10 Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Under $100


Valentine’s Day — sounds expensive. Seriously, this year American’s are expected to spend $30-billion this year for the occasion. If you’re sweating just thinking about the huge dent that it’s bound to make on your bank account, then I have a great solution for you: cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas. Best part? They’re all under $100 (as long as you spend reasonably).


You remember bowling right? It’s where you throw a ball down a lane at a bunch of pins with special shoes on, hoping that it hits anything even though you completely don’t understand the point system — oh, just me?

Bowling is a great classic date activity, and you can do it in a pair or a group… just in case your parents insist on escorting you. Best of all, it’s relatively cheap — just rent a lane and two pairs of shoes, and you’ll even have enough left over for some snacks!

Open Mic Night

Don’t freak out — you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to! Local open mic nights tend to be a pretty great cheap date night. The entertainment is free (they’re just looking for someone to listen) and the drinks are usually discount. So pull up a chair, grab a snack and a couple of drinks and take in some of the local talent (…or lack thereof). If you’re feeling brave, you can even join in.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Alright, you athletic weirdos (I say this lovingly), what’s a great indoor date activity that involves activity? Rock climbing. Even I rock climb (and by that I mean I went rock climbing several times about a decade ago) so it’s not too hard for the moderately in-shape (of which I am not) to participate. Plus adding adrenaline and action to your date can’t hurt! It’s a great cheap Valentine’s Day date!

Take a Hike

If you’re looking for something that’s athletic but lower-key (and even cheaper), you could consider either a hike or a walk around a nice neighborhood. If you live close to a nice hiking area like the Rocky Mountains or the ocean, taking a nice hike or walk around the area can be the ideal date. No natural wonder next door? Pick a cool, historic or different in your city and take a gander!

Trivia Night

Trivia nights are a great cheap Valentine’s Day date idea because they give you the opportunity to not only show off your intellectual prowess but also brag about it afterward (if you win, that is). So if you’re of a particular competitive spirit, it could be a great Valentine’s Day date idea. Grab a drink or two and a snack with your date and show the rest of the pub patrons up!

A Homecooked Meal

Show off your fancy cooking skills to your new (or old) beau by hosting a cheap Valentine’s Day date at your place. Drinks are cheaper. Dinner is cheaper. And you get bonus points for style (think flowers and candles, and possibly even some True Pheromones working alongside your perfume to make you even more irresistible to your partner). Can’t cook? Order in and throw it into a serving dish… I won’t tell if you won’t

If you’re really strapped for ideas, you can try the easy-to-make Canadian delicacy of poutine. All you need are french fries, cheese curds, and piping hot gravy. You’ll thank me later…

Try an Escape Room

Spend your cheap Valentine’s Day date trying to get out of a situation where you’re locked in a room together. Escape rooms are a great way to spend an evening trying to solve a mystery and save the day. It’s a great way to show off your intellectual prowess and rescue that damsel in distress.

Cooking Class

Wishing you could choose the homecooked meal option but know your cooking sucks and you’re a terrible liar so you’ll never get away with the take-out-in-serving-dishes gig? How about using this Valentine’s Day date to improve those cooking skills so you can get all fancy on your date next year!

Cooking classes are relatively inexpensive, and you can learn to cook pretty much anything. French food anyone? Oui, oui!

Spa Day

If you’re looking to relax and enjoy each other’s company at the same time, why not try a cheap Valentine’s Day date at the spa? Not all spas are ridiculously priced. If you’re looking for a cheap package, try to pre-book and check out discount sites like Groupon for some great discounts… just make sure there aren’t any blackout days.


If you have a great singing voice or have had copious amounts of alcohol (which I 100 percent do not advocate for, just to clarify) karaoke is a great date idea. Serenade your date with some Cher or Elvis Presley or find yourself a duet to perform together!

Have other cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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