Unorthodox ways to reinvest your dividends this 2020


Turbulent Times Ahead?

As if 2020 hasn’t been turbulent enough, the financial forecast could turn even bleaker with the change in administration from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Before the global pandemic took hold and strangled a booming U.S. economy, investing in just about anything proved to be a savvy move and bore handsome dividends.

However, new policies will bear different economic results and the market will be skittish until it gets familiar with what Biden’s plans for prosperity hold. Economic recovery in the post-pandemic world will cause Wall Street to take a wait and see approach.

Therefore, if you are in the market either with bonds, CDs, mutual funds, or stocks, it might be a good time to pause and reflect. The dividends borne from any financial vehicle are often reinvested but now might be a good time to take those dividends and pocket them rather than add to your investment portfolio. It is important to get a lay of the land before reinvesting in markets that might not flourish, and could even regress, under a more liberal administration.

Time to Travel

It could be a good time to divest and wait. Fossil fuel might not be the best industry to back under a green administration eyeing big tax breaks for renewable and solar energy firms. That is simply one example but many investors will be taking a cautious step back and carefully watching the market as opposed to being part of it.

Whether you divest or simply stop reinvesting, putting your capital or dividends to good use is all a matter of perspective. If you have the discretionary income, you can’t get better buys on vacations these days. The pandemic will not last forever and the restrictions will gradually relax until we return to a sense of normalcy. The vacation deals you see now are at an all-time low and for good reason! Lock in now for a vacation later.

Los Angeles based travel agent, Jonathan Alder associated with TravelStore, has deliberately traveled to exotic locales to get a feel for what it’s like in these dark days for the travel industry, “We are traveling the world now, so you can too! It’s the best travel experience I’ve ever had in my life. In Turkey, in places that normally have 6,000 cruise passengers a day, there were 50 people. At the Library of Celsus in Ephesus, there were about 30 people. That was it, compared to the normal of thousands.”

Investing in Sports

If you’re not a traveler but still want the thrill of making money using your wits then maybe you want to have some fun with sports betting? If you have never thought about it then on sportsbooks that are safe and click on over to one of the many forums on the internet to see how the pros make a living with their sports knowledge. 

It’s an opportunity to develop a hobby and make some money while you’re at it. But the most important thing to keep in mind is making sure to place your wagers with a reputable online sportsbook. There is no use betting if you can’t get paid once you start winning. 

As for how to bet, there are three rudimentary strategies that you should be familiar with before you decide to place your bets. 

Funding Your Account – Bet with your head and not over it. Start with a bankroll that you can afford to lose if everything went wrong. It should be an amount that won’t cause you any sleepless nights but one that will give you the ammunition you need to begin making money investing in sporting events and seeing a result in three hours rather than three years, like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CDs.

Money Management – Each wager you make should be just one to five percent of your total bankroll. The amount can vary depending on your enthusiasm for the side or total you are betting. Some experts will tell you to make every wager the same, which is one percent of your bankroll and never any more than that. 

Where to Wager – Fortunately, there are several A+ rated sportsbooks with long track records of paying their customers in a timely fashion when payouts are requested. However, there are far too many that make depositing a breeze but extracting those funds far more difficult – or even impossible. Be informed and make a wise choice if you decide to get into the game. There are resources out there that will steer you to the best online sportsbooks.

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