19 Ways to Rekindle Your Faith in God Again

If you feel like you’re slowly losing touch with your God, don’t be afraid. Many Christians go through the same thing and bounce back to a healthy spiritual journey. Stay with us as we go through 19 ways to get your faith back on track.

Reconnect Through Prayer

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Prayer is a personal line of communication with God; it’s like opening a direct chat with Him. Every day, find a quiet moment to talk to God to express gratitude and seek guidance. Chuck Lawless recommends setting a focus for each day so you feel a need to accomplish it.

Dive into Scripture

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Scripture is a map to understanding God’s voice and wisdom. There are different ways to read the Bible, but a popular one is to read daily devotions or Bible verses. You can also use Meetup to find Bible study groups in your area.

Seek Community Support

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Being part of a faith community provides strength and encouragement through fellowship. It also gives you a sense of accountability as you make friends with your fellow members. You can find community by attending church services regularly and joining church groups or activities.

Embrace Worship and Music

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When you listen to spiritual music, it’s not just about the melodies but also the deep connection you forge with God. Singing along and truly feeling the lyrics can open your heart in ways you might not have imagined. And you don’t have to leave your house; there are plenty of worship sessions available online.

Practice Meditation and Mindfulness

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Meditation can help quiet the mind, which can help you feel God’s presence better. You can meditate at any time of the day, but most people prefer the mornings. If you are struggling, Calming Grace has five apps you can try for free to give you some guidance.


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Fasting is a powerful way to discipline your body and focus your mind on God. Choose a day to fast and pray, and do your best to observe it. Start with once a month and progress slowly to weekly or whatever works best for you.

Mission Work

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There is nothing more godly than helping those who are less fortunate. As a bonus, mission work can also reignite your passion for spreading God’s love. Support mission work financially, through prayer, or by sharing your time with the missions in your area.


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God does so much for us, but we can sometimes forget that. Acknowledge everyday blessings like your family, being alive, and having good health. To take it a step further, share your gratitude with others.

Discover Nature

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Nature is a testament to God’s beauty and power. Why not let it inspire your faith? Start by simply spending time outdoors to appreciate God’s creation. They try praying or meditating in natural settings, and eventually, you may consider organizing outdoor fellowship activities.

Cultivate Forgiveness

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Forgiveness can free your heart and deepen your relationship with God. Deseret News has multiple verses you can read on why forgiving others is one of the best ways to get closer to God.

Encourage Others

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Encouraging others is a beautiful way to reinforce your own faith and help others in their spiritual journey. When you share your faith journey with someone, it not only provides them with inspiration but also reinforces your own beliefs and experiences.

Study the Lives of Saints and Biblical Figures

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Learning about those who walked faithfully with God can motivate you to do the same. Read about saints and their faith journeys, and reflect on the challenges they overcame. Their devotion and unwavering faith in God serve as a powerful source of inspiration, motivating you to walk more faithfully in your own life.

Prioritize Giving and Service

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Offering your time and talents to serve others is a tangible expression of God’s love through us, creating a deeper connection with the community and with God. If you don’t have time, donate to causes that uphold Christian values.

Create a Prayer Space

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A personal prayer space acts as a sanctuary for spiritual growth. Dedicate a quiet spot for prayer and reflection to minimize distractions and maximize your focus on God. To keep it interesting, decorate your space with inspirational verses or items that can create a spiritual atmosphere.

Embrace Patience and Trust

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Practicing patience in the face of trials helps to cultivate a calm and trusting heart. Believe in God’s timing and plan, even when things don’t make sense. God’s promise to you will come true, and He needs you to trust in it.

Seek Spiritual Mentoring

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A spiritual mentor can offer wisdom, encouragement, and accountability. Whatever stage you are at, stay open to learning and growing in your faith. Some of the people who can mentor you include pastors and fellow Christians.

Engage in Christian Education

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Enroll in Christian courses or workshops and read Christian literature and theology to give you a deeper understanding of the religion. This not only sharpens your own understanding but also exposes you to diverse perspectives within the Christian community.

Renew Your Commitment

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Reaffirming your faith through acts such as baptism or confirmation is a great way to show your dedication and belief in God. This act of renewal is not just a one-time event but a continuous process that strengthens your relationship with God.

Reflect on Your Journey

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Reflect on your journey to see how far you’ve come and what God has pulled you through. A faith journal might help you keep track of moments as they happen, so you have something to refer to in difficult times.

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