18 Ways to Tell You’ll Be Able to Retire Comfortably

Are you looking forward to retirement? Retirement is a great time of life when you can enjoy the results of a lifetime’s worth of hard work. You’ll find 18 ways to tell if you’ll have a comfortable retirement in this article.

You’ll Get Transportation Discounts

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Does the city where you live offer discounted travel for senior citizens? Some cities offer free transportation on subways and buses for people of retirement age. This perk helps older people get around without worrying about the price of transportation, which is “the second largest household expenditure after housing,” according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

You Have Health Insurance

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To retire comfortably without worrying about how much you’re spending, you need a good healthcare plan. A good plan will cover the cost of your medical care and the prescription drugs you need. Without a decent health insurance plan, you’ll always be worried about your health during retirement.

You Look After Your Health

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How often do you visit the doctor? Having regular checkups helps detect health problems early. If you visit the doctor regularly, you can have peace of mind. You should be able to pick up on any issues quickly before they develop into serious problems.

You Have Enough Income

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“Financial planners often recommend replacing about 80% of your pre-retirement income to sustain the same lifestyle after you retire. This means that, if you earn $100,000 per year, you’d aim for at least $80,000 of income (in today’s dollars) in retirement,” says The Motley Fool. To enjoy retirement, you must save enough.

You Can Find Vacation Deals

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Travel insurance for people of retirement age is very expensive. But if you know how to find good travel deals, you’ll still be able to nab some good discounts because you can travel at off-peak times. You can enjoy luxury vacations for a fraction of the price when you travel off-peak.

You Live Near a National Park

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Do you live near a national park? Then you’ll be able to enjoy visiting the park at discounted rates when you retire. The National Park Service says that “U.S. citizens or permanent residents 62 years or older are eligible for a Senior Pass.” These passes are valid for a lifetime and cost $80.

You Can Travel Priority

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Does the city where you live have priority seats on public transportation? Then you know you’ll be able to travel comfortably during your retirement. Instead of standing on a squashed train or bus, you will be able to sit comfortably in a priority seat.

Your Family Cares

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Being surrounded by a family that cares about you is essential for you to enjoy your retirement. If your family is always checking in on you and you can rely on them, you’ll know that they’ll be ready to support you through whatever you need in the future.

Your Leisure Center Has Discounts

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Do you like to visit your local leisure center regularly? Then you must ask the staff what kind of discounts you can benefit from when you reach retirement age. Some leisure centers offer discounted entry fees to members over 60, which means you can enjoy more of the activities you love.

You Relax Now

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Are you the kind of person who likes to take it easy? Then, chances are, you will carry on pursuing this relaxed style of life into your retirement years. You are guaranteed to be able to enjoy your retirement because you’re always so chilled.

You Live Near Cinemark

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Do you live near a Cinemark movie theater? This movie theater, like many others, has senior discount days. These allow you to “enjoy discount tickets for any movie, any showtime, and in any format on select days,” says Cinemark. You’ll be able to enjoy lots of discounted entertainment during your retirement.

You Resolve Conflict

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Do you do your best to resolve conflict between you and others? Then this will help you maintain strong friendships. Retirement can be a lonely time in life without good friends. So, if you’re ready to forgive others, you can be sure you will enjoy a peaceful retirement.

Your Family Is Nearby

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While we’re still working, it can be difficult for us to devote as much time to our families as we would like to. Retirement is a great opportunity for you to spend time with your family. If you live near yours, it’ll be really easy for you to do that.

You Put Yourself First

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Work is important, but it’s not the most important thing in life. Do you make sure you put yourself first, even now? Then you’ll follow this pattern when you retire. This style of life will ensure you enjoy your retirement, as you’ll always be thinking about how you can get the most out of it.

You Have a Good Diet

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How good is your diet? With fast food places pretty much everywhere, it can be difficult to stick to a good diet. But doing so will mean you’ll have better health in old age. If your diet is good now, you’re setting yourself up for a stress-free retirement.

You’re Not In Debt

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There’s nothing that will make us feel more anxious and stressed in our retirement than debt. Debt doesn’t just stop because we have reached retirement. If you want to enjoy your retirement, you must clear up and pay off your debts before you stop working.

You Don’t Smoke

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“Smoking causes cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis,” says the CDC. If you smoke, you’re setting yourself up for a retirement full of doctor appointments and health problems.

You Forget the Past

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Some people really beat themselves up for the mistakes they’ve made in the past. Always dwelling on your shortcomings can make you feel like a failure. Thoughts like these don’t lead to a happy retirement. If you leave the past in the past, you’re more likely to enjoy the present and the future.

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