What benefits do asylum seekers get in the USA?

If you are a refugee, you most likely find yourself in a situation where you were forced to leave your homeland for reasons beyond your control. You become an asylum seeker if you are looking to get protection from a country that is not your own, and your asylum claim has not been fully accepted and processed by the country where you are applying to be admitted.

What are the main reasons for people to face persecution?

The reasons may be difficult to quantify, but they generally fall within these areas:

  • Religious beliefs
  • Race
  • Place of origin or nationality
  • Belonging to a certain social group
  • Political opinion or affiliation

What is the meaning of asylum?

Asylum is defined as the protection that a nation grants to individuals that have left their homelands due to persecution. As an asylum seeker, the burden of proving that you fully meet the definition of a refugee

What makes you qualify for asylum in the United States?

You may qualify for asylum If you are a refugee and can prove that you have not committed acts such as these:

  • You have not persecuted others
  • You have not been convicted of certain crimes while in the United States
  • You have not committed any serious, non-political crimes in your country of origin or elsewhere
  • You have no conducted any terrorist activities
  • You have not previously resettled in another country that is not your country of origin
  • You do not have a safe third country that would grant you residency
  • You have not had any previous asylum applications denied
  • You are not filing for asylum over a year after you arrived at the USA

You must be aware of the fact that you are not allowed to bring your family members over until you have been granted asylum. But they are eligible to apply with you if they are already here.

What benefits are you entitled to once you are granted your asylum status?

Once you have been granted your asylum status you can breathe freely and know that:

  • You are protected from being sent back to your home country
  • You are fully authorized to work in the United States
  • You are permitted to apply for a Social Security card
  • You can ask for permission to travel outside of the United States
  • You may file a petition to bring the rest of your family members to join you
  • After one year of the granting of your asylum status, you may apply to receive a permanent resident card

You may also qualify to receive certain other benefits such as:

Because some of these benefits may only be applied for immediately after receiving your asylum status, it is important to engage the services of an experienced immigration lawyer that can help you get all the benefits that are available to you.

How long does the asylum process take?

It is impossible to assign a specific time-frame to this question since asylum cases can take years to settle. This may imply a long separation from family members and other hardships.

Law Counsel Florida Immigration can offer you the necessary guidelines when you are looking to apply for asylum in the United States. Reach out to them and explain your situation, you’ll be glad you did.