Used Nissan GT-R for Sale: Is It Worth It?

The year is 2008, and Nissan just launched one of its best and most successful cars to date. We’re talking, of course, about the R35 GT-R, a sports car so fast and well-designed that it was almost impossible to beat in a drag race. And, the fact that it cost only $70,000 made the GT-R even more appealing to sports cars lovers.

Nowadays, the GT-R is still one of Nissan’s most beloved models. That fact that its price point increased to over $100,000 is a testament to its craftsmanship and excellence. However, that could be a pretty stiff price for the regular buyer. And, although Nissan made some tweaks here and there, the car has remained pretty much unchanged.

So, a possible solution might be getting a used one. But, is it worth the price and the risks?

Let’s find out!

Used Nissan GT-R: How Much Does It Cost?

One of the things that Nissan changed about the GT-R is its power. The new model can deliver 565 horsepower compared to 485 it offered in 2008. But is this difference in power worth the extra $$$?

That’s up to you to decide.

If, however, you can’t afford to pay the price, but you have your heart set on a GT-R, then you might be happy to learn that a used model can go as low as $50,000.

Now, the question that remains is: Is It worth the money?

Used Nissan GT-R: Should You Buy One?

The GT-R was a car ahead of its time. The fact that it’s still around and has increased in value is proof to that. However, that doesn’t mean it was without flaws.

Here’s what to keep in mind for when shopping for a used Nissan GT-R for sale.

  • Pay Attention to the Transmission

The transmission was always a weak point of the GT-R. Nissan had to settle a class lawsuit after multiple owners complained about the fact that the transmission failed shortly after purchasing the car. Repairing it would have cost them over $20,000.


Although Nissan fixed the problem, an old model could still have a faulty transmission system that might cost you a fortune to fix. So, make sure to check it before making a deal with the seller.

  • Maintenance Won’t Be Cheap

Owning a sports car comes with a price. Sure, you may pay less for an old one than if you would have bought a new model, but it will still cost you a lot when something breaks (and it will, considering you’re purchasing a previously owned car.)

When Edmunds took the car for a test drive back in 2009, they encountered a lot of problems. First, they had to change the transmission oil, which cost them about $2000. Then, they also had to change the tires, which weren’t exactly cheap either.

So, although you may pay less for it, make sure to factor in possible expensive repairs as well.

  • It Has Increased in Value

Now, here’s something that rarely happens with a car: not losing that much value. An old Nissan GT-R has lost only about $25.000 in a decade so that it’s something you should consider.

Sure, given that it hasn’t lost much value and that Nissan continued to increase its price point, one might argue that $50,000 is still a lot for a used car. For others, on the other hand, it may seem like a bargain considering its history and performance.

So, Should You Buy One?

The short answer is that it depends. As with anything, there are plenty of other models out there that are cheaper to buy and maintain than the GT-R. But, if you are looking for a gorgeous sports car with enough power under the hood to make other vehicles from the same class pale, then it may be worth the investment.