17 Unmistakable Habits of Someone Who’s From the South

It’s easy to distinguish a person who’s from the South because they have so many recognizable habits. Being completely different from northerners, southerners have so many great quirks about them. Here are 17 unmistakable habits of someone who’s from the South. 

Strong Sense of Community

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There’s a high level of neighborliness and hospitality in the South. For example, Deep South Magazine tells us that southerners band together in a time of need and will always treat each other like family. You can expect lots of gatherings, celebrations, and community projects if you head to the South.

Distinct Southern Accent

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If there’s one thing southern people are known for across the world, it’s their strong accent. This distinct accent has a pronounced drawl to it and can vary depending on which state you’re in. However, regardless of the state, you can still expect to hear the typical “y’all” and “bless your heart.” 

Love for Country Music

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Country music is a dominant genre in the South, and that’s because southerners love it. They’ll integrate it into their everyday lives, such as on their local radio stations or by celebrating it through festivals. Many famous country music stars have come from the South, making southerners incredibly proud. 

Passion for Barbecue

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With regular warm weather, it’s no surprise that southerners love having a barbecue. They see it as being a social event where they can invite family, friends, and neighbors over for an afternoon of great food and socializing. You’ll always find lots of different meats on the grill and a variety of sauces.  

Manners and Etiquette

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Heading to the South means that manners and etiquette are common occurrences. Southerners will always refer to someone as “sir” or “ma’am” and expect the same in return. General politeness should be adhered to every day, regardless of who a person may be talking to. 

Interest in College Sports

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Bleacher Report writes, “The intertwining of Southern culture and college football is a direct, deeply rooted reflection of the South’s history.” Southerners have loyalty to their local college’s football team and will regularly attend games to support them. They also host tailgate parties before a game starts as a way to make it more of a community event.   

Religious Commitment

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The South has a much higher attendance rate for church compared to the North. Religion has a huge effect on a southerner’s everyday life and politics. They’ll regularly attend community events that are related to the church, making it a part of their social lives. 

Gardening Pride 

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Southerners love tending to their garden and ensuring that their lawn is regularly mown and any shrubs or flowers are well maintained. They’re the best people to turn to if you want advice on how to look after your garden. Southerners will always be full of flowering and watering tips.

Preference for Iced Tea

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Thanks to the South being hot and humid, especially in the summer, iced tea is a popular drink. Southerners will often make their own by following family recipes that have been passed down through generations. Iced tea is often served at family events and gatherings. There will always be a jug on the table. 

Frequent Family Reunions

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Family gatherings are common in the South, especially in the summer. Families will come together to create a large gathering where they can catch up on each other’s lives. There’s usually a lot of food involved, whether it’s a sit-down meal or a casual barbecue.  

Historical Pride

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The South has a lot of history, especially when it comes to the Civil War. It’s common for southerners to do reenactments of significant events to help preserve the impact that they would’ve had on their lives today. They also take pride in historical figures who came from the South. 

Southern Hospitality

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According to Southern Living, there are six points that define southern hospitality. These are politeness, good home cooking, kindness, helpfulness, charm, and charity. Southerners will always be warm to anyone, including strangers. They’re always ready to offer their help and open up their homes to someone in need. 

Storytelling Traditions 

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Southerners love to tell stories, particularly oral retellings and folklore. They’ll always share stories with family and friends at community events. It’s even common for storytelling to be used as a teaching method and for entertainment. Most children can expect a thrilling story before bed.  

Conservative Values 

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Many southerners are known for their conservative values when it comes to politics. This is largely down to how they view their everyday lives. There’s more of an emphasis on traditional roles in the South, especially when it comes to family values. They’re also community-focused when it comes to decision-making, which can affect voting. 

Fishing and Hunting

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Many southern states are close to water or large outdoor spaces, which means fishing and hunting are popular hobbies. It’s a great way for families to bond, as it involves lots of waiting around and teaching techniques. Most southerners will also have a strong knowledge of wildlife and will always show it respect. 

Front Porch Sitting

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Many houses in the South are designed with a large front porch, which makes them a great place to sit and relax. Southerners will most likely have outdoor furniture on their porch, where they can spend some time to themselves or use it as a spot of shade when people come over. 

Fried Foods

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Southern Kitchen writes that just about any type of food will be fried in the South. This includes okra, hushpuppies, hand pies, steaks, and chicken. Southerners love their fried foods, even if they do face a lot of negative press for it being unhealthy. Recipes will be passed down through generations, so it’s a habit that’s never going to fade.

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