18 Ways Baby Boomers Made Life Easier for Millennials

Millennials have baby boomers to thank when it comes to many positive things in their lives. The boomer era had a huge impact on many things we do today in society. Here are 18 ways baby boomers have made life easier for millennials.

Increase in Educational Opportunities

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According to Business Insider, “NBC News previously reported that undergraduate enrollment in the US had duplicated from 1970 to 2009.” Baby boomers were advocates for public education funding and witnessed the growth that saw millennials benefit drastically from better education that has provided them with the skills to be successful today.


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Baby boomers pioneered early computing technology, which has grown to what it is today. Many view boomers as the ones who laid the groundwork in the technology industry. They promoted the expansion of the internet, which is used daily by millennials and many others to make our day-to-day lives easier.

Economic Prosperity

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Baby boomers had a big impact on economic growth in their era, which millennials still benefit from today. This period saw the development of the middle class, which provided financial stability for many families, and many millennial children would have benefited from this growing up.

Political Activism

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Baby boomers were strong activists. If they believed in something, they would fight for it. They played a key role in political reform, which saw more transparency in governments. They also had a strong influence on civil rights and equality movements, along with environmental protection laws.

Innovations in the Workplace

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Baby boomers innovated the workplace that millennials still benefit from today. They started to emphasize the importance of a healthy work-life balance. They were also strong advocates for workplace equality to create a fair working environment for everyone, regardless of their race or gender. 

Push for Gender Equality

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Baby boomers arguably played the biggest part in gender equality in history. They pushed hard for this and supported the women’s rights movement. They encouraged the representation of women in professional and academic fields and helped with legislation for changes that promoted gender equality.

Promoting Environmental Awareness

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As mentioned by sustainability leader and author Waleed Salaheldin via LinkedIn, “The Baby Boomers, who laid the groundwork, instilled a sense of environmental stewardship.” This groundwork has highlighted the importance of protecting the environment for millennials and younger generations. Boomers introduced the very first Earth Day to highlight the importance of protecting the planet.

Advancements in Civil Rights

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Baby boomers fought for civil rights, which has seen millennials grow up in a different society than the older generations. Boomers played a significant role in the legislation of civil rights, but they didn’t stop there. They helped develop and promote multiculturalism and diversity within society as well.

Health and Wellness Revolution

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Baby boomers played a key role in the revolution of health and wellness today. Their era saw the introduction of organic foods and the beginning of anti-smoking campaigns. They emphasized the importance of a healthy diet and exercise, which have educated the younger generation.

Technological Infrastructure

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Baby boomers laid the foundations for the technological infrastructure that has evolved throughout the decades. As mentioned by Goldstone Financial Group, “Some innovators who have had the biggest impact on our lives are of the Baby Boomer generation.” The USB port, which has been one of the biggest conveniences of modern times, was also created by a boomer. 

Globalization of Trade

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The baby boomer era saw the trade industry take the next big step, which every American, including millennials, has benefited from since. Boomers supported policies that opened up international trade and helped in the establishment of international business standards. They promoted global cooperation through diplomatic efforts.

Innovation in Consumer Products

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As mentioned in the North Bay Business Journal, “Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs developed the Apple II, the first personal computer, which included color graphics, a sound card, expansion slots, and other features.” This new innovation inspired others and saw consumer products evolve to the levels millennials enjoy today.

Expanding the Arts

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The arts industry saw growth thanks to baby boomers. They fought for public funding for the arts, which millennials get to enjoy today. They helped expand access to public art galleries and museums for people to visit. They also supported the national arts programs that were publicly televised.

Legacy of Peace and Human Rights

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Baby boomers played a massive part in human rights efforts that saw the world become a better place. Boomers showed up at peace movements during the Cold War and supported anti-apartheid and other human rights movements globally. They also contributed to nuclear disarmament efforts.

Growth of Suburban Living

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Baby boomers popularized suburban living, which many still prefer to this day. This new living trend made houses more affordable, presenting opportunities for more people. Suburban communities were built with everyday essentials for comfortable living, such as shops and restaurants, and were still close to a city. 

Advancements in Public Transportation

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The baby boomer era saw the advancement in public transportation that has made commuting for many generations, including millennials, easier. Boomers were strong advocates for sustainable transportation solutions such as buses and trains. They also improved existing infrastructure, which helped support the growing population.

Financial Innovations

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The boomer era saw big financial innovations, which made using your money an easier process. This generation saw the introduction of ATMs, so you could access your money outside of bank hours along with credit cards. They also developed stock market investments to make them more accessible to the general public.

Enhancements in Leisure and Recreation

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Baby boomers played a key role in improving leisure and recreation to what it is today. Millennials now get to enjoy the accessibility of parks and recreational facilities that were heavily invested in during the boomer era. Boomers also contributed to the popularity of sports and the fitness of everyday life.

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