Social Behaviors That Should Be Banned

There are many social behaviors that we have to put up with every day, although we really hate them. You’ll find a list of 19 social behaviors that should be banned in this article. 

Eating on Public Transportation

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Your lunch looks delicious, but it might not be to everyone’s taste. Eating pungent food on public transportation is an example of a behavior that should be banned. The smell of the food can be overpowering, especially on the subway and on buses where air circulation is poor. 

Loud Phone Conversations

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The statistics from SellCell show that “across the world, we make a huge 13.5 billion phone calls every day, which is the equivalent of 4.9 trillion phone calls every year.” That’s a lot of phone calls. We all love talking on the phone, but having loud phone conversations in public is rude. 

Raising Voices

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No one likes it when others drown out their voice by speaking louder than them. Even still, people raise their voices all the time. This is actually rude and shows that we don’t care about what others have to say. Raising our voices to drown out what someone else says should be banned. 

Talking While Eating

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We’ve all been guilty of talking while our mouths are full. Not only is this difficult for us, but it is also quite off-putting for the people sitting with us at the dinner table. We should finish what we have in our mouths before we begin to speak. 


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Talking about others behind their backs and spreading false information about them is unkind and rude. Gossip damages the reputation of the person who starts the gossip, those who spread it, and the person who the gossip is about. Gossip should be banned, as it’s very destructive. 

Cutting Others Off

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Instead of waiting your turn to pull out at an intersection, you cut the person off that is coming down the road. They have to break hard to avoid going into the back of your car. We’re all in a rush every day but there’s no reason to be impatient and cut people off. 

Grocery Store Sickness

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Although people know they shouldn’t do it out of common courtesy, many will enter a grocery store when they’re sick. They touch the fresh produce, sneeze, and cough into the air, spreading their germs. According to National Geographic, “a sneeze can launch germs much farther than 6 feet.”

Abandoning Shopping Carts

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There’s something about returning shopping carts to the bay that many people struggle with. Instead of putting them back where they found them, they abandon them in the parking lot, where they roll into other cars and cause congestion. Abandoning and stealing shopping carts should be banned. 

Touching Fresh Food

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Whether you’ve washed your hands or not, it is bad manners to touch fresh produce with your hands. You should always use the tongs provided to move food to your plate when serving yourself at a buffet. Touching fresh food and then putting it back should be banned completely. 

Cutting in Line

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Figures from The Fact Site show that “the average person throughout their lifetime spends five years waiting in lines and queues, where roughly six months of that is waiting at traffic lights.” Everyone hates waiting but that doesn’t give us the right to cut in line. Cutting in line should be banned.

Running Indoors

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Allowing children to run indoors in public places is dangerous. They can easily hurt themselves, knock something over, or even hurt someone else. Running in grocery stores, hospitals, doctors’ offices, banks, restaurants, or other public places puts people in danger and shouldn’t be allowed.

Bad Parking

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Parking poorly in the parking lot makes it harder for others to park. Bad parking includes parking too close to the line, making it hard for others to open their doors, or even parking over the line itself. This kind of parking is selfish and should be banned in parking lots. 

Ignoring Personal Space

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Have you ever been waiting in line and the person behind you was so close to you that you could practically feel them breathe? Ignoring personal space is rude and uncomfortable. There should be a law against getting too close to strangers in public spaces. 

Taking Testers

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It is common for some perfume shops to give small testers away of fragrances for people to sample. But it wouldn’t be fair to abuse this arrangement and take testers and leave nothing for other people to sample. There should be a law on how many testers a person should be able to take. 

Service Worker Rudeness

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Zippia says that “the average hourly rate for service workers is $14.44 per hour.” Yes, service workers are not being paid enough to get treated rudely and to be shouted at by customers. In an ideal world, being rude to a service worker would be banned.

Being Ungrateful

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We should all practice saying thank you more. Being grateful shows others that we have acknowledged what they did for us and that we appreciate it. Always saying thank you to service workers and being polite to others we meet should be standard ways of behaving.


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Interrupting while someone else is speaking is something that we’ve all been guilty of but it’s really rude. It shows the person speaking that we don’t care about what they have to say. Interrupting others is another example of a behavior that should be banned. 

Seeking Revenge

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What’s your immediate reaction when someone does something unkind to you? Is it to treat them in the same way they treated you? Seeking revenge isn’t right and is something we should all avoid doing. Forgiving others is good for relationships and for our mental health. 

The Silent Treatment 

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We give people the silent treatment to show them that we’re annoyed with them. Although the silent treatment might feel like the right thing to do, in reality, it just makes the situation more awkward and frustrating. Nothing gets resolved this way, so this behavior should be banned. 

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