18 Ways to Tell Your Relationship Is Going Downhill

We all want our relationships to last a lifetime, but that’s not always possible. How can you know if your relationship is about to end? You’ll find 18 ways to tell that your relationship is going downhill in this article.

You Don’t Converse

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Relationships grow stronger when two people are always communicating with one another. If you and your partner hardly talk to one another, the bond between you will weaken. You need to make time for heartfelt conversations every day of the week, not just mere chit-chat or small talk.

You Lie to One Another

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Lies quickly put an end to relationships. Verywell Mind says, “While some lying is normal, and can serve as a way to keep the peace or avoid hurting the other person’s feelings, trying to cover up actions or telling repeated lies can undermine a relationship.”

There’s No Respect

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For a relationship to move forward and remain strong, both partners need to show respect for one another. They can do this in the way they act and talk to one another. A relationship that shows a lack of respect will come to an end.

You Constantly Argue

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It’s normal for a couple to have disagreements from time to time because you’re two different people coming together. But a couple who constantly argues and finds it hard to speak peaceably to one another will not stay together for long. This relationship is sure to fail. 

You’re Always Apart

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Two people can’t have a strong relationship if they’re always apart. So if you and your partner spend pretty much all of your time doing separate activities, your relationship will undoubtedly get weaker. You’ll soon lose interest in one another and might end up separating altogether.

There’s No Trust

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Trust is the foundation of strong relationships. So, if you and your partner don’t trust one another, it will be difficult for you to grow closer. If your partner is reluctant to open up to you and tell you what’s on their mind, your relationship might soon end.

You Don’t Compromise

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There has to be compromise in a relationship for it to be successful. So, if your partner is unwilling to do things for you and vice versa, neither of you will be happy. If there isn’t any yield between you and your partner, your relationship can become burdensome.

You Don’t Listen

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“Listening strengthens relationships and demonstrates attentiveness, caring, and respect,” says Centerstone.org. If you don’t listen to your partner and they seldom listen to you, you’ll become frustrated with one another. A relationship in which both partners fail to listen to one another won’t last long.

You Forget Important Dates

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Did you forget your anniversary? Your partner’s birthday? These are important days in a couple’s life. When you forget these days, it gives your partner the impression that you’re not bothered about them. Your partner won’t stay with you if they think you don’t care about them.

You Shout

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There’s no place for screaming and shouting in a healthy relationship. Every couple has their disagreements, but how you handle these problems says a lot about how successful your relationship will be. If you and your partner always shout at one another, your relationship won’t last very long.

You Criticize One Another

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How much of what your partner does do you appreciate and genuinely praise them for? If you and your partner are always criticizing and judging one another, you’ll put too much pressure on the relationship, and you’ll both be unhappy. Overly critical people destroy good relationships.

There’s No Thanks

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Relationships quickly grow cold when there’s no gratitude. According to CNN, “Hearing an expression of gratitude makes the listener feel good about themselves and the relationship.” For the relationship to grow, we must show gratitude to our partners and get into the habit of thanking them.

There’s No Confidentiality

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A relationship can’t stay strong if there’s no confidentiality between both parties. If each is worried that the other will share details about the relationship that should be kept private, they’ll stop trusting one another. Without trust as its foundation, the relationship will soon fall apart.

You Complain

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No relationship is perfect, but that doesn’t make it right for you to constantly complain about your partner. A person who is constantly complaining about the things their partner does undermines their partner’s patience and discourages them. The situation escalates when the partner shares their complaints with others.

You Hold Grudges

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A couple needs to see the importance of forgiveness and letting things go for a relationship to stay alive. If you and your partner always give one another the silent treatment, hold grudges, and find it hard to move on, you’ll likely soon break up. 

You Flirt

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“There is a risk that flirting can become something bigger and more destructive, leading some to stray and commit emotional or physical infidelity. It can destroy your relationship,” says Choosing Therapy. If you or your partner flirts with others, know that your relationship is on a downward spiral.

You’re Rude

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There’s no room for rudeness in a healthy relationship. Rude people talk badly to their partners and their partner’s friends and family. They have no respect for anyone, and there’s only so much that a person can take. If someone in your relationship is rude, it won’t last long.

You’re Impatient

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Relationships thrive when both parties are patient with each other. If your partner is impatient and wants everything right now, your relationship will suffer. Yielding and compromising to the needs of your partner is important for the two of you to stay together despite your differences.

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